Ten Best Electric Snow Shovels – 2022 Guide

A white blanket of snow is a beautiful sight until you begin the process of shovelling. Depending on where you live, this job can take literally hours to complete with a manual shovel. Some genius decided to alleviate man’s manual toiling with snow by inventing the electric snow shovel. Of the products available, the best electric snow shovels can be both time saving and safety conscious. You might also see them under the alias of a yard machine snow blower, but it’s essentially the same thing, only snow blowers are often a bit bigger and more demanding.


Is The Best Electric Snow Shovel Right For You?

An electric snow shovel is ideal for you if you have a large driveway, patios or decks to keep clear. The technology enables the machines to be lightweight and propel themselves with a paddle-like auger. These models work similar to a large push broom. You can select another electric snow shovel model that functions similar to mini snow blowers.

Electric snow shovels are only compatible with even, paved surfaces. Additionally, you should clear snowfall before the accumulation of four inches. This is because many electric snow shovels will not be able to clear anything at that level or higher. While snow blower yard machines can disperse snow accumulation effectively, you don’t want to put too much demand on it and have it fail when you need it most.


Important Factors to Consider

Power Usage: When purchasing a snow shovel, you should evaluate its power usage. A mere 16 Amps are sufficient to blow a fuse, so an electric snow shovel, in comparison to an electric yard machine snow blower, will protect you from this issue. It is best to get an electric snow shovel with 10 Amps to ensure high performance.

Intake Height: Another important feature is the intake height of the snow shovel. Intake height indicates the depth of snow that the shovel clears. An intake height of six inches will allow your electric shovel to pummel through any snow that falls if you are in an area with moderate snowfall.

Lower intake heights will result in more trips into the cold to clear snow when it could be accomplished in a single trip. Similarly, the clearing width will decrease the amount of time you spend shoveling.

Clearing Width & Power Drive System: This characteristic allows you to clear ground areas of the same size quicker. However, you do not want to get a shovel with a width that will be too wide for you to handle. Electric snow shovels obviously decrease your workload. Its power drive system plays a major factor in exactly how much the load is reduced.

Auger systems not only cast snow forward, but the apparatus helps propel the snow shovel forward as well. If you purchase a cheaper model electric snow shovel, it may not include the paddle-like auger, which means you must generate the force to keep the machine propelling forward.



Top Ten Best Electric Snow Shovels Reviewed


Compiled here, you will find the best electric snow shovels available. These shovels have price ranges to accommodate all budgets but still get the job done effectively. Read on to discover which electric snow shovel will save you time and trips into the cold this winter.


Greenworks Corded Snow Shovel

Weight: 26 lbs.

Pros: Clearing Width, Clearing Depth, Emission Free, Discharge Distance

Cons: Assembly Required, Screws May Fall Out

Greenworks electric snow shovel runs on a 10 Amp motor to ensure optimal performance. It clears snow-laden surfaces in no time with its 16 inch clearing width. The electric snow shovel’s profound six inch depth permits it to clear snow from all paved surfaces surrounding your home.

Additionally, the shovel features an impeller that clears snow concentrations of 600 pounds each minute. The shovel discharges the snow far away from your home with its 25 feet discharge distance. Greenworks designed the shovel to be effective and comfortable, too.

For this reason, the handle is adjustable to make maneuvering the simplest for you. Things are becoming increasingly eco-friendly, and Greenworks supplies a green machine that does not release carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

You will appreciate how the radial six inch wheels allow the shovel to pummel through accumulated snow. To enhance safety, Greenworks includes a cord lock to keep the extension cord in place. You have nothing to lose with this spectacular electric snow shovel since Greenworks supplies a four-year warranty for general home usage.



Snow Joe Plus 323E

Weight: 13.8 lbs

Pros: Maintenance Free, Lightweight, Safety Button

Cons: Better suited for right-handed users, Snow Blowback

The Snow Joe Plus is an excellent choice to execute snow clearing on your decks patios, sidewalks and steps. It is powered by a 10 Amp motor that discharges up to 400 pounds of snow each minute. The two-blade auger in the 323E has a clearing width of 13 inches and a depth of 6 inches.

You can adjust the handle to your preferred level for ease of use as you displace snow by a 20 feet distance with this electric snow shovel. A safety switch eliminates the possibility of the shovel powering on accidentally.

Although the clearing depth is six inches, you can use the shovel to remove greater accumulations with another pass. Snow Joe crafted their electric snow shovel to minimize bodily strain and fatigue so you can get the job done in comfort. The brand supports their fine product with a two year warranty.



Snow Joe iOn13ss

Weight: 12 lbs

Pros: Cordless, Lightweight, Emission Free

Cons: Limited throw distance (wet, heavy snow), Feels Heavy

The rechargeable iOn13ss is electrically powered by a 40 Volt lithium-ion battery. A lithium-ion battery removes the need for any cords that create a tripping a hazard. It is the perfect tool to clean snow from your steps, sidewalk, deck and patio.

