10 Best Gifts And Toys For 6 Year Old Girls – 2019 Guide

Six-year-old girls are experiencing some change in their daily lives. They’re spending more time away from home now that they’re full-time students. They’re more influenced by their friends and other kids than they are by mom and dad. Although they still need a lot of supervision and reassurance, they are building independence. Buying toys may feel strange now. The things they loved as toddlers probably don’t excite them anymore, and now you feel a little lost. We want to help. So we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts and toys for six year old girls. We’ve also given you a few pointers on what’s happening in her world right now. Let’s take a look.


Top 10 Best Gift Ideas And Toys For 6 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Crayola; Crayon Factory; Art Tool; Electronic; Melt and Mold Crayon Bits into Custom Creations

She probably has a million crayons laying around now. Gather them up and let her make fun melted creations with this Crayon Factory Custom Creations tool.

The crayon factory comes with generic crayons, but she can mix her own. When she drops them into the container, the machine melts them down and molds them into one of the provided shapes. She can make a dog, heart, or car. It comes with a power adaptor, and the machine shuts off after ten minutes of non-use for safety reasons. It also includes eight crayons and three molds, plus a handy crayon wrapper ripper.

She’ll love experimenting with mixing colors and creating colorful molds. When she finishes the shape, she can use it to color, too. It’s a way for her to see cause and effect, but also it helps her to practice patience as the molds fill up and she carefully frees them.



Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Melissa and Doug’s ice cream counter is a 28 piece Scoop and Serve kit that lets her create her own sweet creations. It comes with the wooden ice cream bar, plus eight different scoops of ice cream. Each scoop is hollow on the inside so she can stack build her perfect ice cream treat.

She can mix and match the ice cream with the six different toppings, two cones, and one cup. It comes with tongs and a wooden spoon. There are even six $1 play bills. Toys with a social aspect are great for her cognitive development. It encourages her to play with friends and family. It can also help her practice patterns, counting, and other essential skills in early education.

Melissa and Doug’s creations are nontoxic and use ethically sourced materials. They are safe for children to play with, plus the wood gives kids satisfying tactile feedback.



Anki – Cosmo Robot

Cosmo is the cutest interactive robot she’s ever seen. As she begins her school career, she ’ll experience beginning STEM skills, and Cosmo is one way to get her interested in technology and engineering. Cosmo can express hundreds of emotions as he interacts with your six-year-old. The more they interact, the more he learns. She can play games with him, challenge him, or set him on explore and see life through his eyes.

He comes with a code lab in the partner app. The coding system is a simple drag and drop platform. She learns the basics of coding while she watches Cosmo act out her commands. His skills and games update regularly, and the way he interacts with your child evolves, so things never get boring.

The pack comes with Cosmo robot, the charging cable, and three power blocks that Cosmo uses in various games and commands.



LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand

Legos are an enduring kit that teaches her patience and helps her not only imagine new worlds but build them. Lego Friends Art Stand is a good beginning set with real Lego bricks. She has probably encountered the bigger sets in her early years, but now she’s ready to graduate to real Lego bricks.

The Art Cart is 210 pieces. It comes with the Emma figure and Chico, a cat figure. The cart opens three different ways and includes the art and cash register, plus a cat bed. She can build Emma’s scooter, and there’s even a separate art area under a tree. Smaller accessories include an “I love Heartlake City” mug, a map of the city, her helmet, and a cookie.

While she may need some help from mom and dad, the instructions are straightforward, and she should be able to do the majority of the building by herself. The set is compatible with all sets in the Lego Universe including other parts of Heartlake City.

Legos help build her focus as she follows the directions. She also has to problem solve because sometimes things won’t turn out exactly right. She has to retrace her steps and find the issue. They are excellent STEM-related toys, so she’ll learn without feeling like she’s sitting in school.



OUTON Kick Scooter For Kids 3 Wheel Scooter With Flashing Wheels

She probably has a lot of energy, especially after school. Help her get the wiggles with a fun scooter. It has a three-wheel design which is easier to balance, and the wheels flash with lights as she moves.

The handlebars are adjustable from 23.5 inches to 33 inches. The wheels are high rebound polyurethane. They are durable and provide a smooth ride across a variety of hard surfaces. The front wheels are large and wide set for stability, but she can still use her body weight to turn left and right.

The handlebars are an alloy material while the deck is durable nylon. Both offer stability and can withstand the enthusiasm of playing at this age. There’s a brake in the back that’s easy to use and brings the scooter to a complete stop. Scooters are great for balance and learning to coordinate body movements to produce motion. She can master the scooter more efficiently because the three wheel design allows more freedom with her motion without toppling.



Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Scientific Explorer’s 20 piece kit gives her all the tools she needs to explore different areas of science. It’s an open-ended toy designed to teach her different scientific principles and give her a foundation to conduct her own experiments eventually.

There are 11 activities included in the kit including a color changing volcano and a sunset in a tube. There are step-by-step instructions, plus a detailed guide to help parents answer questions about what’s happening. It includes the chemicals she’ll need to make some of the reactions happen, and you’ll need to gather other household items such as baking soda and coffee filters.

STEM kits encourage her natural curiosity about the world around her and give her a foundation in basic scientific principles. She must problem solve and think critically to work through each experiment. She’s learning by using fun as the central principle.



My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

Gardening is a valuable skill, one that teaches patience and understanding of earth science. At this age, it can be torture waiting for seeds to emerge finally. She can wait patiently for those plants to appear as she tends to her fairy garden playset.

It comes with a fairy she can pose around the set, plus a rabbit figure. It comes with small gardening tools like a trowel and a watering can. She can even add her own accessories to decorate. It comes with plenty of seeds in a variety of types. There are flowers, herbs, and salad greens. All are simple to sprout, and once they do, she can care for them with the right light and water.

Nothing builds patience like a garden, but it won’t hurt to give her something to concentrate on as she waits. The pay off is beautiful plants that she grew herself.



Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper

Pogo sticks are fun and hilarious, but for younger kids, they can be frustrating. With the unicorn foam jumper, she gets all the physical benefits of a pogo stick without the constant frustration.

She stands on the foam block and holds the cords in her hands. As she jumps, it provides enough bounce to be fun, but it’s more stable than the tip of the pogo sticks. The handles are wide and have a no-slip grip covering. It includes a squeaker for added sound effects.

Jumping and balancing build critical core muscles and coordination. It allows her to get outside and expend energy. She can experiment with different movements and attempt tricks as she gets better with her balance.



Little Live Pets Cuddles My Dream Kitten

Whether she has a real pet or not, she probably wants to care for something (without the danger of hurting it). Little Live Pets series of toys provide realistic animals that don’t need food or water. My Dream Kitten purrs when she pets it and flicks her tail just like a real cat.

It takes 4 AAA batteries which aren’t included. It’s very soft and not too loud. It includes an enclosure and a bowl. When your six-year-old holds the bowl up to the kitten, it makes slurping noises. She goes to sleep if you place her on her side. She purrs little surprise sayings as your six-year-old cares for her.

Toys that encourage empathy and dramatic play are great ways to build her cognitive and emotional skills. She sees mom and dad caring for people and pets, and she probably wants to mimic what she sees. This gives her that chance, but there’s no risk that she’ll forget to feed it like a real pet.



Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System

Karaoke machines are the best way for her to gain confidence and tap into that natural creativity. This karaoke system has flashing lights, fun designs, and multiple ways to get your music.

It’s Bluetooth enabled, but it’s also a top-loading CDG player. There’s a line in connection for your music device. It has two microphone inputs and comes with one microphone. There’s an LED, plus controls for volume, balance, and voice control.

Karaoke machines are social toys. She can put on performances with friends and family, or practice her moves in her room. This is such a fun machine, and it can follow her as she gets older because it looks like a real speaker and not a baby toy.



Buyer’s Guide

She’s seriously developing her own interests now. Through the day, she’s around kids during school and getting so much input everywhere around her. She’s a little sponge for knowledge. She’s probably started asking for toys just because her friends or big sister has one.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you buy toys and gifts for this changing time.



School is already beginning to introduce her to STEM skills. As a girl, she’s going to be underrepresented in these areas later, so give her a leg up by giving her things that let her explore each category on her own terms.

Science, technology, engineering, and math toys are very open-ended. She develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. She can also begin to look at the world with a creative and innovative eye.


Social Skills

Toys that encourage her to branch out and make friends are valuable. Things that she has to collect and can share with others, or toys that allow her to perform build critical confidence that she’ll need as she gets older satisfy these criteria.

Games are other ways for her to learn valuable social skills like empathy and emotional intelligence. Caring for pretend pets and babies are another way to build these emotional skills.


Physical Activity

She’s moved on from the constant busyness of toddlerhood. She’s probably sitting most of the day now in her elementary school classroom, so it’s essential that you give her an outlet for her energy.

Toys that let her build on her fine and gross motor skills will keep her interested and give her a reason to get outside in the first place. She might abandon them for the wild outdoors in a little while, but they are a catalyst for getting out there instead of opting for a screen.

She can build her balance, strengthen core muscles, and learn to work with her body to produce different results (like doing tricks on a jumper or manipulating a scooter).

What’s your six-year-old’s current obsession? Is she outdoorsy or artsy? Maybe both? Let us know in the comments below.



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