10 Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Girls – 2022 Guide

Even though it usually starts off fun, finding the right gift for a child can quickly become stressful. There are literally thousands of options to sort through, which is inconvenient when most people are already busy enough. It’s also important to make sure that you select a toy or game that is age-appropriate. Not only can certain toys lose their appeal for children depending on their ages, but toys with small parts or batteries can actually be dangerous for very small children. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the best gifts and toys for 4 year old girls, look no further!


Things to Consider When Buying The Best Toys For 4 Year Old Girls

• Between the ages of four and five, there is a huge explosion in learning ability. This means that now is the time to introduce children to math and verbal skills. Interactive educational toys are perfect for this, like mini computers and phonics boards.

• Look for STEM toys and educational toys that offer praise for correct answers or good work. Set these good habits early and the child will be an eager learner.

• Girls of this age are able to fantasize and role play about what they’ll be like as adults, imagining themselves as doctors, pilots, chefs, and more. Games and dress up clothes that facilitate this pretend play and imaginative play are a fantastic choice for a great gift.

• Keep in mind that girls this age are still learning to read. Choose board games that don’t require you to read a long set of instructions to understand. This will keep them interested during playtime.

• 4-year-old girls love to ask “why” and “how.” They are interested in the world around them and how everything works. Toys and gift ideas that help them explore or answer their curiosities in a fun way are a good choice.

• This is an incredibly active stage for children. They love hopping, running, jumping, and climbing. Games and toys that allow them to release some of this extra energy will be huge hits. Early level bikes and scooters, are a good choice, but pogo can teach your little one a bit of balance first in a relatively safe way.

• Shop for toys and games for playtime that encourage creativity and individuality. At this age, girls are very interested in arts and crafts and want to use these activities as ways to make things that are “different” and express their personalities.


Swag Recommends


Barbie Dreamhouse

There is no playhouse like the Barbie Dreamhouse. It has been a signature toy for generations. It may have evolved somewhat since the 1960’s, but your little princess will love the modern Dreamhouse just as much as her Grandma enjoyed hers. The new Barbie Dreamhouse is full of detail. High quality molded plastic makes up the majority of the structure and it comes with an abundant 70 piece set of accessories. A really nice touch to this playhouse, is that some of the rooms and appliances have LED light and sound effects. In the kitchen for example, the frying pan will sizzle when placed on the stove, and the oven will light up when the door is opened.

There are lots of clever and cool features built into the walls of the Dreamhouse that encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and pretend play. It does require 4 AAA batteries for the cool sound and light effects. It’s also pretty big, at 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, with 8 rooms over 3 stories. Many of the features in these rooms reflect modern living, including smart tech. It’s a great toy, a show stopper and the one gift that will give longevity like no other.



  • Interactive dollhouse with 8 rooms over 3 stories
  • 70 piece set of accessories including interactive sound and lighting effects.
  • Includes water slide, elevator and garage door
  • Built-in smartphone holder television
  • Works with all Barbies (sold separately)


  • Doesn’t fold away



10 Best Gifts and Toys for 4 Year Old Girls Reviewed

Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

This toy is a fantastic gift for a four-year for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, girls of this age are very interested in thinking about themselves as adults and what sort of career they will have. This toy allows them to see what it’s like to be a scientist, while also developing fine motor skills and learning about science. In addition to the 24 tools, this kit provides a detailed parent guidebook with instructions for experiments you can do with your little one.

Children can also use the safe, plastic tools for imaginative play when playing alone or integrate them into dress up play in a group setting. Let them show off their discoveries and experiments for the whole family!

Science experiments like the ones provided in this kit stimulate the natural curiosity of four year olds, setting them up for future interest in STEM subjects – extra important for girls. Children will enjoy using tools like pipettes, funnels, and measuring spoons in a safe environment. The large, durable storage case also makes cleaning up and transport a breeze.


FunsLane Chef Set for Kids

This great gift idea combines two of the things that four year olds enjoy the most – dressing up and imaginative play. Little girls will love the pink apron set and chef’s hat, in addition to the toy cookie cutters, hand mixer, and other baking supplies. They can even dress up and join their parents in the kitchen, stirring up their own pretend meals! Dress up kits like these allow children to use their imaginations and express themselves. Furthermore, it’s never too early to start learning basic cooking skills and encouraging little ones to respect the hard work that goes into preparing a meal.

The child-sized utensils are functional; so little girls can actually get their hands dirty in the process and practice their motor skills. The apron is adjustable as well, meaning girls can use this as they grow.


My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

If four year olds have any defining characteristic, it’s probably their endless energy. One of the best gift ideas you can give a child of this age is a device that allows them to burn off that extra energy in a safe way. For a child as small as four, a pogo stick is a great option. Girls can hold onto the handlebar to stand and bounce on this stick inside the house, making it perfect for rainy days and busy parents that can’t stay outside watching their children for hours.

