The Ten Best Bathroom Scale Reviews For 2022

The best bathroom scale should provide you with precise, accurate weight measurements time after time. Yet, many modern scales do much more. From tracking pounds shed to syncing with a Wi-Fi connected device, 21st century scales offer far more possibilities than their analog predecessors. Before you set out to find the perfect device for tracking your body composition, take a look at our comprehensive best bathroom scale reviews and buying guide. Read along to get the full disclosure on everything from sophisticated smart platforms to basic digital weight trackers.


Buying Considerations For The Best Bathroom Scales

Why buy a bathroom scale?

People young and old can benefit from owning a personal scale. Just think, the first thing any medical provider does before an exam is weigh their patient. This is because something as simple as your weight can help doctors identify underlying health issues, establish your risks for developing certain diseases, and help determine proactive health goals.

Tracking your weight day-to-day can also help you keep accurate records, transform your fitness and eating habits, and help you establish self-confidence. While emotions can sometimes run high when your weight is higher than you anticipated, being conscientious and mindful of your body is a constructive, essential step in commandeering your health.


Keeping Track of your Stats

While most digital platforms only provide you with a basic weight measurement, smart scales often make various body composition readings available. More advanced readings can provide deeper insight into your health. What’s more, options, such as phone connectivity and stored measurements, can make analyzing your progress a cinch. If your scale doesn’t offer to stockpile your measurements, jotting them down in a notepad works fine too. Just be sure that the on-screen readings linger long enough for you to step off the scale and write them down.


Smart Scales

Smart scales offer technologically advanced features and often have a price that reflects this. Still, for a few extra dollars, the option to remotely store and track your personal data feels like a bargain. Plus it gives individuals the opportunity to share important data with their trainers or healthcare providers or cross-reference their caloric intake with pounds gained or lost.


Aesthetics and Construction

Many contemporary bathroom scales feature low-profile tempered glass surfaces with minimalist designs and muted colors. This helps these appliances blend into the background of a modern bathroom or gym without becoming a visual nuisance. These platforms seem to be split down the middle over their use of lithium and AAA batteries. Unlike analog scales, a modest source of energy is needed to power the digital monitor and store data.

While many consumers have a penchant for the all-glass platforms, others find the fragile looking surfaces to be off-putting. Black and silver backings are a common way to alleviate this issue and provide consumers with a tinge of reassurance. Nevertheless, industry standards show that platforms are capable of bearing hundreds of pounds without chipping or breaking.

It is also important to find a scale with a surface that is wide enough and provides enough friction for you to stand on it. While most scales are 12-by-12 inches, some manufacturers sport slightly larger, sturdier standing surfaces.



None of the aforementioned details matter much if the scale you choose isn’t capable of giving precise, accurate readings. The best bathroom scale should provide you with your true weight (down to a fraction of a pound) and be able to do this repeatedly without recalibration. What’s more, this accuracy should not falter whether you’re 10 pounds or 400.


Ten Best Bathroom Scale Reviews


The Balance Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale from High Accuracy is a streamlined white tempered glass scale with easy-to-read blue backlighting. If you’re the type of person to fret over the visual compatibility of household items, you’ll love this scale’s iguana-like ability to blend into its surroundings. It features automatic calibration, has a 400-pound weight capacity, measures in 0.2-pound weight increments, and includes two long-lasting CR2032 lithium batteries.

Smart scales may be all the rage, but this sleek digital alternative is both affordable and easy to use. Simply step on the scale for quick accurate readings. When testing this scale out, we found that readings were sometimes erratic, though only by a fraction of a pound or so. For this reason, we wouldn’t recommend this scale for training purposes. Although, it’s a perfect device for tracking day-to-day weight loss.

What we like: Streamline glass platform, long-lasting batteries included
What we don’t: Occasional erratic readings



Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds, Body Tape Measure Included, Elegant Black

If you’re looking for a bargain-rate scale with a inky facade, Etekcity Digital’s Body Weight Bathroom Scale may be it. This 6mm tempered glass scale features a black top with a high-contrast blue LED screen. It offers automatic step-and-read technology that is backed by four German-engineered sensors. The scale is sold with Two 1.5-volt AAA
batteries already installed.

After pushing this scale to the limits, we can safely say that no amount of regular use is going to break through the glass face. The dense surface is a sound stepping platform and capable of bearing up to 400 pounds. What’s more, the Etekcity scale has an average 0.2-pound margin of error, which is to be expected of a typical digital bathroom scale.

What we like: Two-toned black and silver face, includes body tape measure
What we don’t: Recalibration takes 10-15 seconds



Smart Weigh Digital Body Weight Scale with Baby or Pet Tare Weighing Technology 440lbs/200kg Capacity (Black)

The Smart Weigh Smart Tare Body Scale is a fairly undistinguishable digital scale with a few extra details. Successive readings offer unmatched accuracy with a 0.2-pound margin of error. It sports step-on sensors for turning on and off, displays multiple unit conversions, boasts a 440-pound weight capacity, and includes four AAA batteries.

Plus, it features a smart tare system that provides users an allowance to help them determine the weight of a small child or pet. Black tempered glass and brushed silver markings make it a sporty addition to any bathroom. Meanwhile, it boasts special measurement options, a brighter LED screen, and more reliable readings than other scales in the same price point.

