10 Best Baby Girl Gifts And Toys – 2022 Guide

Who can resist a beautiful baby girl? Even if you don’t have any children of your own, you will likely be compelled to buy a gift for your friend’s newest addition to the family. Finding the best baby girl gifts and toys may leave your brain in a tizzy. Those who have had children have an advantage, but are still faced with a plethora of new choices to sort through. Everyday, it seems, new baby toys and gifts appear in stores.

With all the options from toys to clothes to baby accessories, how do you decide on the best gift for that special little girl? We have compiled tips and suggestions to help you wade through the fun, but sometimes overwhelming process, of choosing a gift.


Tips For Choosing The Best Baby Girl Gifts and Toys

  • Personality: Take into account the baby’s personality. They have their own individuality, just like adults!
  • Developmental stages: An infant up to 12 months old won’t be able to manipulate the same toys as a 13 to 24 month old. For a baby under a year old you will want to look for gift sets or toys with bright and contrasting colors. As the child approaches the 1 to 2 year stage, they will be able to play with toys such as stacking rings, sturdy musical instruments, and nesting toys. All toys are labelled with the target age group intended for that item.
  • Learning style: everyone learns differently. Some children learn through a visual experience, and others are more tactile, preferring to touch and manipulate.


Here are some tips for choosing clothes appropriate for that special baby girl:

  • Safety first: Bows, rhinestones, and buttons may seem like adorable little details, but are choking hazards if they become detached from the garment.
  • Fire-safe sleepwear: Check labels to make sure the clothing is fire-retardant, and if it needs to be worn snugly or if the fabric itself is treated for effectiveness.
  • Size savvy: Shop for the baby’s weight, not age. Like adults, babies come in all different shapes and sizes. The gift may be inteded for a 3 month old, but they wear the same size as a 6 month old. Keep in mind, as well, that some babies never fit into newborn sizes. It is best to shop ahead and purchase what you think the next size up will be.
  • User friendliness: Be kind to the parents by thinking about how easy or difficult the clothing will be to put on and take off their baby girl.
  • Washable: Parents of the baby will not appreciate baby clothing which needs to be washed by hand, or dry cleaned. The amount of times a baby will soil their clothing makes “machine washable” a necessity.


Top 10 Best Baby Gifts for Girls

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

This is a brightly colored crawl bawl for babies 6 months to 2 years old who are into exploring. It has soft, plush features for safety. It also has a motion sensor which triggers sounds and short phrases. This is a great toy for tactile learning because of the many different textures available for the baby to feel. There is a large, star-shaped button which will teach animals and numbers when pressed. While some balls make good bath toys too, this is one that you can’t double up as a bath time toy.

The pleasant music and easy to grab textured ribbons will be a favorite for most little ones in their first year. It is made with sturdy construction, strong enough to be kicked by a toddler, but is also soft on the outside. The Roll & Discover Ball may be a little heavy for a small baby, but for a child that is strong enough to crawl, it is a fun toy. It is easy to activate, so baby or toddler won’t become frustrated or bored.

There are two volume settings available.


Rolimate 10 Numbers Preschool Early Educational Development Wooden Puzzle

This puzzle is made from beech wood, and is large in size to avoid any choking hazards. The variety of colors and patterns on each piece will be sure to grab the attention of the baby girl who is lucky to have this gifted to her.

The puzzle is a great gift idea for developing hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. As your little one grows she can also develop number recognition, shape recognition, and improve on her problem solving skills.

A wonderful aspect of this puzzle is that it teaches counting from 1 to 10, instead of 0 to 9, as many puzzles tend to. Also, the printed name for each number will give the baby or toddler a head start on her recognition of number words. This is an excellent toy made from durable materials, and will be a wonderful gift. It’s not a gift for new arrivals, but a great baby gift idea to help them develop skills as they grow.


4 Plush Baby Rattles Set

This is a gift that has a lot to offer. There are four rattles, brightly colored. Each rattle is appropriate for different stages of baby girl’s development. The rattles also come with adorable animal shapes to peak the baby’s curiosity.

The rattles are made from eco friendly and non-toxic materials, which means baby can use them as teethers. The high contrast in colors in the toy help to develop her vision. This toy will also help baby with her tracking skills as she watches the different colors and patterns, as well as expand her sensory development. As she reaches to grab for it, it will help to develop her muscles.

Another great plus for this set of rattles is that it can be used as a stroller toy. It’s durability makes it able to withstand repeated attempts of baby to use it as a projectile from her seat in the stroller.

Double up a set of these with a baby blanket and that would make a great birthday gift or baby shower gift!


Teething Pain Relief Silicone Cookie and Pacifier Clip Holder

This is a useful and trendy looking toy for a special baby girl. In fact, they make a great addition to baby gift sets for new moms/ new parents. Teething will happen, and that cute little girl may need a little help in getting through the painful process of cutting teeth. Many teething toys are created from plastic or silicone that is smelly. The soft grade silicone in this teether is top quality, which means no disgusting odor.

