10 Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Boys – 2019 Guide

Buying gifts for a ten-year-old boy can seem overwhelming. By this age, boys begin to differentiate in their interests and are on the verge of outgrowing what many traditionally think of when they think of toys. While many are still into action figures and toy cars, there are plenty that are making the jump over to video games and sports. As such, buying toys for boys at this age can be incredibly difficult if you don’t already know the young man’s personality. Fortunately, understanding a bit about the developmental process can clue any would-be gift-giver into the psychology involved in buying a ten-year-old a gift.


A Quick Guide to Buying Gifts for a Ten-Year-Old Boy

This age represents a very broad range of personalities and likes, with some boys very much still acting like younger children and others on the verge of puberty. Fortunately, there are a few ideas you can keep in mind when considering this age group. You may wish to:

  • Look at toys with social elements
  • Find toys and games that allow the child to be competitive
  • Seek out toys that allow the boy to build, craft, and assemble with some degree of freedom
  • Pick toys that allow him to expend energy and remain physically active
  • Be sure that the toys aren’t considered too “babyish” – social status starts to matter at this age!
  • Buy items that help him participate in – or imitate – the actions that will be more important as he ages.
  • Reviews of the 10 Best Gifts and Toys for Ten-Year-Old Boys


Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Drawing is a common hobby for boys around the age of ten, but many of the their typical creative outlets start to be cut off by age and by peer pressure. As most boys won’t be happy to be caught with a coloring book, those among them who favor artistic pursuits will tend to gravitate towards more “grown up” drawing tools. This tracing pad from Crayola is the perfect stepping stone for boys who love to draw, coupling a design that’s still child-friendly with the kinds of tools they’ll enjoy using when they get older. This is precisely the type of toy that works well as a bridge between childhood scribbling and the artwork of a young adult.

This is a great tool for helping boys who are learning how to draw. The light-up pad makes tracing easy, but it’s still very possible to use even without the tracing element. It’s not a particularly complex product, but it is great for building up confidence. Consider this one if you’ve got a boy in your life who’s of an artistic bent but who might still benefit from a little bit of hand-holding when it comes to building up his skills.



Toy Truck Car carrier

Cars are still a very big deal for this age group. Not only is playing with cars still simple and fun, but it helps boys look forward to the not-too-distant future in which they will be driving themselves. While many boys are still playing with cars on play mats, an increasingly large percentage of this age group is looking to be a bit more organized and to add a bit more realism to their play. That’s where this toy carrier comes in, allowing them a chance to reproduce something they may have already seen on the road.

The carrier is also beneficial for those boys who are starting to learn the benefits of getting organized. It works as a place for them to put their cars when they aren’t playing, ensuring they won’t lose cherished toys and that they’ll have an easier time cleaning up their rooms. While this toy definitely speaks to those who are a bit less mature than some of their peers, it’s nonetheless something that almost any boy will enjoy playing with – even if he won’t admit it to his older friends.



Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target

Nerf guns remain an incredibly popular toy among boys. Recent years have seen the line become both more specialized and more elaborate with their products, really helping them to sell their lines as something more than “just” toys to their target audience. Boys traditionally enjoy the process of being able to safely shoot at their friends, and Nerf’s line of play weapons have traditionally been safe enough to allow children to live out their fantasies. These guns can become a huge part of the neighborhood pecking order, with those children who are best equipped gaining a fair amount of social prestige.

This particular set really works well for those boys with a competitive streak. It works with any Nerf product, so the boys in the neighborhood can get together and compete for the best score. While it’s not terribly complex, it does make for an interesting game. This is a good social gift for those boys who already enjoy Nerf products as well as for those who like to play competitively with others in the neighborhood. It’s also a decent product for developing better hand-eye coordination, which can be useful for those young men who are transitioning into playing school sports.



K’NEX 35 Model Building Set

By the age of ten, many boys are finally starting to develop the patience needed for undertaking longer-term, complex projects on their own. They’ve certainly graduated away from the simplest toys out there and are starting to look for ways to express themselves through building. This particular K’NEX set is a good choice for creative young men because it gives them a chance to stretch their creative muscles through the building of one of thirty-five different models. If you’re looking to buy for a boy who likes to put things together, this is one of the best gifts that you’ll find.

This particular building kit is good for this age group because it does require a bit more precision and attention to detail than LEGO products. It may not have the same cultural cache, but it’s fantastic for building up a boy’s ability to work independently. It may be a little complex for some of the less mature boys in this age range, but it does help to build up confidence and allows most to really see how hard work pays off. Consider this for all the young builders out there who are ready to step up their building game.



