Best Electric Scooters For Kids 2022

Purchase the best electric scooter for your child with this easy to follow buyers guide.

Electric scooters have become hugely popular over the last 18 months and is probably up there with the most premium gifts you could buy your child. It’s just one of those gifts that will make for a memorable birthday or Christmas present. Electric scooters are great fun and gives the child a sense of freedom and excitement that doesn’t come with a high risk of them breaking bones or injuring themselves.

The scooters are highly versatile when it comes to the terrain that you can ride them on. From flat roads and side walks to grass and gravel, electric scooters can be used pretty much anywhere and are the perfect toys for 8 to 14 year olds.

The choices out there for Kids’ electric scooters are vast, hence why I wrote this buyers guide. They’re available in many different sizes with many different colors and individual features. So when it comes to choosing one, research is paramount to buying the right scooter for your own child. There are just so many new designs and technology within the electric scooter market that I wanted to produce a guide that makes sense out of all the noise that’s out there on the internet when it comes to kids electric scooter reviews.

Below I have come up with the ten best electric scooters for kids, as well as a handy comparison chart so you can easily compare the spec with each of them. When constructing my list, I have taken into account a number of factors that include price, method of build, child safety, user ratings and lastly, performance of the best electric scooters available on Amazon.


Best Electric Scooters For Kids – Comparison Chart


Razor E200 Electric ScooterHigh-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle

UL Approved battery charger, and all the tools needed for assembly

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system

Hand operated front brake

8-inch pneumatic front tire

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UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter Cruzz C166Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Max load: 265 lbs

Max Range: 10 miles per charge

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Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road ScooterSpeeds up to 12 mph (19 kmh)

Off-road tires, disc brake and a new gear ratio for high-torque

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Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric ScooterThumb actuated throttle and integrated foot brake

80-watt chain driven motor

12-volt battery system provides up to 50 minutes ride time

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Razor E90The perfect transition scooter from kick to electric

Recharge time: Up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green. Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours

Up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time

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Hello Kitty Electric Scooter24 Volt Electric Motor

9 MPH Maximum Speed

Diamond Plate Grip Deck and Front Hand Brake

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Razor E125 Electric Scooter for KidsRecommended for ages 8 and older

Adjustable handlebar adapts to riders of all sizes

Requires a small manual kickoff to 3 mph before trigger engages motor

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Razor E325 Electric ScooterUltra-quiet chain-drive motor reaches up to 15 mph

Smooth-rolling 10-inch pneumatic tires

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Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter6-volt electric 3-wheel scooter with easy control push button start

16" x 9" deck and a 42-degree range of steering ensures safe maneuverability

One full 8-hour charge provides 40 minutes of riding fun

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Razor E200 Electric Scooter

There’s so many plus points with the Razor E200. Far too many to mention in just a short top ten post on the best electric scooters, but this one is certainly up there with the best on the market. It’s ideal for big kids, shall we say. If you’re 12/13 years and over then this electric scooter is right up your street. Its top speed is a very respectable 12 mph and its ideal for “green” commuting. Being electric it’s environmentally-friendly and is also very quiet, with it’s chain driven motor.

I was really impressed with this scooter for it’s sturdiness and quality of build as its built for longevity and continuous use. It comes with a full size deck, so even bigger kids (i.e me!) can comfortably ride it. The maximum weight of the rider is 100kg, so all you Dads out there will be happy with that stat!. The speed gives the rider of the E200 a thrilling ride, especially going down hill! Beware though, it is a high powered electric scooter, so not really suitable for under 12s.

If you are going to use it for long periods of time, then make sure you bring your charger with you as the Razor E200 offers at least 40 minutes of power on continuous use when fully charged. So if you are using it to go to work or for children, going to and from high school, then depending on how far you have to travel, you might be ok on a full charge to get back home again.

This scooter is a kick start and comes with both high torque and a chain driven motor. To accelerate is a twist-grip control and to break is hand operated rear braking system. Another thing that impressed me about the Razor E200 is the smoothness of ride which is due to the large pneumatic tyres that comes with the scooter. It’s easy to park up as well with its retractable kickstand. So no more resting it up against a wall, or throwing it down on the ground while you go into the shops to get the ice creams!

There is some assembly required, but nothing too difficult. You get all the equipment you need to fix it all together. When you do first get your Razor E200, make sure you give it a good 20 hours initial charge. Then after that you can just charge it up over night to be able to use it again in the morning.



Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Like the E200, the Razor E100 is oozing quality, cool and performance. It’s built to last, which is what you can expect from a market leading brand of electric scooters. It’s designed purely for young kids of 8 years and over and can take an absolute pounding as I found out when I tested it out on my 9 year old son. It’s an awesome combination of slick and fun design, robustness and exceptional performance. It can get up to with 10mph, which is just fast enough for 8 to 12 year olds. It has battery run time of around 40 minutes, but can vary depending on what surface your child is riding on.

Smoothness of ride is damn good! This is down to the extra wide pneumatic tyre, which make the scooter feel like you’re riding on ice (without the sliding effect). Along with a wide ergonomic riding deck, powerful yet quiet motor, variable speed and a top quality chain-driven motor, the Razor E100 is just an awesome piece of kit for your kids to ride on.

Like the E200, the Razor E100 is a kick start scooter. You will have to scoot around 2 to 3mph then twist the throttle to start the motor. This scooter will not start from a standing start. I will cover some electric scooters that do start from a standing start.

Other spec includes:

All steel frame & fork
Twist-grip acceleration control
Hand operated front brake
8” Pneumatic front tyre
Urethane rear wheel
Retractable kickstand
Maximum rider weight: 54 kg



UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter Cruzz C166

This electric scooter is a monster! Not suitable for children under 14, the UberScoot 1000w Cruzz C166 is everything you’d want in a high performance electric scooter. Probably one of the most advanced scooters in the range, the C166 is ideal for travelling to and from work or college and is super economical as it’s weight has been drastically reduced to just 38kg. But it still maintains it’s performance that’s inline with the other UberScoot scooters in the range. With a top speed of 38kmh or 20mph, it also comes with a compact folding system which allows the user to neatly fold it up when you get to your destination.

The Cruzz C166 also comes with a smooth riding 10″ inflatable front and rear tyres which makes the using the scooter extremely comfortable. Currently the scooter has a range of around 16km but if you want you can upgrade to the 48V lithiu, batteries to give you even more range of around 30km.

What else do you get with the Uberscoot Cruzz C166?

– You get a fully water resistant digital controller electronics with multi-function speedometer.
– You get mudguards, which comes in very handy in wet weather. No one wants to turn up at school or college with a wet bottom.
– Quick release seat installation and removal.
– One-touch folding lever. This is useful when you need to store the scooter after your ride.
– Road-legal front and rear lighting

This scooter has great performance both on and off road. Not ideal for young children, but for teenagers, its a blast! The ride time isn’t great but you can easily improve that buy upgrading the battery.


Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

Another electric scooter for slightly bigger kids (13 years and over) the RX200 is a versatile electric scooter that is designed for both the pavement/road and off-road terrain. If you live in rural areas then this scooter is made for that! Your kids will have no hassle riding in mud, forest, dirt track or gravel as the RX200 features off-road tires, disc brakes and a new gear ratio for high-torque trail riding. It’s a beast when you go off-road and the fun you can have on it is awesome.

Note that this scooter is unique in the sense that other models will NOT perform at all well off-road. This is mainly down to the tires and frames not being designed and built to withstand dirt and other off-road factors. If you want an electric scooter for off road riding, then the Razor RX200 pretty much is the best.

It has a rear sprocket drive chain with freewheel for coasting and can get up to speeds of around 12mph. The choice of colors are limited, as in it only comes in military green, but it looks pretty dope!



Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance is a well established electric scooter brand that started out in 2007. They specialize in the lower end of the electric scooter market and produce quality and affordable electric scooters. The GRT-11 one of their best kids scooter models and is probably the most ideal electric scooter for children under 8 years old as it’s light and performs really well. The Pulse GRT-11 can reach a top speed of 8 mph which is just right for the age group it is aimed at. The 12 volt battery system installed gives enough power to keep your little ones whizzing around for up to 1 hour.

The thing I’m impressed the most about this electric scooter is the quality of build, despite the price being at the cheap end of the kids scooter market. There’s not many manufacturers that can make a scooter as good as the GRT-11 and still keep costs down.

There’s two color options with the GRT-11, which very much caters for both girls and boys with a red and blue version. The frame is sturdy as you like, as I weigh 200 pounds and it didn’t bend or move at all with my weight. This is always a good sign of a robust scooter if it can withstand a grown man (although this is not for adults)

The one downside to this scooter is the fact that it doesn’t do too well in the wet. Stay away from puddles and mud as you will just kill the battery and the electronic components. Heavy rain is a no no, so make sure when your child is finished playing on it, to put it away in the dry.

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful, safe and robust kids electric scooter then the GRT-11 is probably the best choice.