Snow Joe’s electric snow shovel features a paddle auger that throws snow 25 feet away. Its cleaning width and depth are just as impressive at 13 inches and 6 inches respectively. A powerful brushless motor can discharge up to 300 pounds of snow each minute.

While you may be wary of a cordless snow shovel, Snow Joe’s electric snow shovel permits a continuous battery life of 52 minutes. Overmore, the lightweight shovel does not emit carbon.

It is quieter since the absence of brushes creates less vibration. This same features increases the life of your electric snow shovel, which already has a two year warranty.



Toro Power Shovel

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Pros: Rust-resistant, Curved Rotor, Easy Assembly

Cons: Small Wheels, Must press two buttons to activate

Toro’s powerful electric snow shovel has a seven-and-a-half Amp motor. The shovel’s design helps avert clogging due to a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing. Toro’s shovel performs to clear four inches of snow in only 20 minutes depending on the size of the area.

It has the capacity to discharge up to 300 pounds of snow each minute by a distance of 20 feet. The electric snow shovel has a cleaning width of 12 inches and depth of 6 inches for efficient cleaning. These shovels are rust-resistant and adjustable to your comfort.



Earthwise Snow Shovel

Weight: 11 lbs

Pros: Easy Storage, Lightweight, Clearing Capacity

Cons: N/A

Earthwise brings you their powerful electric snow shovel with a nine Amp motor, which permits the shovel to clear up to 300 pounds of snow each minute. This fantastic shovel clears paths that are 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

It discharges snow an impressive 25 feet. Plus, its small size makes storage as simple as it is to use. The shovel features a dual-blade curved rotor for enhanced efficiency.




Earthwise Corded Electric Snow Shovel

Weight: 16 lbs

Pros: Vane, Clearing Depth, Clearing Width

Cons: N/A

Earthwise offers this more powerful 12 Amp electric snow shovel if you want an extra boost. It is the ideal shovel for cleaning all paved surfaces on your property. It has a substantial 16 inch clearing width and 8 inch depth.

The motor of this electric snow shovel can be started with the simple push of a button. Earthwise crafted this electric snow shovel to be lightweight for easy propelling on its six inch wheels.

The best part about this shovel has to be the three-position vane. It permits you to discharge snow 30 feet away in the direction you choose.



Snow Joe 324E Electric Shovel

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Pros: LED light, Ergonomic Design, Auger

Cons: Works best on fresh snow

Snow Joe’s 324E houses a 10 Amp motor to throw up to 300 pounds of snow each minute. The shovel also has a paddle auger that clears paths 11 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

Snow Joe incorporates an ergonomic design that permits you to adjust the shovel handle, which decreases strain. Furthermore, a two Watt LED light makes the shovel great for use at night or during the day. Pull it out at the time that is most convenient for you.



Snapper XD Cordless Snow Shovel

Weight: 19.7 lbs

Pros: Less Maintenance, Cordless, Cleaning Width

Cons: N/A

A mighty 82 Volt lithium battery lets this shovel run up to 45 consecutive minutes. It clears snow up to a depth of four inches and width of 12 inches. This electric shovel is easy to start with the simple push of a button.

Snapper created the XD cordless shovel to be durable and balanced for simple maneuvering. This is why the manufacturers placed the motor weight primarily at the bottom of the unit. This powerful shovel will displace snow by a distance of 20 feet.



Greenworks Pro Cordless Snow Shovel

Weight: 15 lbs

Pros: Cordless, Clearing Width, Charge Duration

Cons: Assembly Required, Feels Heavy

Take the elbow grease out of clearing snow with the Greenworks cordless shovel. The shovel can penetrate and clear snow with a depth up to 6 inches, while it has a remarkable 12 inch clearing width.

This shovel charges in a short span of 30 minutes so you can clear any accumulated snow. The inclusion of a lithium battery power source eliminates pesky cords that get in the way as you work. You are sure to clear your surfaces quicker than ever with this electric snow shovel.



Earthwise 14 inch Electric Snow Shovel

Weight: 18.65 lbs

Pros: Vane, Cleaning Depth/Width

Cons: N/A

Six inch wheel on this Earthwise electric shovel permit easier clearing of snow. The fantastic shovel has clearing capacity of up to 430 pounds each minute. In addition, the shovel boasts a 14 inch clearing width and 8 inch depth.

The snow shovel is powered by a 12 Amp motor and is American-made. You will have the ability to direct snow discharge up to 30 feet away in three directions with the shovel’s vane. Earthwise insures your purchase with a limited two year warranty.




From the best electric snow shovels presented here, you will discover the perfect tool to speed up your snow clearing sessions. The majority of the products are backed by a warranty, which demonstrates the caliber of the products.

Evaluate your home space to see which clearing depths, widths and power supplies will work best in your unique situation. Imagine cutting the task down from hours to less than an hour. Try one of the best electric snow shovels today. You will not regret it.