Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies – 2022 Guide

For mothers that are breastfeeding, it is very important for them to have bottles for their babies that are designed with breastfeeding in mind. They can be for babies who have been breastfed since birth or are being transitioned into breastfeeding. For a breastfeeding mom, there are a lot of things for them to consider when they are buying the best bottles for breastfed babies.


Baby Bottle Materials

One of the things breastfeeding moms needs to consider what type of material they want their babies bottle to be made out of. They can be made out of plastics, glass, silicone, and stainless steel. The majority of baby bottles are made out of plastic They do not weigh much so they will not be hard for a baby to hold onto and they are cost-effective. Moms that buy them for their babies need to make sure that they are BPA free.

Glass bottles are another option as well. Moms do not have to be concerned about any of them had BPA in them, so they can be a better choice than plastic bottles. One of the downsides to these bottles is that they are heavier than plastic bottles, so it is harder for babies to hold on to them. Since they are made out of glass, there is the chance that they will break as well.

Just like glass bottles, silicone bottles are a good option because they are also BPA free. Like plastic bottles, they do not weigh a lot and they will not shatter. They are quite costly which is why a lot of stores do not carry them. Stainless steel bottles are the most durable and are BPA free. However, they are the most expensive bottles on the market.


Does Your Breastfeeding Baby Need Bottles?

A lot of moms wonder if their breastfeeding baby needs a bottle. The answer is yes. They need bottles no matter whether they are being fed breast milk or formula. Breastfeeding bottles make it possible for other people in the family to feed the baby as well. If the mom is busy with anything from work to household chores, anyone else in the family can feed the baby while the mom is needing to do what she needs to do.If they store their breast milk, so someone else can feed the baby when they are not able to.


When is The Best Time to Start The Baby on The Bottle?

It is very important to introduce a bottle to a baby as their natural drinking habits depend on it. It is a good idea for breastfeeding moms to wait until a few weeks after their baby is born so their baby can adjust to breastfeeding. Also, if a baby gets used to drinking out of a bottle, it can be very difficult to transition them to breastfeeding later. The reason for this is it is easier for them to drink out of a bottle because it requires less effort than breastfeeding.


How to Ensure The Best Bottle is Being Bought

Looking at certain aspects of a bottle will help you determine if a bottle is best for baby. They include everything from how well the nipple works to how easy they are to use. To test how well the nipple of a bottle works, observe the baby while they are eating. If the baby does not have to put out a lot of effort to make the milk flow freely, then that is the right bottle for them.

To see if a bottle will leak, it can be shaken, swirled, tapped, and tipped. Pressure can also be put on the side of the bottle. Putting it on one side for fifteen to twenty minutes is a good idea as well.

Bottles for breastfed babies also need to be easy to clean. To determine if they are easy to clean, the time it takes to take them apart, wash them, and how long it takes for them to be cleaned. The faster cleaning time a bottle has, the better the bottle is.

Bottles also need to be easy to use. From filling the bottle to feeding the baby and from taking the bottle apart to putting it back together, document the time and how easy it is to do all of these tasks. Then the easiness of using the bottle will be determined.


Features to Look For in Bottles For Breastfed Babies

Anti-Colic Features – Colic causes babies to cry all of the time. However, there are bottles available to help control colic by having vents that prevent how much air a baby takes in while they are eating.

What The Nipples Are Made Out Of – The nipple is the most important part of a bottle of a breastfeeding baby. They need to be soft, smooth, and flexible enough for the baby to be able to suck easily out of them. A good nipple will also make the flow of milk normal. Silicone nipples are the best type of nipple for that task.

Shape And Size – Bottles for breastfed babies need to have a shape and size that makes it easy for the baby to hold.

Safety – The vents of the bottle ensure that the air that goes into the bottle will properly circulate so the baby will not choke or spit up.

Keeping Warm – If a baby is in need of a bottle that will stay warm the longest, glass and stainless steel bottles are the best bottles for this. They can be reheated easily as well, just by putting them in warm water. However, do not ever microwave these bottles as that is never a good idea.

Breast-Like Shape – It is important for a baby to have a bottle nipple that is shaped similar to the breast. This type of nipple would be large and rounded. The combination of being shaped like a breast and the fact that a baby will have to work out their jaw to get the milk is good for proper formation of their palate that will help them form their jaw, nasal passages, and mouth.


Extra Features

Handles make it easier for a baby to hold the bottle. A nipple cover will help keep dust off of the nipple. The base needs to be flat so it will be steady on any surface. Having a bottle that you can see through is especially important if you need to measure how much a baby eats during one feeding. The neck of the bottle needs to be wide enough so the milk will pour into it with ease.

Along with these features and what to look for in bottles for breastfeeding babies, having a knowledge of what kinds of bottles are available on the market for breastfeeding babies is very important. For this reason, I am going to review eight bottles for breastfeeding babies.


The Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies – Reviewed

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Gift Set

The Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Gift Set is made with colicky babies in mind. It has small micro-channel vents that keep air at the back of the bottle. It makes dealing with colic easier and allows for the baby to have less gas and spit up less. The design of this bottle is angled because pediatricians recommend using this type of bottle because it helps cut down on the number of ear infections babies get.