LEGO Creator Shuttle Explorer

LEGO is an interesting concept for boys at this age. On one hand, it’s a building toy that really allows them to express themselves. There are building kits for virtually every bit of pop culture that boys of this age enjoy, with dozens of other product lines that spark the imagination. At the same time, though, this is an age at which boys are also starting to want to build things that are more realistic – while they’re happy to build the latest Avengers superhero, they also want something that represents their own desires.

The Creator Shuttle set is a great mid-point between a fun toy and a realistic model. It still provides the easy building and infinite possibilities of a good LEGO set, but it’s also very much a model of something from the real world. This is something a boy can display on his desk after he’s built it, even if he never plays with it again. The great thing about the kit is that it works well for those boys who just want a fun toy, as well – it’s relatively easy to build and take apart, giving recipients hours of fun.



Circuit Kit with Lighted Bricks

STEAM classes are all the rage right now, and most really speak to the sense of wonder and discovery present in most young boys. At the age of ten, many boys are becoming incredibly interested in how things work – but the more complicated projects out there are still a little beyond them. These boys need something to teach them the basics of how things work so they can take the next step towards the future. That’s where a toy like this Circuit Kit comes in, easily teaching boys the basics of how circuits work.

This kit’s light-up bricks are the real selling point, as they help to highlight the flow of electricity. Complete with a working motor and a manual full of products, this kit will help any budding young engineer get down the basics of electrical engineering. As a bonus, the bricks are actually compatible with LEGO systems, which will allow your boys to really expand their building potential. Consider this gift for any boy who is curious about how mechanical objects work and who is starting to look for something a bit more complex to build than the average model kit.



SGILE Remote Control Car

Much as they hate to admit it, ten-year-old boys are still a very long way from being able to drive on their own. Even with that said, though, there are plenty of toys that allow them the chance to experience a bit of that freedom. One of the best is the remote control car from SGILE, which features not only a rechargeable battery but also the ability to drive the car up walls – something that might not be appreciated quite as much by cleaning-conscious parents, but that is usually loved by boys of all ages.

This car may not be the fanciest out there, but it is among the most robust. It’s full of cool-looking LEDs and does tricks with a few quick button presses, allowing the owner to become a master of the car in just a few minutes. The SGILE Remote Control Car is great gift for boys who are car-crazy or who already love playing around with RC cars. It’s a good fit for those who aren’t totally concerned with realism, but even those who want to drive around in real cars will find themselves having fun with this toy car.



Capture the Flag REDUX

Ten is an age that’s perfect for fun, healthy competition. It’s the age at which boys are apt to turn anything from eating lunch to walking down the street into a game, so finding outdoor games that actually channel those desires into something productive can be nice. Capture the Flag REDUX takes a very simple concept and lights it up, making it look far more advanced than it really is. It’s the same game that most adults have played a million times in their lives, adapted for children who might want a little more flash to go with the substance of the game.

This game is a great choice for boys who love to play outside with their friends. It’s better if there’s more space to play, but it can be adapted for being played indoors. Consider this is your boy already loves to play games like tag but is looking for ways to add rules and scoring to games of imagination.



ThinkFun Laser Maze

Lasers have a special appeal to young boys. While they’re certainly popular among the science-friendly crowd, even those who shy away from the topic at school will quickly admit that lasers are just cool. This toy is perfect for boys on either side of that divide, taking something that almost everyone can admit is fun to play around with an sneaking in a few lessons about optics along the way.

These class one lasers are harmless, but building a maze can help young men to learn a few quick lessons about optics and basic electrical engineering. The lessons are masked in the game, though, so it’s not a toy that immediately stands out as educational. Consider this for young men who love lasers or who enjoy a bit of learning – at least, as long as they don’t have to admit that’s what they’re doing.



Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

The vast majority of zombie-related media is a little too gory and intense for the average ten-year-old boy, but this age group absolutely loves zombies anyway. That’s probably why Nerf has made their line of gore-and-guts free Zombie blasters, allowing young men the chance to play out their fantasies without having to deal with any of the scarier parts of the zombie apocalypse.

The Doominator Blaster is a great choice for this age because everything about it screams “cool”. It’s oversized, with a post-apocalyptic paint job and all kinds of decorative touches. It also fires a nigh-on ridiculous number of darts very quickly, even if it isn’t particular accurate. This is one of those toys that every boy in the neighborhood will want to get his hands on, and is thus perfect for many afternoons of fighting off imaginary zombies.



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