10 Best Baby Boy Gifts And Toys – 2022 Guide

Congratulations! It is a bouncing baby boy, and you, or your friend or family member, could not be happier. To celebrate the little guy’s introduction to a whole new world, it is time to find the best baby boy gifts and toys that will interest his infant mind and help him develop into a healthy child. Before we look at the reviews, let’s take a look at how a child develops, and why choosing the right gift matters.

Child Development: Understanding Your Baby’s Mind

A newborn baby has a long way to go in terms of mental, physical, and emotional development. To help him along the way, there are a variety of different toys and gifts that can help stimulate his growing mind and mold him into a healthy individual. To find this perfect gift, it is a good idea to take into consideration the stage of development that your baby is going through.

The First Three Years

There is strong scientific backing to support the fact that between birth and three years of age is the most important developmental time period in your child’s life. During these years, your child is learning to speak, read, sing, play, and grow as a whole.

It is crucial that during this stage of development your little one receives the right types of influences to develop his senses and overall learning ability. To this end, TV viewing should be kept to a minimum, beneficial routines should be established, and you should practice plenty of patience and loving, responsive care all the while creating a warm and welcoming environment for your baby to grow.

During these early years, you will also notice that your little one is developing his own learning style. Whether he enjoys listening to the world around him, watching it carefully, or touching everything, your child is developing his own unique learning style that will stay with him the rest of his life.

When you go to choose the best toys or gifts for your child, keeping these factors in mind will help you determine which baby toys or gifts will best benefit his developing mind.

Birth to Eighteen Months

Let us take a closer look at the early years of growth and development your child will experience. In just eighteen months, your little one will begin to drastically evolve into a little person complete with highly tuned senses.

Younger babies between the ages of one and three months are still physically developing (in terms of being able to hold their own heads up or sit up on their own) and will benefit from more toys and objects that will exercise their sensory motors (especially touch).

As the months fly by, your child will gradually begin to develop more physically which will make him better able to observe the wider world with a more developed mental capacity. By five months, he will be holding or even seeking out toys on his own, he will enjoy tummy time and toys that are more brightly colored and perhaps involve some form of noise.

By twelve months, it is likely that your child will start walking and pulling himself up onto the furniture. He may even start talking, or at least making sounds that closely mimic speech. The outside world will start to have a new sense of fascination to them, and they will be amazed by nearly everything. Don’t be alarmed though if your child isn’t walking by the end of the first year, lots of factors effect how quickly they become mobile.

Each of these different stages will come and go quickly, which is why it is so important to make sure that your child is playing with toys that will challenge his growing intellect and/or fascinate his developing emotional mind.

Play Style

The younger the baby, the more likely he will not fully be able to appreciate highly complex toys. A newborn or three month old will prefer to “play” with brightly colored objects, but primarily, they are concerned about eating. Toys that are full of color and perhaps allow him to mouth or gum at its edges would be a great place to start, as this is his current style of play.

As your child grows, you will see his play style begin to grow more complex in line with your baby’s development. Over the course of the months, he will start to utilize his other senses, and eventually want to hold his own toys. The best toys and gifts for boys this age should involve plenty of interaction for their growing baby’s senses, as it is sensory development that control their play style at this age. Any sensory toy is effectively a learning toy at this age, and these are the best toys for babies.


10 Best Baby Boy Gifts and Toys Reviews

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

This classic key ring style of toy can be put in the freezer to keep the grooved surface of the soft plastic keys cool and soothing for a child who has reached the teething stage. Each key is a bright color that will draw your child’s attention and curiosity, which makes them a perfect choice for a pre-teething toy, as well.

The multiple teething surfaces of the keys make them perfect for helping your young biter ease the pain of growing teeth and assist in the “eruption” of those teeth through his delicate gums. The keys are BPA free and non-toxic for a safe and enjoyable time. Sometimes the best  toys are the simplest toys, and this is also true with the best baby toys.


Baby Einstein take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This portable toy with an adorable and brightly colored caterpillar handle plays seven different songs and includes flashing lights that follow along with the notes. Your child can press the buttons on the toy’s surface and listen to the different songs, learning how to operate the little device and developing his hand eye coordination in the process.

