Best Cases For AirPods And AirPods Pro – 2022 Guide

Maintain the Sound Integrity of Your AirPods with These Top Protective Cases

Airpods, especially the newly released AirPods Pro, are hot Apple accessories that make the use of your Apple iPhones or iPads so much more pleasurable and convenient. They elevate the sound quality of your gadget, taking your experience to another level.  With these Airpods, you no longer have to worry about annoying entangled wires, so you can just pop them on and you’re good to go whether your shopping, running, or sweating it out with dumbbell weights in your home gym or membership gym.

These Airpods aren’t cheap, so the last thing you want to do is to lose them or destroy them. In order to keep them protected, you will definitely need a reliable case that can cushion them from blows or prevent them from getting destroyed in a possible water submersion. Let’s take a look at these interesting cases that not just encase your Airpods but give it other enhancements.


Best Cases For AirPods Reviewed

Starting with the AirPods Pro Cases Reviews

Pokeball AirPods Pro Case

This kitschy looking case is designed after the famous Japanese game called Pokemon. It is actually the shape of the iconic Pokeball used to capture Pokemons. In this case, it will serve you well by keeping your Airpods Pro and other types of Airpods safe and completely secure.

This is made of a soft, premium elastomer material that is totally dust resistant. It is also very smooth both inside and outside, so it will not scratch your Airpods and protect your charging station. This kind of case fits perfectly with a regular or wireless charging case for Airpods.

Using this is really easy because there are no fancy installation procedures involved. They will just naturally provide protection for your device against possible drops bumps, and/ or scratches.

This has a carabiner keychain, so you can hang this on your bag for quick and easy access. They don’t just protect your airpods, but they act as cute decoration, too. The best part: if you’re not satisfied, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee, along with one year customer service warranty.

The major complaints against this product is it does not allow wireless charging due to the shape and thickness of the material, it blocks the battery LED light, and it is prone to discoloration. Some feel that it is more for form over function.



Joyleop Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Inspired Case

Who is not familiar with the Nintendo Switch? This is another cute case that is perfect for the young ones and the young once-upon-a-time that can easily and perfectly fit your Airpods Pro with absolutely no slippage. This is easy to use, with no disassembly needed even when charging because wireless charging works and there is a charging port cutout reserved at the bottom.

The case can be opened and closed smoothly, so even if you’re on the go, this is easy to manage.  This product is made of high-quality super soft silica gel, so it will not easily get deformed. Because of this, it will also protect your precious device even if you accidentally drop the case. This is shock-proof and resistant to scratches, so this cute case will undoubtedly keep your investment secure.

On top of all these, this very affordable case comes with a metal carabiner, so you can hang this on your bag for quick access. You can also make this as your pseudo key chain for all your essential keys. With its eye-catching shape, you can easily spot this in your bag.

Major complaints against this product is that it is hingeless, so the top easily falls off. Someone noted that because of this, the shape looks even a bit deformed.



BRG Baby Pink Case with Pompom

This super soft silicone gel case that feels good to the touch is compatible for your Airpods Pro. This is very much a fashion case with a girly poof ball that can tickle the fancy of the fashionista in you. It will serve well as a bag accessory, by adding that perfect eye-catching embellishment for your handbag. This also comes in baby blue, old rose, and pale yellow.

The best feature of this product is the LED light is visible from the front. On top of that, it can accommodate the AirPods Pro charging case, while giving total protection for your Airpods against drops, scratches, and bumps. This lightweight product will barely be felt, but it is definitely eye-catching enough to be seen, of course.

This is totally user-friendly with an upgraded hinge design that allows the case to open and close easily. This doesn’t affect wireless charging at all. Those who prefer to plug will be happy that there is a precise charging port cutout for unobstructed charging. This also comes with a built-in dust plug to protect and seal your device when not in use.

This is the perfect gift for the beloved women in your life, especially since everyone who has bought this raves about the case. The only caveat this product has is that it is not suitable for men because of the super girly design.



Sleek HUMENN Protective Cover

This affordable and sleek looking product is great for men and women. It comes in 7 great color choices: teal, purple, grey, black, deep red, white, and pink. This skinny HUMENN case contours perfectly to the shape of your Airpods Pro.

Those who engage in aqua sports will be pleased that the surface of this is coated with hdyrophobic materials that repel water. This case is completely waterproof, so you can ease your worries about dropping it in the toilet or the swimming pool.

The high quality liquid silicone material protects your gadget not just from the usual bumps, drops, and scratches, but it also keeps fingerprints away to ensure that there are no smudges. The silicone is also food grade so in case your baby sets their chompers on this, you need not worry. It is very mouth and skin-friendly.

There is a precise cutout for your unobstructed and easy charging. There is also a cover to keep the dust at bay. This comes with a detachable carabiner key chain, so you can attach it to your bag or you can remove it if you want to put it on your belt loop. These design features give you easy access to your AirPods Pro.

The major caveat of this product is that it is deemed super thick, so depending on the color you get, the LED light may not show through. Another main issue is that it may not work with a wireless charging pad, especially the lower end ones, because of the thickness of the material. They are also a bit bulky and take a bit of space when put inside a bag.



