Ten Best Bronzer Reviews For 2022

Bronzers are becoming more in demand by the day and flying off the shelves at drugstores and beauty stores, due to the increasing popularity of contouring and the everyday desire for a sunkissed glow. There are bounds of bronzing powders on the market, each with its own features– do you want a sheer, blendable bronzer, or something more dramatic with a little shimmer? Depending on your beauty routine, your skin tone, and your skin type, you might want a different bronzer than the next gal. Below are reviews of 10 of the best bronzer products on the market today, with tips on how to choose one to suit your individual needs.


How to Choose The Best Bronzer

Before we get into specific bronzers, let’s talk about how you should decide which one is right for you. First, you must know your skin tone.

Fair skin tones should pick a bronzer with an array of alternating hues in deep, light, and pink colors. Shimmer is great on fair skin, as it can add glow to your pink undertones. For light skin, Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer is a great pick.

Medium skin with olive undertones need a bronzer that’s not too light, but not too deep. In addition, you’ll want a matte finish, which accentuates olive undertones. One example of a good bronzer for medium skin is BaeBlu Endless Summer Bronzer.

For deep skin tones, you’ll need a cream bronzer so as to not make your skin look ashy. Deep tones also do well with shimmer; it makes deep skin appear bright and dewy, as opposed to the dull look that matte finish can sometimes cause on dark skin. You may want to try RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer.

Based on this mini-guide, have a look at the ten bronzers we’ve selected below, and find one that suits your skin tone best.


Ten Best Bronzer Reviews

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

This unique bronzer formula is crafted with the creamy murumuru butter, to add a touch of moisture to an everyday-use bronzer. The moisturizing aspect makes it perfect for dry or combination skin, but users noted that it is not too greasy for use on oily skin. The highlighted feature of this bronzer is, once again, the “buttery” quality; users claimed that it glided on their skin ultra-smooth like butter. This characteristic makes it a breeze to blend. In addition, Physician’s Formula products are a go-to for people with sensitive skin. All of their products are all-natural, vegan, and non-toxic.

As for the downsides, many people said that this product was not pigmented enough. The coverage might not be strong enough for some, depending on how much of a glow you’re looking for. You can always build your color to the amount of bronze you desire, however. Depending on your skin tone, you can get the light shade or the bronze shade. Some users noted that the bronze shade appeared too muddy on their skin, so it’s worth testing out the lighter shade to see how it looks on your skin tone.



it Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer

The it Cosmetics bronzer comes in a unique “ombre” style, meaning that you can choose between a shimmery or a matte finish– or both, depending on the day. Users said that it gave them a summery tan, and that the shimmer side was great for a day in the sun. The shimmer, however, is not subtle. You don’t need a lot of it, and if you use too much, you may come out looking too sparkly– some users said you may almost look metallic.

You may want to be cautious with this bronzer if you’re fair- to medium-skinned, too; many people commented that its color is very rich, and it can make your skin look orange if you apply too much. In addition, users said that it blends quite well, but it can look unnatural and chalky on the skin. They also said that it has a great lasting quality, and didn’t fade all day. Use this bronzer if you love shimmer, but you also love to tweak just how much shimmer you use.



Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer

What people noticed about the Estee Lauder bronzer is its color– perfectly hued for all skin tones, not too subtle or too orange. In the pan, the bronzer is firm and not powdery, which means that you don’t risk taking too much onto your brush/sponge. That makes this bronzer endlessly buildable, so it’s great for those who want a range of bronzing possibilities. The pan is bigger, too, which means you can use a larger brush for application if you’d like.

On the other hand, some users noticed adverse effects on their skin. For example, on some skin types, users noticed bumps where they usually applied this bronzer. In addition, others complained that it gave their skin an unflattering “textured” look. The shimmer in this bronzer, though, is relatively subtle, so use this bronzer if you like a little shimmer, but not a lot.



Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer

“Snow Bunny” hints at the idea that this bronzer was made for fair-skinned women. It’s especially formulated to give pale skin a luminous glow, without looking like a poor self-tanning accident. The product itself has a smooth and ultra-blendable finish. This bronzer comes not just in one solid golden brown hue, but in four stripes of alternating colors which give an overall lighter effect than a solid bronzer. For this reason, users said it was great for other uses such as eyeshadow or even blush (due to the pink-colored stripe). They did note, though, that the one darker stripe tends to overpower all of the lighter stripes, so the pink shade can get lost. The darkest stripe still looks lovely, though, so it’s not that huge of a complaint.

If you don’t like glitter, though, you may want to look twice at this bronzer– some users said that the product appeared far too shimmery when applied. This is a bronzer that really depends on the skin tone of the wearer. If you have very fair skin, or you want a very subtle glow, most Too Faced users will recommend this product to you. For anyone with darker skin, this bronzer may not add enough color for your liking.