The black and white of the teether is great for baby girl’s development because the contrast draws her eye, and stimulates her tracking skills. Reaching for the teether will help her muscles to strengthen and fine tune her hand-eye coordination.

The clip for the teether is made from plastic which means no metal teeth to damage her skin or her clothing. Plastic aslo means no rust on the clip, which could potentionally be harmful to her. The clip is strong so the teether will stay with baby, not on the floor.


Fun Baby Socks

Educational toys may be fun to shop for, but who can resist cute socks for a baby girl? The design of these socks make them so easy for mom or dad to put on their special girl. They are ballerina style with 6 wonderful varieties of color and print. The elastic make the socks easy to put on, and make them secure for a girl on the go. Whether she is admiring her stylish footware, crawling, or walking, these socks are designed to stay put. No more searching for a stray sock that slipped of baby girl’s active feet.

An added plus is that the socks have non-skid bottoms. This is a huge benefit. Learning to walk is hard enough. Why add slippery socks to the task? These adorable socks will capture baby’s attention with their colors and patterns. As she learns to walk they will help keep her safe. These baby socks are actually unisex so they work well as a baby boy gift too.


Baby Girl Knee High Long Socks

Little girl clothes are so adorable and difficult to resist. When purchasing socks for a baby girl, keep durability and safety in mind.

These 80% cotton, knee high socks have non-skid gripping silicon on the bottoms. They are effective on all types of flooring such as wood, linolium, and tile. Baby girls just learning to walk will be protected against skidding or slipping. The socks are long, making it very difficult for her to pull her sock off, so the need for mom and dad searching for a stray sock is elimiated.

The socks are durable and machine washable, making them a gift which mom and dad can easily care for and enjoy for a long time. The cute animals are interesting and will grab her attention. The stripes on the socks give contrast, which draws her eye and helps to develop her tracking skills. As a gift, it is sure to meet the approval of both baby and parents.


Bigface Up Swaddle Blanket Sack And Headband Set

Newborn babies need their soft, cuddly accessories. Planning ahead when buying gifts is fine. However, if you don’t want the sweet baby girl to wait until she is a year old to enjoy her gift, this set is a great immediate satisfaction for both baby and mom.

The headband is made from fabric that is soft and stretchy, but not too stretchy. This makes it quick and easy for mom or dad to put on her. The pretty floral pattern will grab the baby’s attention and help the development of her eyes. Mom doesn’t have to worry about any parts that might damage baby’s tender skin or be a choking hazard because there are no zippers, velcro, or buttons. The stretchy fabric is soft, and great for swaddling the baby.

This swaddle blanket is a practical gift, but also stylish and pretty enough for baby girl’s first photos. It is washable for ease of use, and comes in a size convenient for newborns so they are not overwhelmed by a lot of fabric around their faces.


NextX Baby Musical Piano Toy

This is a toy that will give baby hours of learning and fun. It is a musical toy with bright and contrasting colors. It has easy to hit toggle buttons for changing sounds and songs.

This fun noise-making toy will help baby to learn her colors, simple note recognition, and promote auditory, visual, and motor skill development. She will enjoy the flashing lights and the change in melodies whenever she hits the toggle buttons. This is a gift that will grow with her from baby to toddler and introduce her to musical creativity.

While the toy is engaging, baby may wander away and be distracted. That’s okay, because thankfully the keyboard has an automatic shut off to conserve batteries.


Lucky Nut Inc, Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Not just functional, but ultra-adorable! This is a 8-pack of baby bibs that baby girl will love. They are vibrant with contrasting colors and patterns. Baby bibs help to preserve clothes against saliva while teething and spilled food while eating. Particularly useful for protecting onesies where you need to change a whole outfit once soiled.

Lucky Nut has made these bandanas with nickel free snaps. Nickel has been known to cause rashes on the skin of infants. Velcro can cause itching on baby’s skin, so these snaps will hold the bib in place even if she yanks with all her might.

What really sets these bibs apart from the rest is that they are specifically designed to sit a little higher up on baby’s neck. This is a great feature because spills, saliva and spit up can cause a rash. The bibs are very absorbant, and machine washable for easy clean up.

This is a fantastic gift for a baby girl. It is good quality fabric and easy to care for, and designed to sit higher for better protection from drooling or food spills. It is a great bargain for 8 bibs that are functional and adorable.


Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Sometimes going with a classic is best when presenting a gift. Theses maracas are nostalgic of rattles but have a new and improved design.

The maracas come in fun and contrasting colors and have soft fabric and beads which make the rattle sound. One of the best improvements over traditional rattles is that the handle is created for easy grasping by the baby.

Some other benefits of the Fisher-Price maracas are that help strengthen baby’s sensory development and gross motor skills. It is easy to take with baby in the car or in a stroller. This is also a great choice for in the car because while an electronic battery operated toy can get on mom’s nerves, or worse, run out of battery power, these maracas can keep baby entertained indefinitely.



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