Simple Silicon Airpods Pro Protective Cover

This product comes in a pair, one for your Airpods and another for whatever accessories you want to bring. It comes in two colors with 23 possible variations for you to choose from. The best part is this item comes with a lot of extras like ear tips, a watch strap, and a hook.

This is built for the Airpods Pro 2019 because it won’t affect wireless charging at all. On top of that a small section of the case has been specifically designed to allow your LED light status to shine through. This way, you’ll know when you need to charge your gadget.

Outfitted with a durable carabiner key chain, this can be hooked to your bag for easy access to your Airpods Pro. It also ensures that you don’t misplace them. This item is crafted from premium food grade silicone case that is friendly to your skin. It is also anti-smudge and dust-proof. Take note that is case is not waterproof, but it is impact proof to a certain extent. For ordinary bumps and drops, this will protect your device within.

The other case can fit your wireless charging system as it is built with an adsorption technology. The soft and durable material will not scratch that charging system. On top of that,  it will not loosen nor get deformed with use. There are precise cutouts for the charger port and the synch button, so they can be easily accessed.

The main cons of this are: people say that it doesn’t close properly, it is poorly made, and it looks nothing like the picture at all. It is very thick, so it doesn’t fit into the pockets easily as it adds bulk.



Twelve South Airsnap Leather Protective Case

This classy full grained leather case can easily accommodate your entire Airpods system like a glove. The supple leather protects your Airpods, while the microfiber lined interior will protect it from scratches.  This leather protective pouch comes in black, teal, and light brown to suit your style. It is very sleek and professional looking.

This comes with a built-in swivel clip that you can hook to our bag or belt-loop for easy access. It is also crafted with a metal snap closure. It offers convenience for charging. There is a cutout in the button for your wire, or you can use this with ease by placing on top of a charging pad while still in the case.

The major complaints against this product are the following: The snap closure is sometimes hard to put back together and it time it loses its strength. Opening and closing is inevitable because the LED indicator light can only be seen when it is open. Another caveat is no protective cover in the charging port so dust will get in.



PodSkinz AirPods 2&1 Silicone Cover Case

This brand has touted itself to be the original Airpods case, which is the most convenient solution to your Airpods storage and protection needs. It’s very light weight, measuring half a pound, yet it is able to protect against bumps and scratches.

The material used is premium elastomers for a super smooth feel and dust resistant finish. This is very convenient to use because it comes with a visible LED light display. It comes with a resealable cutout in the bottom for charging or you can put it directly on a charging pad.

PodSkinz are so confident in their product that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee and a one year case warranty. This comes in 11 colors, so there’s bound to be one design that will catch your fancy.

Most complaints about this product are due to the tearing of the hinges and the sub-quality material that loosens up so easily. The top cover will keep on unsnapping in time, making it very annoying to use. It doesn’t come with any provisions for hooking to your bags.



Catalyst Premium Quality Waterproof Case

This product is a little more pricey compared to the rest but it gives you a bang for your buck. It is impact resistant up to four feet, and it is waterproof up to 3.3 feet. Both qualities give you the assurance that your Airpods will be safe no matter what.

This comes with a unique folding system with an elaborate sealing system, that ensure everything is airtight, watertight, and snug.  It is still easy to use because there is a cutout at the bottom with a provision to open for easy charging. Just make sure you put it back on properly so as not to compromise the waterproofing of your case.

Wireless charging is made easy, too. On top of that, there is a hook for easy clipping to your belt loop or bag for easy access. The main caveat, the only way to see your LED light is to open it, which is a bit cumbersome and annoying to do.



MARBLEFY Custom Name Airpod Case

Never lose your Airpods again with this see through silicone case that you can customize with your name. It comes transparent and can be imprinted with black, yellow, or pink sans serif font.

Because of its material, it is anti-slip, scratch-resistant, dirt-proof, and shock-proof. This comes with a hoop for looping the key chain or the neck strap. It is compatible with wireless charging, too.

The caveats are the top part pops open from time to time and the font looks quite feminine.



AhaStyle Upgrade Airpods Silicone Case

This case fits perfectly with the regular and wireless charging case of your Airpods. The best part, it comes in 9 different colors to suit your personality. This is crafted from premium silicone measuring 1.33mm, ensuring that your device is safe from bumps, drops, and scratches.

This also comes with a dust cap for your charging port. You can access it easily if you are to use a wire.  It is outfitted with a handy LED indicator, so you can see easily if you need to charge.

On top of all that, this comes with a key chain and a hand strap, making it super convenient for you to use. It comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, along with a one year replacement warranty. This is a well-reviewed product with few complaints like attracting too much lint, dust, and hair.



Looking at the Official Replacement Charging Case

Apple Wireless Charging Case Airpods

If you’re after the convenience of charging your Airpods without the lightning connector, then you must invest in this charging case because it will allow you to charge by simply putting this on top of a wireless charging mat. You’ll be happy to note that this works for all the generations of Airpods.