Razor E90

Here’s the diddy version of the Razor E100. It’s been around for a good few years now and was one of the original models that was first released by Razor. It’s a lovely scooter for younger kids with a sturdy build quality that makes this product last and last. It’s so well built that it can easily be handed down from one child to the next.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a kids electric scooter then the Razor E90 is perfect.
It’s durable, robust and can take a good beating, like most kids toys do! It has many of the features of scooters that are much more expensive.

The E90 comes with a small 12V 80W battery, which is just enough to give your child the thrill of riding an electric scooter. Because the battery is small, this makes the scooter very lightweight, so it’s easy for your child to be able to move it around. It’s chain driven motor is powered by the 80W battery, which is able to move the scooter at a top speed of 9 miles per hour speed. This is the perfect speed for kids.


Hello Kitty Electric Scooter

Despite this electric scooter looking very girlie, lightweight and covered in Hello Kitty, it’s actually a damn good scooter! The Hello Kitty electric scooter for girls, is a perfect buy if you’re looking for a scooter for a 7 to 10 year old girl who just loves pink! The foot deck is made from pretty sturdy non-slip steel plate and has the Hello Kitty face printed on it, which is a must really for any girl who loves pink.

As features go, the Hello Kitty electric scooter is pretty awesome. It has a high torque 24 v motor, which you normally find on much more expensive scooters. You can get a pretty quick 9 mph speed out of it as well as a smooth riding 8 inch pneumatic tire at the front, with a puncture proof tire at the back.
It also has a front hand brake and when the battery dies, the fun doesn’t have to stop as you can use it like a normal scooter and whiz around by kick start.

If your child was to use this scooter continuously then they will probably get roughly 50 minutes of Hello Kitty scooter fun, or 8 miles before running out of battery charge.

So who is this scooter for? Well quite obvious really, but ideally a girl aged 7 to 12 who loves Hello Kitty and loves scooters! It’s a gloriously smooth ride ( I got my ten year old son to test it out. He wasn’t happy with the pink.) and perfect for park rides and going on short journeys.



Razor E125 Electric Scooter for Kids

Ideal for 7 to 12 year olds, the Razor E125 has slightly more spec and performance than the E100, which is the rede. What I really like about this model is that you can use it when the battery is flat.

The Razor E125 electric scooter is a redesigned version of the E100 that we’ve reviewed. It features adjustable handlebar height so it can support a variety of age groups and it comes in a different frame as well. The Razor E125 has a sleek design of black and silver for the base color and the graphics. The rest of the specifications are the same. They go the same speed. But let’s review everything so you can make an informed decision on if the E125 is really scooter you want to purchase.



Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Another quality electric scooter from Razor, the E325 is pretty impressive when you look at the spec, but in my honest opinion, it’s much the same as the Razor E300, which I reviewed earlier in this post. Ok, so the E325 is more expensive than the E300, but sometimes that doesn’t mean it’s better.

With a top speed of 15mph, the E325 certainly shifts! It’s also a good choice for kids over 14, even though it’s starting age group is 12+. The frame is sturdy with a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds, so there’s no issue there. The issue I have with the Razor E325 is that it’s more expensive than the E300 but doesn’t come with the foam seat. The E300 is cheaper and has exactly the same spec as the E323, so I just can’t see what extra I’m getting with this model.

Even though it’s the same as the E300 model, it’s still a beast of a scooter and if you do buy it, then you won’t be disappointed. Just one thing to mention, this model does not come with a variable speed control, despite what it says on it’s spec.



Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter

I thought I’d add something in for the 3 to 5 year old market, because electric scooters can be for ALL ages and it’s not all about speeding around and doing rad stunts.

Now, young children can get a bit of the electric scooter action and learn how to ride on an them with confidence and with their favorite characters printed all over it.

As I mentioned before, Pulse are great at producing scooters for young children and this model is no difference. It’s safe for the child to ride, so parents can relax a little. It’s specially designed with kids in mind as its safe, it has five safety features, specific dimensions to make them extremely stable, and technology that allows kids to ride, regardless of experience.

The Pulse Safe Start can go up to 1.75 mph and has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs.
The battery is pretty good as well with 40 Minutes ride time and 6 Volt system. Expect to get 300+ charge cycles on the battery with an 8 Hour charge time.


Things you MUST think about when it comes to buying an electric scooter for your child!!!

