Ten Best Computer Speakers Under $50 for 2019

Budget Speakers Can Be Awesome Too!

Finding inexpensive computer speakers is not much of a problem. Finding inexpensive speakers that deliver high quality sound, however, is the challenge. What you need in a computer speaker is also going to be largely dependent on what types of activities you use your computer for.

If you watch a lot of movies on your laptop, you may want speakers that offer some level of HD quality sound. If you want to be able to crank up the tunes at your office party or if you are an elementary school teacher that wants to blast activity songs, having speakers that “screech” over a certain volume can be a drag. Here is a list of some of the best computer speakers available for under $50 – and what makes them superior to others.


Best Budget Speakers Comparison Table


1. Cyber Acoustics 2.0 Desktop PC Computer Speakers2 piece amplified speakers

On/Off, LED power indicator, Volume, and Headphone output jack

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2. Logitech Z200 Multimedia SpeakersTwo 2.5"drivers per speaker pump out 10 watts peak power

Plug in two devices at the same time

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3. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerIPX5 rating - Splashproof, rainproof, dustproof, sandproof

Two precision acoustic drivers

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4. GOgroove SonaVERSE O2 PC Computer SpeakersPlug into virtually any Smartphone, Tablet, Computer and more with 3.5mm headphone port

Output power: (3.5W x 2) 7W RMS; 14W Peak

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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5. Satechi Dual Sonic SpeakerIncreased dynamic bass, mids, and highs

USB-powered speakers with in-line volume control

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6. Logitech Z313 Speaker SystemCompact subwoofer

Convenient control pod

RMS power is 25 watts (RMS)

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7. Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBarCompatible with the latest Dell monitors

Includes a convenient headphone jack.

Integrated T-Hook for mounting to a compatible monitor

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8. Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for ComputersTotal 14 watts RMS

Large Volume/Power control. Line-in jack and headphone jack

Tone button for timbre adjustment

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9. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Multimedia Computer Speakers with Subwoofer and System Control Pod18 watts peak power; 9 watts RMS

2” satellite drivers with 4” poly carbon, high excursion sidefiring subwoofer

On/off switch, master volume, headphone output jack, and aux input jack

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10. EC Technology Ultra Compact 5W Wireless Bluetooth speakerRechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery enables you up to 8 to 12 hours playtime; 30 hours call time and about 200 hours stand-by time

High-efficiency speaker monomer with 1x 5W driver

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What Are The Important Features In A Computer Speaker?


2.0 vs. 2.1:

A 2.0 system simply offers left and right speakers with no subwoofer. Since subwoofers almost solely deliver dynamic bass, you’re not going to get a whole lot of bass out of a 2.0 system, but subwoofers are also big and bulky so they are not a good option for people looking for portability.

Wired vs. Wireless: While wireless bluetooth speakers may lack somewhat in sound quality, they more than make up for it in portability and convenience. This is great for people who may need to put their cell phone on speaker while getting information off their computer, or regularly switch back and forth between a desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone. At the end of the day, you can just scoop it up and take it with you to use at home or leave it to charge overnight for a full day of wireless use the next day.


Specs and sound quality:

Since there is no standard testing methodology for speakers, you can’t rely on these numbers to tell you anything about a system’s audio quality. A good speaker system provides good balance between the treble (upper), midrange, and bass (lower) frequencies. The goal is to produce full, rich sound while preserving detail. Since bass continues to be the biggest challenge in compact 2.0 speakers, many vendors tweak them to pump out prominent upper-bass frequencies. While this approach may add some punch, it can also sound boomy or thumpy, which can become annoying over time.



Some speakers offer only a single audio connection, but these days a number of speakers offer a second jack for connecting an iPod, iPhone, or other source.



Not everyone cares about the aesthetic design of speakers, but some do. Keep in mind, however, that in reality many speakers will not actually look like they do in pictures, but you can get a general feel for the size, shape and aesthetic features of the speaker, which should remain largely the same as in the pictures.



Some speakers offer controls on the speaker, which can include volume, treble, bass and a power button. These are convenient as they not only allow you to tailer the sound for what you are using the speaker for, but you can also just reach over and turn the sound down quickly.



Computer speakers are often the exception to the rule “you get what you pay for.” There are a number of reasonably priced speakers with great sound quality, and some real duds at the higher end of the price spectrum.


USB Power:

USB power can be a positive or a negative depending on what kind of computer you are using. USB power is great since you can plug the speakers right into the computer, rather than an outlet, but not so great if you have just purchased one of the new MacBook Pros, which no longer have available standard USB ports.


With that in mind, here are 10 great speaker systems for under $50.



1. Cyber Acoustics 2.0 Desktop PC Computer Speakers

Key features:

  • If you work in an office where things are prone to disappearing, or you just want a good, basic set of speakers with a tiny price tag, then these are for you.
  • Just 7 inches high and three inches wide, they are compact enough for even the smallest desk or workspace.
    Good, clean sound for multimedia, music, and voice listening
  • Convenient speaker controls on the front of the unit offers On/Off button, LED power indicator, volume control, and headphone jack
  • Cloth grill covers give speakers a smooth, sleek look while adding protection for interiors


2. Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers

Key features:

  • Two input jacks so you can leave it plugged into your desktop computer, but quickly plug in an iPod or smart phone.
  • Controls on the speaker allow you to adjust the volume and bass controls to adjust the sound just the way you want it.
  • Headphone jack to quickly transfer between public broadcasting and private listening. Great for video conference calls, when you may not want others to hear your conversation.
  • Rich, balanced stereo and 10 watts of peak power with added deep bass [* Keep in mind the “added deep bass” may potentially result in the afforementioned “thumpy” sound at higher volumes.


3. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Key features:

  • Wireless, connects via bluetooth in seconds
  • Single, highly portable speaker weighs just under 10 ounces and is 5 inches long, 2.8 inches tall
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable battery, can be plugged in for constant use, but transported and used quickly without having to find an outlet – great for laptop and tablet users who switch regularly between devices
  • Included 3.5mm audio cable for devices with no bluetooth
  • Built-in mic for handsfree speakerphone from Smartphones and iPhones


4. GOgroove SonaVERSE O2 PC Computer Speakers

Key Features:

  • If aesthetics matter to you, the GOgroove SonaVERSE speakers definitely have an edge. Not only do they have a cool, kind of retro vibe to them with a 1950’s amp kind of feel, they also light up with a neon blue light around the edges.
  • USB powered
  • Generous 5 ft. cable
  • Great sound quality, with a delicate, nuanced feel. Like most 2.0 speakers, they are a little lacking in bass, but excel in this area over other 2.0 speakers in this price range, since there are 2″ subwoofers packed into each speaker. This is not going to produce the kind of bass that will lift your car off the ground, but it will add a nice little bump without the artificial “thumpy” sound of speakers with a boosted bass sound.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warrantee



5. Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker

Key Features:

  • The Satechi Dual Sonic Speakers will also appeal to those that appreciate good aesthetic qualities.
  • The Satechi’s have a more modernistic feel and are available in either glossy black or metallic silver. The metallic silver speakers feature a brushed metal finish and are banded on the bottom with a cool, blue strip of LED light.
  • One potential drawback is that the speakers connect to the computer via a single cable that ends in dual heads: one for the USB port and one for the headphone jack. This means you need a headphone jack and USB port that are very close together, which can be fairly limiting. The max stretch between speakers is also 2.5 feet, which is not very long.
  • USB power
  • Volume control on the speakers
  • Acoustic Air Spring technology produces increased dynamic bass, mids, and highs
  • Padded feet for surface protection



6. Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Key Features:

  • Like many Logitech products, their design is lacking in some of the more elegant lines and features like the GOgroove SonaVERSE O2 or the Satechi Dual Sonic. Logitech products are great for offices or for people that aren’t overly concerened about aesthetics.
  • 2.1 System features two speakers and a subwoofer, offering rich, dynamic bass.
  • An attached control pod allows you to control volume and plug in headphones – and since it’s attached, you also won’t lose it!
  • 25 watts of power to fill a room with rich, balanced sound.
  • Compact subwoofer fits into tight spaces.


7. Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

Key Features:

  • Single unit, eliminates need for a cable to connect two speakers together
  • Can potentially be a space issue on smaller desks or work spaces, although it does come with an available T-Hook for mounting to a “compatible monitor” (possibly only compatible with Dell monitors)
  • Can negate the value of both 2.0 and 2.1 systems, since it has neither a sub woofer, nor is it particularly convenient and portable like most 2.0 speakers. However, sound bars often have far better bass than most 2.0 systems, thanks to a longer body. The longer body allows the unit to creates stronger vibrations, similar to those created in a sub-woofer
  • Convenient headphone jack
  • Built in volume control knob
  • USB powered


8. Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for Computers

Key Features:

  • Another great option for people interested in design as much as they are performance. Keep in mind, however, that the front of the speakers is a glossy black and none of the wood elements are visible from the front view.
  • The wood case definitely offers a great design feature, but it’s lost without any kind of side view.
  • Large front knobs offer easily accessible volume and tone controls for timbre adjustment
  • Input jack and headphone jack conveniently located right on front of speaker
  • Reviews are somewhat mixed on sound quality. Some give it rave reviews while others claim to hear a buzzing noise. Overall, the bass seems to be praised as being pretty good for a 2.0 system, but the higher ranges seem to have some issues.
  • At 8 inches high and 4.5 wide, the speakers are rather large for a small desk or cramped workspace, but the size also adds to the sound quality – particularly in the bass regions.


9. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Multimedia Computer Speakers with Subwoofer and System Control Pod

Key Features:

  • Another treat for the aesthetically inclined, the Cyber Acoustics speakers feature a sleek, futuristic flat-fronted design, with a big, boxy subwoofer.
  • 18 watts peak power; 9 watts RMS means you can quickly turn your office into a disco! IF you use your computer for watching movies and want Lexus sound at a used Honda price, this might be the system for you.
  • Comes with a convenient desktop control pod that features an on/off switch, master volume control, headphone output jack, and aux input jack.
  • The only problem with this is that bass is controlled via a knob on the subwoofer. If you bury your subwoofer (like many people do) under your desk, this might prove to be frustrating.


10. EC Technology Ultra Compact 5W Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Key Features:

  • Great speaker for laptop users or people who want something super light and portable
    Sleek black zinc alloy shell, with blue LED lighted features create an aesthetically pleasing speaker
    Expedite connection technology stays clear up to about 33 feet
  • Built-in high-efficiency speaker monomer with 5W driver and enhanced bass resonator sound offers a far greater sound than its size would indicate
  • Rechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery offers up to 8 to 12 hours playtime; 30 hours call time and about 200 hours stand-by time
  • Includes a Micro USB Cable for charging and a 3.5mm Audio Cable for use with non-bluetooth devices