10 Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls – 2022 Guide

Your 12-year-old girl is on the verge of becoming a teenager. She’s asserting her independence, and she’s a little more thoughtful about what she chooses and who she chooses to hang out with. A gift for her might be intimidating because she’s leaving the world of toys behind, but you don’t have to panic. As long as you keep her creativity and unique personality in mind, you’ll be able to get a gift that she’ll love to have. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite best toys and gifts for 12 year old girls. We’ve also answered some questions you might have about what’s going on in her world now. Let’s take a look.


10 Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

She’s probably concerned with her identity now. She can get into her creative side with this nail design kit. It gives her everything she needs to create fantastic nail designs.

It comes with six nail polish colors, a custom dotting tool, stencils, and a 60-page instruction book. She can recreate the designs in the books, or she can branch off on her own to create the art. It teaches her focus and allows her to express her unique personality. It’s perfect to use with her friends during a slumber party or to bond with mom during a mom and daughter weekend.

The polishes are quality and not like the toy polishes of her younger years. It’s a more grown-up version of the toy kits she’s likely gotten before and there’s enough to keep her busy for a long time creating and showing off her newfound skills.




Nabi Karaoke

She might have had a play karaoke machine in her early childhood, but this is no child’s toy. It’s a sleek Bluetooth karaoke machine that fits into the decor of her increasingly grown-up room. It’s a blue tooth speaker with a microphone that allows her to stream her favorite music and sing.

This speaker isn’t a toy and won’t feel like one. It’s an excellent way to help her practice her confidence and unleash her inner creativity. She can put together playlists and put on performances for friends and family or just in the privacy of her room.

It pairs easily with any Bluetooth enabled device. There’s an easy to use interface, and while it comes with a microphone, there are actually two microphone inputs. It also comes with a power cable, a y adapter, and a 3.5mm audio cable.

She can personalize it with accessories like wraps and stands which are sold separately.




LANGRIA Mermaid Blanket Glittering Flannel Mermaid Tail Blankets

Mermaids are awesome; there’s no doubt about it. While she’s in her room listening to music or reading, help her get comfortable with this mermaid tail blanket. It’s a shimmery, magical blanket that turns her legs into a mermaid.

It’s made of soft, hypoallergenic material that’s durable. The scales create a realistic scale effect. The polyester microfiber is easy to clean.

The blanket will fit a variety of heights. The end is sealed, so her feet never come uncovered. It’s machine washable on cold water, and you can dry on low. It’s thick enough to keep her warm, but not so think that it can’t be easily folded and put away.




Harry Potter Book Set

Her reading skills have taken off and its time for her to tackle one of the greatest literature series in history. Harry Potter has captivated readers and audiences for years, so give her a beautiful set of the books all her own.

The books start off with Young Adult reading, but as she progresses through the series, the text is progressively more complex. It gives her a chance to practice her reading skills with a set of characters she’ll soon grow to love. It gives her an opportunity to use her imagination, practice focus, and build empathy through literature.

The set comes in a beautiful box to keep them all together, and each one features the classic cover art of the original book covers.

If you want to really bring the Harry Potter universe to life, you could also check out these awesome Harry Potter Lego sets. There are sets from the original series and books, and some from the newer Fantastic Beasts series. Worth checking out.




Little Bits Base Kit Rule Your Room

STEM skills are a vital part of her learning, and she can use those engineering skills to build the ultimate room defender arsenal. The Little Bits base kit comes with all the tools she’ll need to take things around the house and turn them into something cool to keep out little brother or sister.

She can build things like a room alarm, a top-secret safe, and a nightlight. It comes with directions to create eight different inventions and inspiration for hundreds more. She can use anything she finds around the house to add to her pieces and come up with amazing innovations all on her own.

It comes with a toolbox to store all the components when she isn’t using them. The company has won awards for introducing girls to the fascinating universe of engineering, and the room defender encourages her to practice those 21st-century skills without feeling like school.




Ripstik Brights Caster Board

Ripstik too the principles of a snowboard and put it onto something your 12-year-old can use without snow. The Ripstik is an innovatively designed board that isn’t quite a skateboard or a snowboard. It uses a unique twisting motion to move instead of pushing.