The included songs are baby-styled version of classical masterpieces, including Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini. Introduce your baby to the masters of classical music early and get their senses moving with this highly entertaining and educational toy.


Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, Multicolor

When your child is still too young to sit up on his own, he can still enjoy the sensation of “standing” and bouncing in this soft fabric stationary chair. The chair also allows mom and dad to comfortably set the little guy down for a bit to free their hands. Meanwhile, the baby can play with the attached toys: a butterfly with soft wings that he can squish and crinkle and a flower shaped teether he can suck on.

The entire fabric seat and floor mat can be removed and washed, and the chair can be easily folded up for convenient storage. The entire device measures 4.6 x 21 x 15.6 inches and can be easily transported for on the go fun.


Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Yellow

The Baby Banana doubles as a teether for poor young fellas dealing with new tooth growth pain and an early “toothbrush” to get them used to the feeling and idea of brushing their developing teeth. The toy is made of soft silicone and is dishwasher safe so it is easy to keep clean and ready for use at all times.

The brushing bristles of the Baby Banana are also great for soothing sore gums. This toy comes in a variety of shapes, all of which include comfortable and easy to hold handles so that your child can enjoy the “brushing” experience for as long as he can hold the banana.


VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This electronic toy is perfect for older babies (6 months plus) and younger children. The plastic interface includes a number of different toggles, buttons, and a steering wheel that will draw your child’s interest and keep him busy for hours. Furthermore, the buttons introduce your child to the sounds of different animals (accompanied by cartoon depictions) that will facilitate a sense of learning.

The toy includes three different play modes, including: animal, driving, and music mode with over 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. The driving toy measures 8.9 x 10.8 x 4.3 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds.


Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Jungle Fun

For the baby boy who cannot quite hold his head up on his own or sit up without help, this brightly colored fabric rocker is the ideal choice to keep him interested and entertained. The rocker includes a fold out kickstand and reclining seat that can be used for playtime or a nap. Dangling above the seat is a padded handle that has three different toys that your child can grasp at.

The seat of the rocker also includes a vibrating option that can help lull your child into a restful and comfortable sleep. Perhaps best of all, this rocker will grow with your child, and can continue to be used as a play seat or napping station for years to come.


Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple

Help make bathtime a fun time with these interactive and brightly colored bath toys. The set includes a large purple octopus who is always happy to see you and several other fun and colorful shapes, all of which will float. Your child can develop his coordination as he bats at the floating toys or learns how they can be used both above and underneath the surface of the water.

These bath toys are more suitable for babies 18 months and older, though it depends on when you start giving your baby baths where they can interact with the experience. Never leave a child unsupervised in a body of water.


Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas, Blue/Orange

With a small plastic handle filled with colorful beads and a soft fabric pom-pom head, this maraca is the perfect toy for a developing young child who enjoys the sensory experience of rattling. Your child will be able to train and test his motor skills when he reaches out to grasp the maraca’s handle and you can watch as he learns to shake the toy on his own.

Each maraca measures 2 x 4 x 6.5 inches and are covered in a variety of different textures that will stimulate your child’s senses and give them a well rounded play experience.


Lamaze Mortimer the Moose

Mortimer the Moose is a lovable, huggable, chewable toy that can provide endless amounts of fun and mental stimulation for your baby. Each of his legs are made out of a crinkly material that has been knotted to create more sensory experiences. Mortimer’s antlers are made out of a teething material for when your baby’s gums start to feel sore.

The toy also has a squeaker in its tummy that will both excite your baby and teach them more motor skills as they learn to squeeze their hands. Furthermore, Mortimer comes with a multi-purpose clip so he can be attached to a crib, stroller, or any other toy for on the move fun.


Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat

This soft fabric playmat features a cross-bar arching overhead where you can hang a variety of different toys for your baby to watch and bat at while he lays down. The mat itself is made out of a variety of fabrics, including leaves with crinkling material, a squeaky flower, and a mirror in the trunk of the tree so that your baby can maximize his sensory adventure.

The activity center toy also comes with a stomach support pillow for tummy time, when your baby starts to play on his front instead of lying on his back. The nature-theme of the toy will help stimulate your child’s mind and keep him interested in the outside world. The mat involves quick and easy assembly and disassembly so that it can be taken with you on trips. The entire mat measures 36 inches wide by 19 inches tall.



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