Glo Skin Beauty Bronze

This is a good bronzer for those going after a natural look. It doesn’t have a lot shimmer, just a no-makeup-looking glowy finish, with a soft, luminescent sheen. This product is also infused with antioxidants and is great for your skin. Glo Skin has new packaging for their bronzing products, and users reported that this has improved the rate of cracking when dropping.

Perhaps the users’ favorite aspect of this bronzer was its composition: users who experienced breakouts with other beauty products never broke out wearing the Glo Skin bronzer. Glo Skin crafts their products to be safe and healthy for your skin, and to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. It is lightweight, and users noted that it doesn’t leave their skin feeling greasy or heavy. This is a great bronzer for everyday, casual use, such as work or a day at the beach.



BaeBlu Endless Summer Bronzer

BaeBlu, a lesser-known makeup name, provides for the makeup fanatics who want an array of all-natural, vegan, organic products. This bronzer is great for the matte lover, who doesn’t want a lot of flashy shimmer and glimmer. Wearers have loved how smoothly this bronzer glides onto the skin, and how natural it feels when it’s worn. A lot of makeup can be felt while it’s worn, giving the user a “cakey” feeling, but not this bronzer.

This product is completely healthy on your skin, which makes it great for oily, acne-prone skin, for sensitive skin, or just for anybody who wants a completely natural and healthy product. In addition, users said that it was remarkably long lasting. Use this bronzer if you’re a fan of all-natural and healthy products, and if you would like a bronzer to contour with without any added shimmer.



Clinique True Bronze

Users have raved about this bronzer due to its everlasting high quality. It is long-lasting, even when worn every day. In addition, its ingredients are natural and healthy on the face, give users a lively glow and are not known to cause breakouts. Users said that the tint is very natural-looking, as well; in other words, other people will not be able to tell that you “obviously” put on bronzer, but you will have a sunkissed tan look nonetheless.

This bronzer does not have a lot of shimmer in it– the glitter is visible in the pan, but when applied to the face, it is not noticeable apart from the bright, luminous glow it adds to your skin. At the same time, though, some users experienced the product fading and needing reapplication throughout the day. You may like this bronzer if you don’t apply a lot of it at a time and you like a very subtle glow, or if you don’t like much shimmer on your face.



LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

The first thing that people usually note about this bronzer is its amount of shimmer. You can see it just by looking at the package: it’s shiny, and it will make you literally glow. This can be positive or negative; it comes down to how much shimmer you prefer. At the same time, some users said that this bronzer is more suited for highlighting than for contouring. It may not be pigmented enough for some who want to use their bronzer as a dark cheek contour. If you want a subtle all-over glow, though, this bronzer would be perfect for you.

Many people said that this bronzer will last all day, with one application in the morning, and does not smear or leave streaks. Perhaps the worst feature of this product is its packaging; almost anyone who uses this bronzer will tell you that it’s a pain to open the pan, especially if you have short nails. In addition, many wearers say that the shimmer quality makes it great for use as a glittery eyeshadow.



RMS Beauty – Buriti Bronzer

Users usually notice this bronzer’s packaging before anything else. It comes in a small frosted jar and looks fantastic on your makeup counter. Unlike many others, this bronzer is in cream form, not powder. Most users generally liked the cream application, though, noting that it was easy to blend and that it did not feel greasy or unnatural on their face. The product itself is sheer but has buildable coverage, so you’d be safe using this bronzer whether you wanted a strong or a subtle glow.

Some people said that it had a rosy or reddish tint to it, which may look natural or unnatural depending on your skin tone. Many stated that the rosy tint adds a more natural glow to fair skin, where many bronzers can appear orange or muddy. The packaging is very small, however, so it may be difficult to apply this bronzer with a brush. You don’t necessarily need one, though; it’s a cream, so it blends easily with a finger or a sponge.



W3LL PEOPLE – All Natural Bio Bronzer

This “bio bronzer” is named so because it is another all-natural, healthy-for-your-skin product. It is a completely matte bronzer, so it works great for those who would rather not have shimmering faces. Users said a little of this bronzer goes a long way, and that it’s great for an all-over sunkissed look. Some users did say that it appears a bit too dark and unnatural, especially for fair skin tones, so be sure to apply lightly. On the plus side, you won’t need to build layer upon layer of this product to achieve a glowing tan– just sweep lightly over your face and collarbones.

Unfortunately, a few people with acne-prone skin said that this bronzer caused breakouts. Also, some users noted that it removes other makeup during application. This bronzer is great for those who have deeper skin tones, since the pigmentation is rather dark, or those who have warm olive undertones.

No matter your skin tone, skin type, or makeup expertise, you should be able to find your perfect bronzer among this list.