Best Baby Thermometer Reviews For 2022

Parents care for their babies and will do all they can to get the best for them. For you to ensure the well being of the baby, you need to acquire items that are designed for proper care. One of these items is a thermometer that helps take the baby’s body temperature. The best baby thermometer should be in your first aid kit, since it will come in handy when the baby experiences his or her first fever. Most mothers admit that the moment can be a little scary as he or she stares at you with those little worried eyes. You do not have to worry, however, because various baby thermometer manufacturers have made use of innovative technologies to make life easy for you.

Babies below three months tend to be delicate, and you should be concerned if their temperature reading exceeds 100.4°F. As such, you should have with you a reliable and accurate thermometer to help monitor your baby’s body temperature. Relying on a touch test does not really help with babies. This calls for the acquisition of the best baby thermometer.

Like other items, you will find a wide variety of thermometers in the market. The different types of thermometers range from multiuser, infrared, oral, to rectal. This makes it difficult for you to choose a thermometer that best suits your baby. This article is here to help you identify the best baby thermometers based on their ratings. Before we begin with the reviews, however, we have rounded up some of the factors you should take into account before buying a baby thermometer.


What is a baby thermometer and what do you need it for?

A baby thermometer is an instrument used to take the body temperature of a baby. Different thermometers are designed to fit the small size of these delicate beings and their shapes. When a baby is feeling ill, he or she cannot tell you that he/she is unwell. All a baby does is cry and look at you for mercy.

While a thermometer will help keep track of your baby’s body temperature, knowing when they have a fever is crucial. Although you cannot help your baby much using home remedies, you will carry the information with you to the physician.


Factors to consider in order to find the best baby thermometer

When buying a baby thermometer, you need to look out for the following:

Accuracy: There is really no need of buying a thermometer if it cannot provide an accurate reading of your baby’s temperature. Be careful not to buy brands that are decorative but not accurate.

Consistency: Another important feature that a baby thermometer must have is ability to produce reliable readings every time. You need a baby thermometer that will give you an accurate reading each time you use it. This way, you can efficiently monitor the health of your baby and avoid cases of misdiagnoses.

Ease of use: Taking care of a baby is sometimes a tough fete. As such, you will need to use simple devices. You want a thermometer that will take the temperature of your baby seconds after it is in contact with his or her body.

Measurement units: You should look for a thermometer that reads the temperature in your preferred and most friendly units. Most people opt for Fahrenheit measurements. To accommodate this factor, various types of thermometers come with a feature that allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Ease of cleaning: You should consider buying a baby thermometer that is easy to clean. You certainly do not want a thermometer that comes with ridges or a design that can hide dirt, microbes, and other germs.

Speed: The best baby thermometer is one that provides the temperature reading in about 10 seconds or less.

Modern features: Various types of thermometers allow you to keep track of the baby’s temperature via your smartphone. You can plot on a graph each time you take a reading. Other modern features you may prefer are a large screen, backlit display, completion alert, memory, and a temperature-warning indicator.


Baby thermometer safety precautions

Mercury thermometers are an absolute no! Besides the toxic mercury that would endanger your baby’s health, the glass may be broken while you are sticking it under the baby’s tongue.

Avoid using pacifier thermometers because they are inaccurate and take too long to provide a reading. If the thermometer is improper in its making, it may choke the baby.

Oral thermometers are only appropriate for kids who have attained 4 years of age. This is because they can firmly retain a device in their mouths for as long as it is needed.

You should keep the baby thermometer clean after and before each use to avoid infections from germs. If your thermometer is the multi-use type, you should stick to one direction (oral, ear, underarm, or rectal) to avoid transferring microbes or infections.

Before using a newly acquired thermometer, be sure to read the attached instructions for proper and accurate use. Always stay with the baby until you are done checking the temperature.


Mini-Reviews For The Best Baby Thermometers

Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Function- iProven DMT489 Gray Cap – FDA and CE approved

This may be a great choice if you are looking for high levels of reliability and consistency. It is an ear thermometer with forehead functions that will provide accurate and fast temperature readings of your baby. It relies on a revolutionized calibration technology and is clinically tested and recommended for use on babies of all ages. You only need to press two buttons and the thermometer will provide readings in about a second. Once done, you will be notified by a beep and a fever alarm if you need to be concerned. It has a memory that recalls all the last 20 readings of your baby’s temperature.