This bottle is also ideal for switching in between bottle and breastfeeding. The Naturalatch nipple is as close to the breast that a bottle can get. It mimics the breast to help baby latch on naturally and makes transitioning between bottle and breast easy. It has a natural wide nipple and a raised texture that helps baby latch on naturally. Included in this BPA free bottle set are five ventaire bottles, extra bottle caps and nipples, and extra vent disks.




Chicco Naturalfit Five-Ounce Slow Flow Bottle

The Chicco Naturalfit bottle has a rounded and wide nipple that is shaped like a breast. The angled nipple promotes the breastfeeding feeding position. It also has a soft, silicone feel that is familiar to a baby and makes them feel calm. To make it feel more like breastfeeding, this bottle has a slow flow. Also, to help colicky babies, this bottle prevents excess air ingestion.

These bottles are also BPA free and they also have a wide, “no mess” design that makes it easy for parents to put together, prep, fill and clean, and the ergonomic shape makes it easy for babies to hold. To grow along with a baby, these bottles come in five, eight, and eleven-ounce sizes. They are also made out of strong and high-quality materials, so they will have a long life to last through the time in a babies life that they are using this bottle.




Mimijumi Very Hungry Eight Ounce Breastfeeding Bottle

The Mimijumi Breastfeeding Bottle has a natural shape, color, and form. The innovative nipple resembles the breast that creates a natural feeding experience for a baby that will make them happy and healthier. The bold colors and soft textures mix together to give this bottle a one-of-a-kind and distinguished look.

These bottles are also BPA and latex-free and they exceed the United States safety standards. Parents will also that this bottle can be opened with one hand, being easy-to-clean, anti-colic venting, a screw on a one-piece nipple, and a skid-free base. It also can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, can be used for babies from newborn to twenty-four months, and they are made in America.




Munchkin Latch Three Pack of Bottles

Munchkin Latch Three Pack of Bottles- The Munchkin Latch set is a three pack of bottles that are 8 ounces in size, BPA free, are latch bottles, and comes with two-stage one nipples, one stage two nipple, and three sealing discs. The nipple stretches and moves like the breast so babies will not have trouble latching on and will prevent them from consuming a lot of air.

The pump adapter is also compatible with a lot of well-known breast pumps. The anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles and cuts down on gas. The three stages of these bottles grow with baby. The stage one nipple is most like the breast and the stage two and three nipples increase the flow of milk while baby grows.




Lansinoh Momma Natural Wave Nipple, 3 Pack of Bottles

These Lansinoh bottles are made just for babies that are breastfed. When a baby cannot be breastfed, the natural wave nipple is the next best thing. Babies suck on them like they do a breast which makes it easy for them to transition from breast to bottle and back.

These bottles also have air ventilation systems to cut down on gas and air intake which is believed to be a cause of colic and spitting up. They are also easy to use as you can use the same bottle for pumping, storing, and feeding.




Philips Avent Anti-colic- Five Pack of Baby Bottles

The Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles are BPA and Propylene free and are clinically proven to cut down on colic and discomfort. There is an anti-colic integrated valve into the nipple air vents and out of baby’s tummy.

They also have rounded edges, a few parts, and a wide neck which makes it easy to give them a proper cleaning. Since they are easy-to-clean, they also make baby happier and healthier when they eat from them. These bottles can hold up to nine ounces and the extra soft silicone slow-flow nipple with two holes is ideal for medium-sized feedings. This kit comes with Five Anti-colic 9-Ounce BPA free feeding bottles, five Anti-colic caps, and five Anti-colic bottle Slow-Flow nipples.




Olababy Gentle Baby Bottle

The design of the nipple of these bottles allows for easy latching and cuts down on babies rejecting the bottle. They also have an integrated dual-venting anti-colic system that cuts down on how much air baby ingests while they are eating.The off-centered shape of the nipples allows for continuous flow, upright feeding, and very little leftover residue.

These bottles are made of 100% non-toxic silicone and they are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. They are also dishwasher safe. The smooth texture makes them easy to hold and the wide neck makes it easy for them to be cleaned. The beautiful colors that these bottles come in to stimulate baby’s visual senses, allowing for a strong role of direct experience with colors in the early stages of visual development.




Evenflo Feeding Six-Piece Balance

The Evenflo Balance bottle has a wide-neck bottle, that is just right for bottle and breastfeeding at the same time. The one-of-a-kind nipple shape allows for proper latching and an adjusted flow rate that provides the right feeding speed for babies. Their patented Proflo venting technology makes it possible for a baby to not be colicky, gassy, have acid reflux, and be fussy.

The molded measurements in ounces and millimeters show how a baby has eaten and will not come off when the bottle is being washed. These bottles can also be pumped directly into. They are also free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC, and Phthalates and they are also made out of FDA-approved food grade material.




I hope this information about bottles for breastfed babies and the reviews have helped know what to look for when you buy these types of bottles for your baby. There are so many to choose from, but you will know when you have found the best breastfeeding bottle for your baby.