The board is made from durable, nonslip materials in bright colors. The urethane wheels rotate 360 degrees and glide smoothly across a variety of surfaces. She can practice outside while everyone is playing and once she masters the basic movements, she can learn some neat tricks to wow her friends.

Physical activity is still significant and she’s probably into things that aren’t like everyone else. The Ripstik is a unique way to get all her energy out without looking just like everyone else on her block.

Be sure to invest in a good set of pads and a helmet for safety.




Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal isn’t just a journal. It’s a call to unleash full, out of the box creativity. This full-color edition is full of directions to shred, cut, color, graffiti, alter the otherwise plain pages of the book into something entirely her own.

It’s important to allow her to express her creativity fully. She’s at an age where she wants to go out on her own. While she can’t leave mom and dad just yet, she can experiment with projects that allow her to express her individuality fully.

It gets her reading and thinking critically. It helps her develop her personality and uncover who she is inside. She can use all of her skills to create something that no one else in the world has.




CozyPhones Kids Headphones

What do you get when you combine a unicorn with headphones? The cutest, most comfortable headband headphones ever. This fleece headband has an adorable unicorn on the front, and hidden inside is a set of removable speakers.

If she still has trouble with earbuds, but can’t stand the bulk of over the ear headphones, this might be the perfect compromise.

The speakers are volume controlled so she can’t hurt her delicate eardrums. The headband itself is washable once the speakers are removed. The cord is a durable braided cord that won’t twist or kink up.

They stay in place even in the car where kids might fall asleep. It gives her the freedom to choose her own music or movies, and hear her games even when other things are going on. It gives her an essential sense of privacy and control while protecting her ears.




Science Academy Lip Balm

Mindwares created this science kit to teach girls skills in chemistry through something they likely know a lot about, lipgloss. The kit comes with everything they need to make their own lip gloss and run tests for how to make it better.

They can experiment with formulas, color, and shimmer. The guidebook provides detailed instructions for both manufacturing and storing the gloss safely. Once everything is finished, there’s a component they can use to test their products on friends and family while recording the results.

The kit comes with the lab station, baby oil, fruity flavors, shimmer additives, berry wax beads, and sunscreen. It also has all the proper tools for measuring and mixing including the compact for storage, spoons, and beakers.

Science is a valuable skill. She can use her creativity and her knowledge of chemistry to create lip gloss combinations that she’ll love. It’s an excellent way to bring the principles of science into real life.




Boolean Box – a Build-It-Yourself Computer Kit for Girls

The Boolean Box is a computer in a box. It’s a self-contained computer engineering system that teaches kids how to build a machine, the components that go into an operating system, and the coding required to do all the cool things once they’ve made it.

It was designed by Boolean Girl after input from hundreds of girls that came through the program. It’s designed for any HDMI capable television and made for kids eight and older to work through on their own.

Once the system is in place, girls can build hundreds of projects through free admission to Boolean University.

STEM skills are critical 21st-century skills. She can get her hands right into the world of technology with her chance to put together her own computer. It builds long-term focus and confidence to thrive in the tech-enabled world.





Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls Buyer’s Guide

A lot is going on right now. One day she might seem just as responsible as an adult. The next day she’s your silly little girl. She has so much change happening in her body and her emotions that it might be hard to keep up.

When you’re choosing gifts for her, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Sense of Individuality

She’s discovering who she is if she isn’t a child. She’s almost a teenager and rapidly leaving her childhood years behind. Giving her the gifts that let her express who she is as a person are a great idea.

They can be journals that help her explore her emotions, kits that help her build on her creative self-expression or things that let her express herself to the world. Whatever it is, she may or may not choose to share it with you, and you should be respectful of her space.


She’s ready for longer projects and things that take up a lot of her patience. She can practice that focus on chapter books and series, or building her own electronics like computers or room security systems.

Her brain can handle multiple step directions (maybe even pages long), and she’s ready for the challenge.

Physical Activity

It’s more important than ever to make sure she’s given an outlet for her energy and support for her health. If she establishes good habits now, she’s likely to live a healthier life.

Toys that let her practice those fine motor skills, and give her a chance to challenge herself and her friends are going to be the best kind. She can get out and create challenges to keep her interest and give her confidence.



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