Best Double Stroller Reviews For 2022

Strollers with double seats are a necessity for multi-child families. Being able to strap two little ones into a stroller can help dealing with their activeness and keeping both safe. Whether the stroller is for twins or siblings, the best double stroller having sun shades, adjustable leg rests, big storage bins and reclining seat backs will, without a doubt, make a shopping trip, adventure in a park or going anywhere so much easier.

When buying the best double stroller, there are lots of things to consider. Besides budget, you should also consider what features of a stroller you need. What style is best for you? How big a stroller you want? Does the stroller have adequate safety features? Hopefully, the following article will help make sense of your double stroller purchase.


The Best Double Stroller Reviews

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

The best double strollers are usually very costly. For that reason, parents want to purchase a double stroller that will last a number of years. This Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is durable enough to actually last 4 or 5 years.

Wherever you go with this stroller, you can depend on its being comfortable for your babies and toddlers and well-designed for everyday use as well. It’s no wonder that this double stroller is one of the best.

Double Stroller Features

Two Seats: Your children will be very comfortable in these seats since they both are padded with a soft fabric. Each seat can hold a child weighing up to 50 lbs. for a total weight capacity of 100 lbs. The five-point harness of each seat will keep your babies safe.

These roomy seats with long back rests have a maximum head height of 26”. The head height of 26” is double the height of most other double strollers.

Multi-position reclining is a feature of one seat. This seat is able to be reclined to a near-flat position. In order to recline the seat, you must buckle the child into the seat using the strap with a buckle on the back of the seat. The seats are not suitable for newborns since their lowest position is not totally flat. Only children with neck and head control that are between 3 and 6 months old can use these seats.

Since the double seats of this stroller can’t be used by newborns, you can solve this problem by purchasing a Compact Pram offered by Baby Jogger. The Compact Pram is actually a bassinet suitable for infants up to 6 months old.

Because the seats recline individually, only one child can ride in a position that is nearly flat, and a second child can sit in the other seat in an upright position at the same time.

Wheels: The 8.5” rubber wheels of the Double City Mini GT are designed for all terrains including city sidewalks as well as harsher surfaces. By swiveling, the front wheels provide better maneuverability. They also give the stroller greater stability by locking.

The suspension of the front wheels creates a comfortable and smooth ride for your children. You little ones will be protected from feeling the bumps, cracks and debris.

Brake: A hand-operated parking brake is located below the handlebar and to the right of the canopy. This allows the brake to be out of your way when you’re pushing the stroller. This gives you full control within reach as well as convenient and easy steering.

Canopies: Each seat has its own, individual canopy. These canopies provide protection from dangerous UV rays for your babies. These sun shades are adjustable and have SPF50+.

Since each canopy can be individually operated to be opened or closed, one of your babies can nap while the other looks around at his or her surroundings. The size of each canopy is so large it will cover your entire baby including even his or her legs. You can easily check your babies by looking through the peek-a-boo window of each canopy.

Handlebar: Since the handlebar is adjustable, it can be set at different heights. By setting the bar to a higher position for taller parents, you can avoid having to hunch over the stroller. The rubberized rings of the handlebar make it more durable.

Basket: This stroller has a large capacity storage basket. Many of the essentials for your babies will easily fit. In addition, there are two storage pockets on the back of the seats for things such as your wallet, keys and/or phone.

Size and Weight: This stroller weighs 32.6 lbs. and its dimensions are: 30-43.5”x29.75”x44”. Its weight is a bit heavy compared to the others in our best double stroller list, but it isn’t that bad. It is able to be lifted. Since the double stroller has a side-by-side design, it may pose a problem with shopping aisles. It should, however, fit through standard size doorways.

Folding: This stroller actually folds itself when you pull the straps that are on the middle of the seats. Once the stroller is closed for storing, its automatic lock will keep it closed for storage.

This stroller is rated with 4.3 stars out of 5 by 94 Amazon customers.




