10 Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Girls – 2019 Guide

Your five-year-old girl isn’t a baby anymore, and she probably reminds you of that every single day. She’s on the lookout to explore her world, establish her independence, and share her experiences with everyone. Toys at this age should honor her individuality but still offer her some structure. If you’re panicking about what to get her, don’t freak out. We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts and toys for five year old girls, plus answered some questions about what’s happening in her world at this age. Let’s take a look.


The 10 Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Just Jump It Steppers

She’s just discovered that she’ll grow taller, and she’s probably experimenting with what life is like at different heights. Help her experiment with the Steppers.

It’s two stands attached to ropes. When she steps onto the stand, she can use the cord to keep the attached to her feet as she walks. She magically grows a few inches and gets to see the view from big sister’s height.

The Steppers are good physical activity because they require her to coordinate movements with both her feet and hands. This encourages her brain to develop flexibility and coordination. They also help her balance and practice using the muscles in her growing body.

The Steppers are made of durable plastic and polypropylene braided rope. They won’t give her rope burn, and the height isn’t too tall to be safe.



Crayola Silly Scents Washable Markers

She needs to express herself. Art is a great way to open up that creative side of her brain, and if the markers each have a different scent? It’s one fun art project.

Crayola Silly Scents come in 12 count pack. Each marker has a scent that corresponds to the color. She can try to figure out what she smells each time she draws with a color or coordinate colors for a fun mixture.

They are large enough for her to grip as she uses them, and if she accidentally (or not) gets them on something besides paper, they are washable.

Crayola’s ink formula is safe and nontoxic. They are safe if she decides to draw on her self or the family dog and shouldn’t cause any skin irritations.



Fur Real Friends Torch, My Blazin Dragon

Fur Real Friends’ Dragon is a fun take on the toy pet idea. He has a water reservoir that blows a cool mist while a red light in his mouth looks like real fire. He responds with over 50 different sounds and movements.

His front legs are posable so he can sit up or lay down. He’s made of soft fur on top of a durable plastic body. He swings his head around, moves his ears, and blinks his eyes.

He comes with a marshmallow on a stick that reacts to his mist and turns brown. It’s an adorable way for her to learn to care for others, just like she sees mommy and daddy doing all the time.

Toys that tap into her desire to be a caregiver are crucial social development toys at this age. They encourage empathy and problem-solving.



Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Styling Station

Those adorable trolls have the most enviable hair. Give her the chance to style Poppy’s rainbow-colored hair with this styling station.

It comes with nine cute barrettes and mini combs that she can put in Poppy’s hair or wear herself. She can spend hours learning to braid, twist, style a ponytail and many other hairstyles. Once she masters Poppy’s hair, she might be ready to try it on her own. The accessories (and more of your own) store conveniently in the base when she’s done playing.

This toy is excellent for her sense of expression and unique personality. She can dream about what she wants to do with her own hair and see it herself in Poppy’s. It might give her the confidence to tackle doing her own hair.

It teaches her patience as she learns to do the different hairstyles and also problem-solving skills for when the style doesn’t turn out exactly the way she hoped. She can visualize an idea and practice bringing it into real life.



Super Tower Set Marble Run – Junior Set

STEM toys are necessary components of her play. The engineering portion teaches her to problem solve, visualize an idea, and think outside the box. It’s also good for spacial recognition and understanding cause and effect.

Help her do all those things with an exciting marble run. With this kit, she can build and test her own marble run. She can figure out how to make it do bigger, more exciting runs, and if things don’t go the way she wants, she can solve the problem through trial and error.

This kit comes with 105 pieces that include transparent tubes and the glass marbles. Once she masters the marble run, it might also inspire her to start her own marble collection. She can take the entire kit apart when she’s finished for secure storage.

It’s easy for her to assemble herself, and the tubes will work with marbles of a few different sizes if she wants to try her own collection.



Where The Sidewalk Ends -Shel Silverstein

She’s learning to associate sounds with letters, so it’s more important than ever that you read together. Silverstein’s classic book of poems is a lyrical world with fantastical poems and illustrations that you can both read (and memorize) again and again.

Poetry is an excellent way for her to practice reading naturally. She can follow along as you read out loud and you both can laugh and comment on the silly drawings for the poems. Reading is a vital part of your time together.

