Ten Best Colored Pencils Sets For Adult Coloring Books – 2022 Edition

Coloring has always been a fun activity for kids, but with the right colored pencils, it can be just as exciting for adults. When pencils were first created, there weren’t many colors to choose from, and the materials weren’t the best.

Over time, many improvements have been made to colored pencils while the basic design has remained the same. The interest in adult coloring books has skyrocketed, and with this increase in popularity, the demand for high-quality colored pencils has grown.

If you’re ready to relive some of your fondest childhood moments through coloring, then choose from 10 of the best colored pencil sets for coloring books.


Crayola Colored Pencils 50 Count Vibrant Colors Pre-sharpened

Crayola has been creating high-quality coloring products for decades, and this 50-piece set highlight’s some of their best products. You can use this color pencil set for adult coloring books, and when you’re not having fun with it, the kids can use it to color.

Each pencil in this set features an accurate, vibrant color, and since they’re pre-sharpened, there is no need to manually sharpen each pencil. For improved safety, these pencils are AP certified for non-toxic materials, and they’re classified as premium art tools.

Depending on your needs, you can purchase one to four packs of 50. Studies show that coloring is a soothing, creative activity, and it can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Each pencil offers long-lasting color and lays it down smoothly and accurately. Since they’re already sharpened, they can be used immediately after arrival.




Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils Pack of 50 Assorted Colors 22-7251

Here we have another popular set of coloring pencils, and they’re designed for ages three and up. With 3.3-millimeter leads, these pencils are made to last, and it will take a lot of force to break the lead.

These colored pencils are ideal for illustrators and artists of any age, and they’re especially useful for adult coloring books. The colors are subtle, and there are many shades to choose from. Each pencil is AP certified, so you can rest assured that the product is safe.

The barrels are made to match the lead, which eliminates confusion and allows you to spend less time picking colors. The colored pencils in this set have a length of seven inches, and like products from Crayola, they’re pre-sharpened.

If you’re looking for a basic set to add to your existing collection, consider the Sargent Art premium colored pencils. The set comes with 50 pencils, and there are 48 different colors to choose from.




Crayola Colored Pencils Art Tools 50 Count Perfect for Art Projects

Here we have another set of colored pencils from Crayola, and unlike the other set on this list, this product doesn’t focus on vibrant colors. To preserve the environment, every pencil in this set is made from reforested wood, which is something that you’ll only find from Crayola.

It’s also worth mentioning that the wood used to make these pencils is never taken from endangered species or rainforests. The colors in this 50-piece set are intense, and the pencils lay the colors down smooth. The wide variety of colors are great for adult coloring, blending and mixing.

To preserve their shape, these pencils are made with pre-sharpened points, and they can be used immediately after they arrive at your home.

The 50 bright, intense colors are ideal for creative artwork, adult coloring and school projects, and the wide range of colors can bring almost any artwork to life. Soft, thick graphite points make each pencil last and prevent the points from breaking.




Polaroid Coloring Set 36 Premium Assorted Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils

This set of pencils comes with 18 pre-sharpened, double sided pencils giving you a total of 36 colors. You’ll have no shortage of colors to choose from, and the set has a wide selection of blues, purples, oranges, greens, reds, and yellows. You’ll also get several colors for skin tones and darker scenes. The Polaroid Coloring Set also comes with 36 pictures for all ages, as well as a handy sharpener.




VicTsing Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencil Set, 72 Count, Vibrant Colors

This set offers a massive 72 unique colors, and you’ll get several shades of all the major colors. With a hexagonal shape, these colored pencils can fit comfortably in your hand, and they’re designed for precision.

The VicTsing colored pencils are great for all ages and skill levels, which is why they’re perfect for kids and adults. Some consumers purchase and use these pencils for professional art, and others buy them for their children’s schoolwork.

Each VicTsing pencil is made from non toxic wood, which is a very durable material, and a high quality core. The high-quality material resists breakage and encourages long, uninterrupted coloring sessions.




Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Soft Core 48-Count

The Prismacolor Premier colored pencil set is available with up to 150 pieces, but this set comes with 48, which should be enough for any coloring project.

With thick, soft cores, these pencils are great for shadows and shading, and for optimal results, they’re designed to lay color down smoothly. The color pigments are richly saturated and lightfast, and to resist cracking, the leads are thick and robust.