Austlen Entourage Baby & Toddler Stroller: Travel System Double Strollers for Boys & Girls

A unique feature of this Austlen Entourage Baby & Toddler Stroller is its design of allowing you to put a second infant car seat next to the handle bar and higher.

The Entourage can easily become a double stroller. You simply add a jump seat in the back. This addition converts the stroller into a double with one child sitting in the jump seat facing you, and the other sitting in the main seat facing forward.

Although the second seat is smaller, it does have a large enough size canopy, and it reclines 3 positions. This smaller seat is deep, and it will hold an infant weighing up to 35 lbs. The second seat does not have a flat position. A main advantage of the second seat is that it can be folded when not being used without removing it from the stroller. Amazingly, both babies can take a nap at the same time if you recline both seats and extend the stroller.

Main Features

Large Canopy: The large canopy provides adequate sun protection and has a pop-out sun visor. It also has a peekaboo window with a quiet magnetic closure that won’t wake baby up when used.

Handle Bar: The stroller’s handle bar can be adjusted from 36” to 43” down to the ground. It is also covered with luxurious soft leather.

Extendable Frame: The unique frame design allows you to switch between three linear stages. Making it possible to carry extra-large pieces, the frame can be extended in just one second. By its lower frame and its basket, you can store your smaller items. The frame can carry a total weight no more than 150 lbs. You can carry a couple of kids and a few suit cases besides.

Market Tote: The adjustable market tote is an included accessory that can carry 35 lbs. It has room for lots of your stuff.

Main Seat: The main seat of the stroller is very room with dimensions of 12.5” wide and 18” back of seat. The back of the seat to the canopy top measures 26”. The seat can be reclined for naps with its one-hand lever.

The seat’s adjustable and padded 5 point harness will keep your toddler in his seat. Its center release buckle can only be unlocked with two hands.

Sit-N-Stand Option: The stroller becomes a double stroller with this option when one child uses the rider platform. When the seat isn’t used, simply fold it.

Wheels: Adding to a smooth ride and maneuverability are the front swivel heels. They can also be locked for dealing with rougher terrain and are 7.5” in size. The rear wheels are larger at 10.5”. Some rough terrains can be handled by these wheels, but you should be aware of the fact that this stroller is not an all-terrain one. However, the wheels are an adequate size for long neighborhood walks, going to the park or running errands.

The ball bearings in all the wheels creating all-wheel suspension also add to the stroller’s maneuverability.

Brakes: Two brake pedals are position between the two back wheels making them easy to set.

Folding: This stroller is easier to fold than most even though it is big in size. You can fold it with or without the second seat. It also locks automatically in a standing or laid down position.

Basket: The Entourage’s storage basket is one of the biggest stroller baskets currently on the market. It is not only easy to access, but also capable of carrying 65 lbs.

Having 30 configurations, the Entourage stroller is one of the most versatile on the market today. It can carry two children, a market tote, two car seats, a reclining seat, a platform rider and gigantic cargo carriers. This stroller is rated with 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon.




Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller, Glacier

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is what is known as the train double stroller mode. The model is basically created by putting one stroller in front of the other. This type is much easier to maneuver than the side by side type.

This model type usually allows the child’s vision of the child sitting behind the child in the front to be limited. However, this is not the case with this Graco stroller. One child does sit behind the other, but this stroller’s stadium seating solves the problem. The child sitting in the back doesn’t just see his brother’s or sister’s head. He or she sees everything since the back seat has been lifted allowing the child in the back to see the world. He or she certainly won’t fuss.

Since this stroller is compatible with all the Graco car seats, you are able to lift the car seat with your child in it. You simply unlock the car seat and lock the seat with the child in it into the stroller. If your child is sleeping, this feature allows you to transfer the child into the stroller without disturbing him or her.

Stroller features:

• Stroller can hold two 40 lb. children.

• The Stroller can be folded and closed with only one hand leaving your other hand free for baby.

• Drop-down storage can be easily accessed. It, therefore, will not be necessary to disturb your sleeping, reclined child.