It is also suitable as one of the best toys for outdoor play too though. It’s also relatively safe, especially when compared to bikes, which can be difficult for a four year old.

Bouncing around on the pogo stick is a great alternative to the tablets and devices that children start using earlier and earlier nowadays. Girls can stay active by bouncing, while also practicing their math skills as they count how many bounces they’ve done. The motion of jumping is intuitive to children, so they should be able to start playing with this right away!


Candy Land The World of Sweets Game

Candy Land is an absolute classic, and a favorite toy for many. This beginner game was many people’s first introduction to board games. This version has been updated with new characters, but the premise is still the same. Children as young as 3 can play this game, as it doesn’t require any reading. Players simply draw colorful cards to move their game piece down the colorful candy road to reach King Kandy’s Castle.

Girls will love the fun locations, like Peppermint Forest, Licorice Lagoon, and Lollipop Palace. Candy Land is also a great opportunity for younger children to learn about taking turns and waiting while other players move their pieces. It’s also fun for adults to play along, as it delivers a nice dose of nostalgia. It’s a great toy to bring the family together at a birthday party for example.


Melissa & Doug Food Groups Wooden Food Toys

Play food is a best toys staple of childhood. It allows for hours of imaginative play and lets children practice handling food like adults do. This high quality toy set from Melissa & Doug is particularly great because it comes with four food groups – dairy, produce, grains, and meats. Parents will have the opportunity to explain what food groups are to children and how important it is to eat healthy. Girls can practice putting together their own meals, selecting food from each food group. The foods come in four sturdy individual trays, also allowing for easy cleanup and sorting exercises.

Kids can put together fake meals while parents are cooking or show off their vocabulary by identifying all the different foods. It’s also worth noting that these toys are wooden, which not only contributes less environmental toxins to the environment, but is also safer for children to put in their mouths than plastic.


ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets

Four-year-old girls are incredibly creative. They love drawing, coloring, and any artistic activity that allows them to express their busy little imaginations. It’s important to provide these budding artists with art activities that are at their level. Anything too complicated may frustrate them and lead to negative associations later in life. This paper bag puppet kit is not only age and ability appropriate for a four year old, but will also provide amusement after the art activity is over.

Each toy kit comes with stickers and paper shapes for five animals, but you can use the tools any way you’d like to create different animals. You can also use plain brown bags from home when the colored ones in the kit run out. Allowing children to create their own designs fosters their creativity, while putting the stickers onto the bag hones fine motor skills. Once the puppets are created, kids can stage shows for their families and friends, allowing for further imaginative play.


Monkey Math

As mentioned, four year olds are constantly learning new things and skills. This is the critical age at which to introduce basic math skills through STEM toys. The best way to teach these skills is through a game. This popular game helps children to learn basic addition by hanging numbered bananas on a monkey’s arm. The goal is for the sum on one arm to equal the number on the other arm – otherwise the monkey’s arms will drop and his eyes will cross.

The game doesn’t discourage children when they get the math wrong – they simply get to try again. This creates a safe environment where it’s okay to make mistakes during the learning process. Children will have fun as well, making it easier than ever to get in a little math practice before kindergarten.


Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Most of us probably played with blocks as children – and for good reason. This basic building block toy set is actually one of the most useful for children to play with as they grow. It is a perfect gift for this age group. Children get to use problem-solving techniques and their imaginations as they dream up what they want to build and then figure out how they can physically do it. This building block kit from Mega Bloks is an 80 piece set.

Younger infants will like the different colors and basic building. Older toddlers though can use basic math as they work out how big their structure needs to be, as well as their fine and gross motor skills to put the blocks together. This particular building set has big blocks to make it easy for little hands to grab on. Playing with blocks is also a great activity for kids to do with friends, building friendship and social skills. These are a great birthday gift, or perhaps even for Christmas.


Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Play Set: Cool Careers Activity Book

This gift combines four year olds’ desire to learn about careers and adult life with their inclination for creative projects. This book contains 100 career-themed stickers that children can reuse as they create their dream job. The book has 10 colorful depictions of different workplaces, allowing girls to drop their “worker” into different scenes. Girls will get to practice not only putting together an outfit, but also their fine motor skills. Children can stretch their imagination by turning the different scenes into a chronological story, with the characters they create going from workplace to workplace.

Use the professions depicted in the book as an opening to discuss your children’s passions and what they want to be when they grow up. Remind the child that the sky is the limit!


LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

If you’ve ever tried to cook a meal with a child underfoot, you know how difficult it can be. This toy solves this problem, while also teacher your child valuable phonics skills! This song encourages kids to sing along to fun alphabet songs that teach about letters and spelling. It also comes with 26 magnetic tiles that children can move around on the fridge as they listen to the songs. The tiles are perfect for little hands, helping to hone motor skills while teaching.

Children can begin to spell out simple words and use the tiles even without the singing bus. The best part about this best toy, however, is definitely how it will keep a child busy, safe, and in sight during meal preparation.




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