If you need a reliable set of pencils for adult coloring books, then this set is worth considering. With a total of 48 different colors, this set gives you the power to bring any artwork to life, and the colors are vibrant enough to deliver a unique personality to your designs.

Prismacolor has been creating high-quality products for about 75 years, so the company understands what goes into a high-quality set of pencils. The pencils in this set are designed for superior shading, blending and coverage, which is why they’re ideal for adult coloring books.




Artlicious 50 Premium Distinct Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

Another popular brand is Artlicious, and in this set, you’ll find 50 high-quality colored pencils. Unlike some other sets, this one doesn’t contain color duplicates, and the set comes with a handy sharpener. For effortless color identification, you can find the color printed on the barrel of each pencil.

Although this set comes with a sharpener, the pencils are already sharpened, and you can start using them right out of the box. To preserve the environment, Artlicious doesn’t use rainforest wood to create these high-quality pencils, and the wood choice is important because it makes sharpening easier.

Like many other top products, these pencils have robust, thick leads, which lay color down smoothly and resist cracking. Since the leads are soft and thick, they won’t crack under pressure, and the wide variety of colors available from this set are great for blending and mixing.

You can use them for adult coloring, schoolwork or intricate artwork. The bright, bold colors will bring coloring pages to life, and they can transform a boring piece of art into a masterpiece.




US Art Supply 50 Piece Adult Coloring Book Artist Grade Colored Pencil Set

The US Art Supply 50-piece set is great for long coloring sessions, and the bright colors are suitable for all types of coloring books. Since the pencils come with pre-sharpened tips, there is no need to waste time getting them sharpened, and they can be used right out of the box.

The US Art Supply 50-piece set is perfect for an aspiring artist, and it’s just as enjoyable for adult coloring. This set of colored pencils is made to make your imagination go wild, and it can be used for coloring, doodling, crafting, sketching or drawing.

It’s one of the best sets that you can buy to show off your creativity. With wax-based lead, these premium pencils contain durable pigments and deliver crisp sharpness.

For easy color selection, the barrels are color coordinated, and each barrel matches the color contained within it. The US Art Supply 50-piece set of premium colored pencils comes with a plastic carrying case, which keeps every color organized and ready to use.




LolliZ 72 Colored Pencils Set with 72 Unique Color Choices

If you’re looking for an affordable product, the LolliZ® 72-piece set is worth considering. It comes with a total of 72 different colors, which are great for adults and children.

The pencils contained within this set are perfect for crafts, scrapbooking and coloring books, and with premium cores, they don’t break easily. Every pencil in the set is already sharpened and made to last.

Once this product arrives at your home, you can begin coloring immediately because you don’t have to waste time sharpening. The pencils in this set are designed to bring color into your world in new and exciting ways, and they’re ideal for children, adults, hobbyists and artists.

Since each barrel is colored to match the shade of color contained within it, you can quickly select the colors needed for your project and avoid wasting time on pointless tasks.

A three-millimeter core gives each pencil great strength and lays down smooth color pigments across dry paper, and although the set comes with pre-sharpened pencils, you’ll find that the wood is easy to sharpen when you need a sharper point.




SUDEE STILE 120 Unique Colors Pack No Duplicates Art Drawing Colored Pencils Set

Most people prefer a basic set, but if you’re looking to go above and beyond the norm, this 120-piece set of colored pencils is worth considering.

With 120 different shades of color, you’ll have more than enough options to bring your artwork to life, and although this set is frequently purchased by professional artists, you don’t have to be a professional to use it.

Every pencil in the set comes with a 3.3mm core, which is sturdy enough to resist breakage, and the wood is easy to sharpen. A special glue graft is used to hold the pencils together, and the lead is held tightly within every barrel.

Bold lead allows you to lay down color quickly and smoothly, and the massive selection of colors offers a different shade for every tiny detail of your artwork.

If you purchased some adult coloring books and want to try them out, these are some of the best sets of coloring pencils available, and depending on your preferences, you can choose a basic set or enter into a whole new world with a 120-piece professional set. Coloring is a soothing activity, and for a short period of time, it will take you back through your warmest childhood memories.