• Stroller has 2 multi-position reclining seats. Each seat has an individual, rotating canopy, tray and footrest.

• Front wheels have suspension and also lock and swivel providing outstanding maneuverability.

• Stroller has a tray for parents with two cup holders and storage.

• Stroller weighs only 29.5 pounds.

• The dimensions of the stroller are:

  • Length – 36”
  • Width – 20.5”
  • Height – 41”
  • Folded width – 20.5”
  • Folded height – 29.5”

This “Amazon’s Choice” stroller is a “Best Seller” and is rated with 4.3 stars out of 5 by 269 Amazon customers.




Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

If you use a LX Side x Side Stroller manufactured by Delta Children, travelling with two children can be easier than ever. This stroller will provide UV protection from the sun as well as weather elements such as rain or wind with its ultra large canopies. The canopies can also recline making your child comfortable, and the stroller can be easily folded to store. This stroller is also available in several colors.

Main Features

• This stroller easily fits through the standard 30” doorway.

• Each seat has a number of reclining positions allowing you to adjust the seat to the individual child’s needs.

• Weighing only 19 lbs. and being compact, this umbrella stroller can easily be stored when travelling.

• Each seat has a 5-point harness that soft has shoulder pads.

• The stroller has a parent cup holder and two big storage bags that hang.

• The front wheels are shock absorbing.

• This stroller exceeds or meets all ASTM standard, conforms to all CPSC standards that apply and is JPMA Certified.

The Delta Side x Side Stroller is rated with 4.4 stars out of 5 by 684 Amazon customers.




Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

This Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is designed to accommodate two children. Each child can sit or lie down in the stroller seats or be in a Flex Loc or other brand car seat. The stroller has a huge basket for storing and removable swing away child trays with holders for cups. A convenient feature of this stroller is its ability to be folded easily with only one hand. This is a standout feature that earns a spot in our best double stroller list.

Main Features:

• Each seat can recline to where the individual child is most comfortable.

• A Flex Loc Infant Car Seat can fit into either seat or both.

• A child can be placed directly in either stroller seat.

• Each stroller se t has a 5 point harness for safety.

• The stroller has a tray for a parent that also has a compartment.

• There is also a child’s standing platform on this stroller.

• The stroller’s parking brake is another safety feature.

• This stroller can accommodate your children from when they are infants only days old to a weight of 50 lbs.

• You can convert this stroller into a Sit N Stand by merely removing the rear seat.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller is rated with 4.2 stars out of 5 by 709 Amazon customers.




Graco Room for 2 Classic Connect and Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

The Graco Room for 2 Classic Connect and Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller is just perfect for two children of different ages. This stroller has two seats for children. Each seat can hold a child weighing up to 50 lbs.

The front seat of this stroller reclines to several different positions and can recline to a flat position that is perfect for infants at naptime. The rear seat is a padded bench seat suited to your older child. Your older child can also choose to stand on the stroller’s strong platform.

All Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect infant car seats are compatible with this double tandem stroller. The car seat easily and securely latches onto the top of the front seat.

Main Features:

• You can quickly and easily fold, store and lock this tandem stroller with one hand.

• When walking with this stroller over terrain that is uneven, you can easily maneuver it because its swiveling front wheels have built-in suspension. The wheels can also be locked creating greater stability.

• The stroller’s front seat has a 3 to 5 point harness which can adapt to your growing child. Its rear seat is padded and has a 3 point harness.

• When one of your children stands on the stroller’s platform, riding handles will provide stability for the child while you stroll.

• This stroller has a parent tray with two cup holders and space for your phone, keys or wallet.

• A child’s tray for cups, bottles and snacks is included in the front seat stand and ride stroller. You can pivot this tray out of the way in order to easily lift your child out of his or her seat.

• The stroller also has a big, sturdy storage basket able to hold all the essentials you need for both children.

• Both seat cushions can be machine-washed in a delicate cycle and cold water.

This #1 Amazon “Best Seller” is rated with 4.4 stars out of 5 by 324 Amazon customers.