Dr. Madre Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

This non-contact digital infrared thermometer is efficient in keeping track of your baby’s body temperature. The readings obtained are accurate and consistent. It is painless and you only need to direct it to the baby’s forehead with no contact. It can deliver the readings in English or Spanish if you prefer audio to readings. This laser thermometer can also be set to silent mode. It has a backlit LCD display that helps monitor the infant’s body temperature. The information obtained can be relied on to make medical conclusions. It is also FDA approved, making it safe for use on children of all age groups.




ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults with Fever Indicator

This infrared thermometer comes with a dual mode; forehead for kids of all ages and an ear thermometer for babies above 3 months of age. The thermometer is not only easy and practical to use but also safe and hygienic. It provides the baby’s temperature readings fast with increased accuracy. It is reliable as you can check the 20 previous temperature readings to help keep track of your baby’s body temperature. With just a press of two buttons, you will get the temperature reading in one second. A loud beep will notify you when it is done. If the reading is beyond 37.5℃ or 99.5℉, the device will beep 7 times with a flicker. This is the fever warning.




Amplim CE FDA Approved Medical, Hospital Grade Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer + Case

This digital non-contact thermometer is FDA approved for use on infant, older kids, and adults. The precise temperature sensor reads the heat of the room, liquids, and the baby in under one second. The accurate temperature reading is displayed on a large color coded smart LCD screen. The colors are easy to read with green indicating normal, yellow indicating elevated, and red indicating high temperatures. It has a fever alert that is audible enough for the safety of the baby. It is sold in a plastic cover case for protection and a battery that provides about 20, 000 accurate readings. Its memory can retrieve up to 32 previous readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also comes in a unique design that allows you to purchase it in confidence.




Best baby ear thermometer with forehead function

If you are looking for a non-contact forehead and ear thermometer, this might just be your best bet. You can scan for the baby’s temperature over the forehead or ears and an accurate reading will be provided in about one second. It is suitable for all age groups because you will receive the readings with just a press of a button. Besides reading the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit, it also has a light indicator with green showing normal and red warning you of a fever. You can comfortably use this thermometer without disturbing your baby. It comes with a great storage case and a simple construction that allows proper cleaning. It is medically approved and safe for use.




Clinical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

This thermometer utilizes an accurate infrared technology that provides reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit within a second. The super sensitive sensor provides a consistent temperature reading that helps monitor the health of your baby. It comes with a versatile dual mode where the forehead scanner can be used for infants above 3 months while the ear scanner is ideal of older kids and adults. The thermometer also has an alert fever indicator and a backlight LCD that is readable even in the dark. It has a reliable battery and a convenient storage pouch.




Digital Infrared Forehead Ear Thermometer, FDA Approved For Baby Child Kids Adult By OasisSpac

Are you looking for a digital non-contact dual-mode thermometer that is accurate, reliable, and consistent? If you are, this model is great because it will scan the temperature of your baby’s body from the forehead if they are above 3 months. The ear scanner is used for kids above 4 year and adults. You can use this thermometer to measure the temperature of your baby’s room, his or her bath water, food etc. Once you get the reading, the thermometer will indicate silently to avoid waking your sleeping baby. You can use the beep setting if you need it. The beep and light indicators are installed to notify you of any fever.




iProven DMT-316 Digital Thermometer

This infrared digital thermometer will provide fast, accurate, and consistent readings of your baby’s temperature. It comes in a dual-mode that allows you to use it on toddlers, older kids, and adults. The light indicator shows green if your baby’s body temperature is normal, orange if it is a bit elevated, and red in case of a fever. Besides the intelligent warning system, this dual-mode thermometer also provides readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius.




iLife Clinical Forehead Thermometer FDA Approved

Unlike other multipurpose infrared thermometers, this brand is approved by FDA and European regulators. It provides accurate and reliable temperature readings in just 3 to 8 seconds. It is clinically tested and approved for use on infants 3 months old to adults. The digital sensor notifies you in case of a fever. You can rely on this thermometer to monitor your baby’s environment and health. After choosing the mode you desire, you can select the measurement unit you prefer between Celsius and Fahrenheit.




Mode Thermometer with Fever Alarm

Get this digital non-contact infrared thermometer to read your infant’s temperature levels over his or her forehead or through the ears for older kids and yourself. The thermometer’s fever alert system is comprised of a series of beeps besides the red light indicator. You can easily read the accurate temperature on the large LCD screen in Fahrenheit or Celsius in just under one second. Its memory storage recalls 20 previous readings that show consistency as you monitor your baby’s health.



There you have it! You can now buy any of the items above and be sure that you got the best baby thermometer to monitor your family’s health. Good luck with your shopping!