10 Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys – 2022 Guide

Twelve years old is an integral age: not quite a teenager, but certainly no longer a child! (Or at least, so your child will tell you.) Trying to find the best toys and gifts for 12 year old boys can be a struggle, especially as his tastes and interests go through this age of flux.

Just remember: your child is still going through a developmental stage and will still require a certain degree of discipline and learning to fully form his growing brain. Choosing a gift that can cater to this need is the perfect choice, and this short guide will give you an idea of how to choose that perfect gift.


Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys Mini Guide

12 Year Old Mental Development

Let us take a look at what your twelve year old’s brain is doing at this integral age. For boys, in particular, there are certain considerations that should be kept in mind when deciding what the best gift or toy is to get for your child.

Learning Styles

Every person has their own, unique learning style that, whether they know it or not, enables them to better understand and retain information. The three primary learning styles are audio, visual, and kinesthetic. While each individual may blend parts of these three styles, all of us tend to lean more toward one than the others.

You should start to see signs of your child’s specific learning style at a young age. Toddlers will show signs of either listening, talking, watching, or touching more and more when it comes to trying to understand their world. Granted, most children will enjoy a part of each of these methods of learning, but as they continue to grow and learn, you will notice that they start to depend on one over the others.

When deciding what toy to get for a twelve year old boy, you should make sure that you understand his learning style and then search for toys that will complement that style.

Eleven Through Fourteen years Old

This guide will focus primarily on twelve year old boys, however, this age group falls under the larger umbrella of preteens to early teens in terms of mental development. In this group, you will likely notice that your child is growing even more independent and perhaps more emotional. This can severely impact the way that he reacts to different situations, and can vacillate between periods of maturity and immaturity.

For many children at this age, hormones are raging and their emotional minds can get easily confused, excited, or saddened depending on the situation. They can be extremely self-conscious and anxious just as easily as they can be hyper and happy. Most important, your child is reaching that age where he feels his opinions should be listened to and respected, whether or not they are right.

Familial support is a necessary component of this stage of growth. Try to be patient as your child learns just what it means to grow up, and watch as he begins testing new things and wondering about the world at large in a new way.

Play Styles

Once a child reaches eight, his play style will begin to develop along more physically active lines. In the modern age, boys will also tend to start turning toward video games and other technologically relevant toys. They want a challenge, and they want to feel as if they are in control of something.

Additionally, boys might enjoy working on projects that take more time and focus, such as a model or construction project. For some, this desire can be channeled into different forms of “adult” work, such as gardening or other such chores. Trying to focus your child’s interests in a productive way can help him develop more fully.

10 Best Gift Ideas and Toys for 12 Year Old Boys Reviews

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Load up and get going with this Nerf 6-shot foam dart gun. Your child will stand at the top of the league with his friends with this fast firing dart fun that fits easily in the palm of the hand. Each foam dart can be fired up to 75 feet with an incredible degree of accuracy.

The dart gun measures 7 x 12.8 x 2.8 inches and weighs a mere 1.2 pounds. This toy is completely hand powered and does not require additional batteries. This toy puts the power of the shot in the palm of your child’s hand and will provide hours of playtime.




LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Dinosaur Toy

Pique your child’s creative muscles and get them this LEGO Creator set that will walk them through the steps of crafting their very own 3 in 1 T-Rex. The T-Rex includes posable joints and a mouth with pointed teeth that can be opened and closed. This LEGO set can also be crafted into a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl so your child can have hours of building fun.

When fully built, the T-Rex stands at 4 inches tall, the Triceratops at 3 inches, and the Pterodactyl at 1 inch tall, 7 inches long, and nine inches wide. Each dinosaur is perfect for building and then playing, before tearing the dinosaur down to build up once more into something new. This toy is sure to inspire your young construction aficionado and promote healthy play.




Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

Let your child experience the beauty and complexity of growing his own mini realm of nature. Every terrarium kit gives your child the freedom to create a truly unique mini garden with the included materials. As his plants start to grow, he can watch and learn how his mini ecosystem works.