What we like: Child/pet tare, black and brushed silver face
What we don’t: Requires four AAA batteries



HoMedics Glass Digital Bathroom Scale 405

We like what HoMedics is getting at with their sleek modern glass scale, but we’re hesitant to shell out extra dough when we can procure the same technology for a fraction of the price. This scale offers a long-lasting lithium battery, 400-pound maximum weight capacity, and step-on power settings.

After stepping on and off this scale a handful of times, we can safely say it provides consistent readings with a slight 0.2-pound margin of error. It features an exceptional clear glass face that blends nicely into contemporary interiors. However, if you’re someone who fears broken glass, this crystaline system of measurement may not be for you.

What we like: Lithium battery, sleek modern design
What we don’t: All glass surface, expensive




If you’re torn between purchasing a digital or smart scale, the Inevifit’s Body-Analyzer is a reasonable middle ground. While it provides a comprehensive body composition analysis and stores stats for up to 10 people, it doesn’t offer phone or internet connectivity. Still, for a fraction of the price of similar smart scales, you’re delivered consistently accurate readings.

Automatic person recognition and hands-free power features give you instant access to your body weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and BMR. A large 3.6-inch LCD makes it easier to decipher readings and track your fitness goals. For individuals working toward fitness goals, this scale offers a distinctly comprehensive analysis of an individual’s body composition.

What we like: Auto recognizes 10 individuals, comprehensive stats
What we don’t: Sporty facade doesn’t mesh with modern interiors



Bathroom Digital Scale – Accurate BMI Body Weight Scale that Measures Body Fat With Step on Technology Bluetooth Connected, 400 lbs

Innertek’s digital bathroom scale allows up to 10 users to store and analyze their weight and body mass readings on the iWellness app. Bluetooth technology automatically syncs to your phone, giving you the ability to view readings privately or share them with healthcare providers or significant others. While various measurements, such as BMI, muscle mass, and water percentages, don’t mean much individually, iWellness generates easy-to-read graphs and other info graphics to help you make sense of your personal measurements and set realistic goals.

This scale features a 396-pound weight capacity. Bare in mind, the .02-pound margin of error is unremarkable. Meanwhile, the scale demonstrated consistent readings when put to the test. Meanwhile, the sophisticated matte black and grey glass face conceals surface stains.

What we like: Bluetooth compatibility, helpful info graphics
What we don’t: Supplementary body measurements are



Wi-Fi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale by Weight Gurus

The Greater Goods Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale connects directly to Weight Gurus’ user-friendly body composition app. The high-precision sensors give you an instant on-screen reading, while the app uses a phoneless Wi-Fi connection to transfer your measurements to an online database. Here you can link with popular apps, such as Fitbit, Google Fit, and Amazon Echo.

Apart from being a solidly constructed scale with some pretty rad smart features, this measurement device offers a unique moral halo. This is because the manufacturer is dedicated to donating a portion of every product sold to Love146, a charitable organization fighting against child trafficking.

What we like: Paying it forward, compatible with Wi-Fi and favorite apps

What we don’t: Random error messages and abysmal customer service



Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

Etekcity Digital’s Body Weight Bathroom Scale is a reasonably-priced digital scale with an extra large surface (14″ by 12″) and generous weight capacity (440-pounds). For larger users with the determination to track and meet fitness goals or just average individuals who aren’t privy to constantly recalibrating their scales, this is an unbeatable product.

Before we gave it our seal of approval, we put the Etekcity through multiple tests. All results showed this device is capable of providing precise, accurate readings regardless of its placement or the mass of the user. What’s more, it features a sleek, high-contrast surface that is easy to clean and is a low-profile appendage to any home bathroom or gym.

What we like: Precision measurements, sleek black face
What we don’t: No smart features



EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display

The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is an extra wide, 8mm thick glass platform that provides consistent and accurate measurements up to a fifth of a pound. It features industry-standard touchless technology, a 400=pound weight capacity, and four AAA batteries to get you started.

Switch between pounds and kilograms and get instant backlit weight readings. While this scale doesn’t boast any techy bells and whistles, it does come with a reliable body tape measure. If you’re looking for an error-free weight tracker with a wide platform, this might be for you.

What we like: Step-on sensors, wide platform
What we don’t: Thin glass face



Escali USTT200 Digital Track and Target Bathroom Scale

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Escali USTT200 Digital Track and Target Bathroom Scale is its sleek design. The impact resistant surface appears to float, while sleek black lines serve to orient the operator.

This affordable scale boasts a standard 440-pound weight capacity, a wide standing platform, automatic shutoff, and unique weight tracking options. The scale stores data for up to four individuals. It makes meeting weight loss goals even easier by displaying your current weight, goal weight, and the remaining difference.

What we like: Multiple users, tracks weight loss goals
What we don’t: Some surface give



Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our top ten best bathroom scale reviews for 2018. After taking the time to carefully test each and every one of these products, we’re confident that they all provide exeptionally accurate, precise, and user-friendly readings. While tracking your weight and attaining healthy goals takes discipline and commitment, we truly believe these products will make the process much easier!