The Ten Best Adult Games For 2022

Who says fun and games must end when you grow up? While some people believe that grown-up parties must always stick to ‘safe topics’ as not to offend anyone, or on serious discussions like stocks and politics, others know that games are a great way to break the ice and have a good time. If you need some fun inspiration, look no further for a review of the best adult games for parties, couples or whatever the occasion.


Guide to Best Adult Games

Adult party games can enliven any gathering. Whether you are hosting a get-together or simply need a way for people to loosen up, these games can help people relax and have fun. From drinking games to tell-all tasks, these activities can help people open up at any party and create memories to last for years to come.


Advice for Choosing the Best Adult Games

Formality: Before introducing a party game, consider your setting. Is the setting formal or informal? Are you planning an after-work gathering with colleagues or a drinking binge with old friends? Factoring in the setting can help you choose between a game meant for getting to know acquaintances versus a game designed for intimates with stories to share.

Audience: Your audience is another important factor for picking the best game. Are you choosing a game for college students, millennials, Generation Xers, or baby boomers? Do you want a sultry game for a married couple or a pre-game activity for a large group? Understanding your audience can ensure that people remain interested from start to finish.

Variety: While some people settle for only one game, the best party planners know that people love options. It is a good idea to pick several games so that attendees can vote for which one they want to play. If people feel that they have a say in choosing the game, they are more likely to remain invested in playing until the end.


Why You Need Adult Games

Grown-up games are a great way to socialize and to keep your event unique. Without planned activities, party attendees often self-select into small groups of acquaintances or hang out on their own. Adult games are a great way to avoid any awkwardness and help those who are not as outgoing. These games are also an essential addition to bachelor and bachelorette parties. With an adult game, even the most introverted person can feel like the life of the party.


What to Expect From the Best Adult Games

It is important to note that adult games are not for “family time.” Most of these games are not suitable for children under any circumstances. Keeping this expectation in mind can help avoid frustration and confusion. That said, you can also expect adult games to include accessories like playing cards, score cards, verbal cues, and group requirements.


Top Ten Best Adult Games

1. Bad People – (The Complete Set) The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play + The NSFW Brutal Expansion Pack

Benefits: Bad People is a top-ranked voting game that allows you to discover what your friends actually think about you. The game provides a list reminiscent of senior superlatives (e.g. “most likely to”) to help you understand the impressive that others have of you. For each round, one person reads a question aloud, and then all other players write down the name of whom the question describes. The goal of the round is to select whom the card reader would most likely vote for (not necessarily whom you would choose). Each person gets 1 point for each correct answer, and there is also a “double or nothing” option if you are really sure about your answer. The first player to reach 7 points wins the game.

Ideal for parties or drinking games
Includes the following: question cards, player identity cards, voting cards, double down cards, directions, scoring pad, and a pencil
Offers three different variations for playing the game
Numerous components can make you feel you are getting your money’s worth
Discover how others actually feel about you

Some rules and variations may seem confusing at first (especially if you have been drinking!)
Questions may offend some individuals
Game only includes 10 “double down” cards (so you may need to buy more)
Hundreds of question cards may be difficult to keep up with over time



2. Cards Against Humanity

Benefits: Cards Against Humanity seeks to bring out the worst in people – in the most enjoyable way. Each set includes 500 white cards and 100 black cards. For each round, one person reads a question from a black card, and the rest of the players try to answer with their funniest white card.

Classic drinking or party game
Often called the adult version of the board game Apples to Apples
Hundreds of cards ensure replayability
Set includes a rule book along with alternative game rules

Hundreds of cards require shuffling to avoid routine
Questions may seem confusing to those unfamiliar with American or British culture
Some questions may be offensive to some users



3. The Voting Game – The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

Benefits: The Voting Game is a question card game that lets you learn the reasoning behind your friends’ answers. In the game, a reader selects the first question card, and players vote anonymously for the friend who best fits the description on the card. The reader then tallies how many votes each player has received. After the tally, players get to guess who voted for each vote they received. For each correct guess, the player gets a point AND the reader must confirm the truth.

Great opportunity for anecdotes and friendship stories
Enables 10 people to play
Unique questions and five game variations
Game expansion packs available (including NSFW, fill-in-the-blank, and “write your own”)

Narrow age range (some questions inapplicable to individuals over 30)
Geared toward larger groups (many find it unsuitable for groups under five people)
Questions geared toward the strictly thick-skinned



4. What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

Benefits: This game allows you to bring the enjoyment of internet memes into any party or late-night gathering. The game includes photo cards featuring famous memes and caption cards that you can arrange into hilarious combinations. Every player receives seven caption cards with the goal of creating the most entertaining combination. Each player takes turns judging the caption combinations, and the player with the highest number of votes wins the game.

Frequently cited as the “#1 best-selling adult game”
Includes 435 glossy cards, display easel, and instructions
Fun game for the social-media generation

While there are 435 cards, only 75 are picture meme cards (the other 360 are caption cards)
Often described as “less entertaining” for people who are not on social media



5. WTF Did You Say A Party Game Against All Dignity and Morality Full Game, XL Set of 594 Cards

Benefits: This party game helps participants toss politically correct speech out of the window. With nearly 600 cards, the game allows any group of 10 people to share the taboo in an entertaining way. In each round, a “reader of cards” reads a phrase on one of the red cards. The remaining players chooses the best match to complete the phrase from their stack of white cards. After each player submits a white card, the reader chooses the white card that is the funniest match to the red card, then gives the red card to the player who submitted the chosen white card. The player who ends up with the highest number of red cards wins the game.