Each terrarium takes between 3 and 4 days to fully grow, and measures 10.5 x 3 x 12 inches. The terrarium kits comes with the following components:

  • Plastic Mason Jar
  • Decorative Lid
  • Potting Mix
  • Organic Chia and Wheat Grass Seeds
  • Garden Figurines
  • Decorative Sand and River Stones
  • Glow in the Dark Stickers
  • Plant Mister




Betheaces Flying Ball, RC Flying Toy, Infrared Induction Helicopter Drone with Colorful Shining LED Light and Remote Control for Kids

This induction ball drone toy will fascinate your child and let him control the flight of this colorful, shining toy with the included remote controller. The ball shaped drone includes safety measures that will halt the propellers’ spin when the toy is prepping for flight as well as a collision protection protocol that will prevent the drone from crashing.

This is the perfect mini drone toy for your child to start learning the wonders of robotics and flight on. The drone itself measures 7.5 x 6.4 x 2.2 inches and is extremely lightweight. Each kit comes with the Flying Ball Toy, a drop shaped remote controller, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual.




Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

Go old school with this classic word game and help stimulate your child’s mind. Scrabble is the ultimate in word-building games and can help your child learn how to puzzle through the ultimate word scramble laid out before him. This board game will also inspire your child’s sense of competition as he tries to collect the most points and win the game.

Each Scrabble kit comes with one 14 x 15.5 inch gameboard, 100 letter tiles, 4 tile racks, a drawstring bag for the letters when they are not in use, and a game guide to get you started.




SmartLab Toys Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab

This science kit will allow your child to safely experience and experiment with the power of electronic circuits. Your young engineer in training can test his new electronic circuit board and learn more about just what makes technology tick. The kit includes up to 50 different possible builds with instructions that your child can follow to create amazing electronic micro-processing models.

Each Smart Circuits kit comes with the following:

  • Microprocessor module
  • Tricolor LED module
  • Speaker module
  • Photodiode module
  • Tilt Switch module
  • 6-LED Array Module
  • 2 Push Button modules
  • Variable Resistor module
  • Battery module
  • 6 Base Boards
  • 31 Jumper Wires
  • 48 Page Instruction Book




National Geographic – Break Open 10 Geodes

This science kit from the professionals at National Geographic gives your child ten different geodes that he can break open to discover the beautiful, fascinating crystal world held within. The geodes range in size from as small as a ping pong ball to as large as a tennis ball, and will be unique breaks every time.

The kit also comes with a 16 page full-color guide that will teach your child about the different crystals within each geode and why such variety exists. Inspire a young geologist and let your child delve into the mysteries of our Earth’s rocky heart.




Gloween Air Power Soccer Disc Hover Ball Toy for Kids with Powerful LED Light and Foam Bumpers for Indoor Games

Get your child out and moving with this LED hover disc with built in pneumatic suspension technology that will keep the “ball” afloat in the air as your child kicks or throws the toy around. The LED light changes colors while in use and is made of non-toxic plastics and foams that prevent it from damaging your walls or furniture if the hover ball is used indoors.

The hover disc measures 7.1 x 7.1 x 2.2 inches and is perfect for both children and pets. The hover disc requires 4 AAA batteries to operate, which do not come with the toy.




Mylec Deluxe Folding Hockey Goal Set

With two 43 inch hockey sticks, a no-bounce hockey ball, and a highly portable goal, your child can take this hockey set with him anywhere. Get your child up and running with this competitive sports’ kit that will teach him how to play hockey while, at the same time, keeping him and his friends entertained and active for hours.

The PVC pipe goal requires some assembly, but it is quick and easy and can be folded for convenient storage when not in use. The goal itself measures 18 x 48 x 37 inches and the straight blade sticks are perfect for both right and left handed individuals.




Distianert 1:16 RC Car 4WD High Speed Off Road Remote Control Car 15km/h 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled Monster Truck Buggy Racing Toy with LED Night Vision

The ultimate in remote controlled cars, this Monster Truck off road RC car is the perfect gift for your child who enjoys the power of a handheld driving unit. The included 3.7V battery allows for hours of fun, and the high quality and durable construction of the truck itself will help it last longer and stronger.

This RC car’s internal 4WD suspension system makes it perfect for tackling rocky terrain or big hills, so you and your child can even take it camping or on long road trips for maximum fun. The car can also reach speeds of up to 45 km/h and measures 13 x 11 x 6 inches.






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