Poetry is also good because you don’t have to spend hours reading it. If you’ve got just a few minutes, you can turn to your favorite poem and spend a few minutes with it.

It’s a classic book that has delighted kids for generations, and she’ll never get bored of the fun, silly, poignant poems.



Little Pretender Kid’s Karaoke Machine

If you catch her singing her favorite songs all around the house, it might be time to bring the stage to her. The Little Pretender karaoke machine comes with two microphones, a stand, and a host of sound effects to accompany her performance.

It has flashing lights and a foot pedal that will add applause. You can stream any of your own tunes through the aux cable input. Volume and power are easy to control.

Karaoke can give her the confidence she needs to try new things and succeed in her first years of school. She can learn words to songs, get creative with how she delivers them, and show off to family and friends. If you’ve got more than one singer, there are two microphones so everyone can sing.

It folds up for secure storage, and the stand adjusts to several different heights. It’s a durable and brightly colored plastic that should withstand some childhood enthusiasm.



Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads

She’s mastered a lot of her gross motor skills, and now she’s ready to work on those fine motor skills. Stringing beads is a great way to develop focus and dexterity.

The Melissa and Doug stringing beads collection taps into her natural creativity and curiosity. As she chooses how to create her jewelry, she gets to use her senses to create exactly what she wants. Stringing requires focus, and once she finishes a project, she gets to show it off to the world.

The kit comes with 200 beads including letters and eight brightly colored laces. Everything stores in a convenient wooden box when she isn’t working. All of Melissa and Doug’s materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced, are non-toxic, and safe for kids to use.



Play Monster My Fairy Garden Lily Pond

Kids love gardening, but sometimes it takes too long for things to happen. Instead of burying seeds in the ground and waiting on nothing, keep her engaged with a fairy garden.

This set includes everything she’ll need to build her own little garden. There’s also a mini-figure named Calla and a sweet little squirrel friend that she can pose within the garden. There’s trickling water and a bridge.

As the seedlings sprout, she can learn to keep the conditions right for plants to grow. The whole system helps her focus on long-term goals while maintaining her interest in an age-appropriate way. The seed mix includes a mix of herbs, flowers, and salad greens. They are simple to grow, and most should sprout pretty quickly.



Rainbow In My Room Tabletop Décor Night Light Projector

Sure she’s learning how the world really works, but it’s important to keep some of the magic. With the tabletop rainbow maker, she can project a rainbow on the wall in the coolest nightlight ever.

The rainbow projector uses a reflector to concentrate the colors of the rainbow and send them right across the wall or ceiling. It gives her a chance to get into the science of rainbows and light refraction with a cool light that no one else has.

It uses double A batteries and can fit on a small bedside table. You can purchase the optional ac adaptor to keep it on all night, or with batteries, it turns off after about 10 minutes to preserve battery life.



Buyer’s Guide

She needs the opportunity to do things by herself, but she’s also still looking for the validation of her friends and family. She needs assurance that she’s important and loves to do things with you. As she watches what you do, there’s a newfound desire to mimic how you interact with the world.

There’s a tremendous capacity for learning at this age. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when buying a toy for your five-year-old.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play allows her to try out different roles to see how she feels. This type of play is vital for her cognitive development as she begins to branch out from toddler forms of play.

She’s looking for validation that she can handle more adult responsibilities even though she’s still very much in need of mom and dad.

Right now she has a big imagination, so give her all the tools she needs to foster her creative expression. Toys that allow open-ended play are some of the best tools for her cognitive development now.


She likely has a lot of energy and giving her a chance to vent it is a great way to keep her occupied. She’s mastered all her gross motor skills, but her fine motor skills and balance needs some work. Give her a chance to use her balance and her coordination with toys that get her outside and playing.


Toys like dolls and pets give her a reason to care for something other than her self. They allow her to practice empathy skills and mimic what she sees mom and dad do every day.

Toys that respond to her interaction help keep her interest and teach her to respond to cues. She can problem solve and notice cause and effect. The social aspect of the toys will give her a good foundation for when she starts school.



Your five-year-old is a bundle of energy and imagination. Although she isn’t a baby anymore, she still needs your love and admiration. Give her a good foundation to explore her environment and become the creative kid she is.



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