Nearly 600 cards for numerous variations
Great party game for groups or fraternities

Some users consider it too similar to Cards Against Humanity
Numerous pieces may be difficult for some users to keep up with



6. Scrawl: The Adult Party Game Where Innocent Doodles Turn Dirty

Benefits: Scrawl is a unique game that makes the most of different interpretations of a subject. Think of the game as a cross between charades and an updated version of “telephone.” To start the game, a player chooses a phrase card, doodles an image based on the card, and passes the doodle on. Each subsequent player guesses the doodle’s meaning and adds to it. By the time the doodle gets back to the original player, the image has usually become hilarious and perverted. Players receive points for the most hilarious guesses and doodles, and the player with the most points in the end wins the game.

Unique game that is fun for players of any drawing ability
Simple to understand
Similar to familiar games such as Pictionary
Users can add money or other variations to spice things up
Includes 240 phrase cards

Some users consider this game too time-consuming
For many users, this game requires supplying your own whiteboard and markers to speed up drawing and cleanup



7. 5 Second Rule Uncensored

Benefits: The 5 Second Rule game is for party-goers who like a riotous good time. If you do not mind things getting verbal, this is the game for you. To start this game, the player in “the hot seat” draws a question card and must come up with three answers to the question on the card within five seconds. The game includes a spiral timer to keep things fun and accurate. Depending on the answer, the player gets to move his or her colored playing pawn forward or backward on the playing board. The player who first reaches the end of the board (or ends up with the most cards) wins the game. To keep things every more interesting, the game also includes “switch cards” and “pass it on” cards. In this way, no two games turn out the same. If you are looking for an adult game that encourages laugh-out-loud fun, this is the choice for you.

Great for getting players to interact with each other
Includes a timer, question cards, playing board, playing paws, switch cards, and pass cards

For medium-sized groups only (some people found it difficult to play with more than six players)



8. CoolCats & AssHats: The Funnest Adult Party/Drinking Game

Benefits: CoolCats & AssHats is a party game with real (and funny) consequences for the winners and losers. To start the game, the main player (also known as the “master) draws subject cards and lines them up for the other players to observe. The other players then use scorecards or smartphones to guess whether the main player enjoys or dislike the subject on each card. After everyone has voted, the main player reveals his or her own votes. The player with the highest number of correct answers is the “CoolCat” of the round and completes the CoolCat task, and the player with the lowest number of correct answers is the “AssHat” of the round and must complete the AssHat task. In the event of a tie, the game also includes a variety of tiebreaker cards. If you are a game-player who values action above all things, then this is the game for you.

Includes scorecards, 250 subject cards, 75 additional tiebreaker cards, 50 CoolCat cards, and 50 AssHat cards.
Allows users to play on scorecards or on their smartphones

Some of the punishment cards require physical contact (some users note that the company should warn players before beginning the game)
Not for the easily offended




Benefits: If you are looking for a deluxe drinking game designed to keep your friends entertained for hours, DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the game for you. This drinking game combines well-known games like Beer Pong, King’s Cup, Flip Cup, Spin the Bottle, and Quarters into an all-in-one board game. The game comes with dozens of accessories such as a deck of cards, beer pong balls, a spinning bottle, and dice. In order to play this deluxe game, each player gets a miniature six-pack game piece. Players complete rounds from any of the well-known games included in the instructions. The players collect miniature beer bottles for their six-packs, and the person who fills up his or her six-pack first wins the game.

Includes supplies for a host of well-known drinking games
Suitable for a few as two players or as many as 12 players
A popular choice for pre-game collegiate activities or late-night party fun

Some individuals reported that the numerous small pieces are easy to lose (especially after a night of drinking)
The list of rules from numerous individual games may confuse those who have not played these games before



10. Hot Seat – The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

Benefits: The Hot Seat helps players break the ice in the most entertaining way. To start the game, the player in the “hot seat” draws three cards and selects one to read aloud for the round. The players then answer the question card with the responds they believe that the person in the hot seat would give. Afterward, the player in the hot seat reads all of the responses aloud, and the players guess the answer that the person in the hot seat has written. The player with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Includes 200 question cards, 10 answer pads, score sheets, and an instruction manual
Compatible with expansion packs that include NSFW and “create your own” question options

Some individuals rate the instruction manual as “too complicated”
The nature of the game may seem time-consuming for some settings



Bonus: Top Games for Adult Couples

Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Benefits: Monogamy is a board game designed to offer a unique way for two partners to connect with one another. Whether you want to rekindle the romance or set up a new form of foreplay, this game is the one for you. The game includes three levels: intimate, passionate, or steamy. To play the game, the simply roll the dice, move your piece up the board, and perform the action of whatever square the piece lands on. For couples who need something new, this game is an ideal way to heat things up.

Easy to play
Includes three levels, fantasy tasks, and “treat” cards

Some couples have labeled the game as “gender-normative” (unsuitable for “non-traditional” couples) but with a little imagination, it’s easy enough to adapt.



UNIQUE Game for Couples Loopy

Benefits: UNIQUE is a fun way to get your partner to open up without ever needing to utter the dreaded phrase, “We need to talk.” The game includes 200 playing cards designed to help couples get to know one another. Each game has four level options: talks, fondles, prelude, or “hot deck”/”bonus deck.” To play the game, simply use the gaming form to answer questions and complete tasks. If you are looking for a game that emphasizes closeness and fun, UNIQUE is the game for you.

Includes four levels, 200 playing cards, game board with arrow, and a luxury silk strip for optional blindfolding
Suitable for new and established couples
Top-rated gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and weddings

Grammar on cards confusing for some users
Some players find the tasks “ambiguous” at best. But maybe this could be a good thing. Leaving something open to interpretation can make for some interesting outcomes.