Being a parent is hard work at the best of times, which means most will not have the time to research major birthday or Christmas presents like an electric scooter properly. So in this part of the electric scooter buyers guide, I have created a quick list of the essential things that you MUST think about when you do go to buy your child his or her first electric scooter. for kids and what are the things which you should keep in mind while choosing the best scooter on-line:


The Safety Aspects Of  The Electric Scooter –
I’ve put this at the top of my list as it is so so important for the scooter that your child will be whizzing around on, is safe for purpose. Every parent will have their childrens’ safety at the fore front of their minds, and it has always been one of my main concerns whenever I let my kids go out on an electric scooter.  This is why it becomes essential that you take the time to research the safest scooter for your kids to ride on. By taking this extreme care of our children now, will hopefully prevent any serious incidents while riding these electric scooters. Check every aspect of the safety specifications of the scooter and make sure you buy the necessary safety gear, like a helmet, knee and elbow pads.
It will cost extra, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that if they do fall off, they will be suitably prepared for it.

Speed – Make sure you check how quick the scooter goes.

I’ve seen it so many times before when an over enthusiastic dad buys a scooter for their 7 year old that can go 15mph. This is just irresponsible and plain dumb. Get the right scooter for the age of your child and not for what you woould like. For the young kids aged 6 to 9, and new riders for that mater, it is recommended that the scooter should have a maximum speed of just 10mph. They really do not need to be that fast for your young child or new riders to have fun. This limit is recommended purely down to the fact that if they go any faster, they may be uncomfortable or fearful of the speed. Not only that, its dangerous for a new or young rider to ride with speed more than 10mph.

10 MPH sounds a bit too slow right? Actually 10mph can feel a lot fast when you are riding a scooter, as the scooter frame is light and you’re standing up, which will enhance the feel of speed and travel.

As your child get’s older and more experienced riding electric scooters, you can always upgrade to a scooter that has increased speed and power.


Throttle Start or Kick
On most new scooters, you will see a new feature called Throttle Start. This means that the motor on the scooter will start straight away when the throttle is applied from a standstill. The other option is the kick, where the parent or child will have to kick before the motor will start up. This option is much cheaper than the Throttle Start, but it’s harder to get going for the child, and isn’t that convenient for the parent who has to keep helping out to get the motor started again.
Minimum Age Requirements
Check the minimum age requirements on every scooter you look at as each electric scooter will have a minimum age requirement. This is an important safety specification and should be adhered to. It means that you’ll be able to correctly match a scooter to your child’s age. It’s extremely important to read so that you choose the ride which meets the age criteria for your kids. This is a great bit of buying data for parents, so they can use their own judgement to choose the right scooter for their children.


When it comes to determining the comfort of the scooter for your kids, then size and dimensions matter! You want your kids to have a smooth ride and to be confident and comfortable when out with their friends on their scooters. So check out the dimensions carefully. Make sure that you check out the deck & frame sizes and if the handles and seats are adjustable, so you can make the scooter fit them better.


Tires of the scooter
Tires are pretty damn important when it comes to choosing the best electric scooters for your child. Tires that are made of rubber and that are large will give a very smooth ride to the scooter. If you go for plastic / rigid ones then expect a bumpier ride. You might think that the plastic ones would last longer, but you’d be wrong. Rubber ones are always better. Ok, you might get a puncture now and again, but you can’t replace the performance and quality of ride on rubber tires.
Rubber tires will be more expensive than the polyurethane or plastic tires, but its well worth the extra money.


Other Parts & Equipment
Check what’s included with the scooter. With a lot of scooters online, they come with various bits of equipment such as adjustable seats, helmets, battery chargers, brakes & wires etc. Also check to see if you have to assemble it yourself and that the tools needed for assembly and the other accessories, is all included. There’s nothing worse than getting a scooter just before your kid’s birthday to find that you are missing a vital bit of equipment needed to get the scooter going. Understand what is included in your electric scooter purchase and what isn’t included to give you a better idea of the money to be spent on buying the scooter. You’ll also know what additional costs will be needed for buying the absolutely essential accessories along with it.


Brand of Scooter & Quality of Build
Go for a reliable brand. This way you can be certain of the overall quality of build and the materials used for major parts of the scooter such as the frame, seat, brakes and handles. Top brands will always offer decent warranty, such as brands like Razor.


Battery Life
Always go for a higher battery life, so that your child will be able to ride around on the scooter for longer. Also it’s really handy for long distance scooter rides. Battery charge for rechargeable batteries is really important for scooters, so make sure you research this specification in detail, so you don’t get stuck with a scooter that needs charging every 40 minutes.


Not all scooters are made equal. So bare this in mind when you come to choosing an electric scooter.
A decent scooter can range between $200 & $500. Obviously you can spend a fortune on the top of the range scooters, but for novice riders, go for a mid-range budget scooter. Kids scooters can go crazy high when it comes to costs, so make sure you look around for online discounts and deals during Black Friday weekend and Christmas time. There’s sure to be loads of special offer price on the ride of their choice.