10 Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls – 2022 Guide

There are more toys available for children than ever before, making shopping for a gift both more exciting and more difficult. Everyone wants to give the children in their lives gifts that they will actually enjoy and appreciate – no one wants to give the gift that a child puts under their bed and never looks at. The best way to avoid giving a gift that a child won’t enjoy is to do your research. It’s important to choose the best gifts for 7 year old girls that not only matches a child’s interests, but also matches the stage of development they’re at.

Luckily for you, handy guides like this exist so you don’t have to do any research yourself. Keep reading for some things to keep in mind when looking for the best gifts and toys for 7 year old girls, as well as some suggestions for presents sure to be a hit.


Great Gift Ideas – What to Look for?

• Seven year olds are beginning to develop their own interests as they learn from both their teachers and their peers. Each child will be interested in different things, so it’s crucial to realize that not all gifts will be hits with all children. Make sure to think about what the child likes. Is she into science or sports? Is she starting to ask about makeup? Is she into pretend play and drama? Use that as a starting point for your selection.

• Friends become very important at this age. This means that any game, playset or gift that can be shared with friends will surely be appreciated. This also means, however, that girls may ask for things simply because “everyone has one.”

• Seven is around the age when children become interested in computer games and music. While this generation of children all have experience with technology, physically playing a musical instrument will still be difficult for them, so make sure to choose something within their skill level.

• By this age, girls can handle games that require some strategy. Challenge them with games like chess or checkers.

• Seven year olds are becoming aware of their performance at school and may start comparing themselves to others. They also can sometimes become easily frustrated when they make mistakes. Don’t take it personally if your seven-year-old storms off from a game you’re playing with them.

• Girls of this age want to talk about their experiences and feelings. Gifts that allow them creative outlets to do so are a great idea.

• Children of this age definitely feel like “grown ups.” They may be concerned about coming across as babies or little kids. They still need nurturing, however, and enjoy cuddles and bedtime stories.

• One of the best things about this age range is that children are finally becoming more agreeable to adult suggestions. Make sure to lead them in the right direction. Educational toys are an easy way to do this.


Best Toys And Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Creativity for Kids Grow n’ Glow Terrarium

This STEM toy activity is a fantastic way for girls to get involved in science, learn an appreciation for nature, and have fun. It’s not a science kit as such but a great educational toy for learning a bit about natural sciences. The kit comes with everything girls need to create a fully functional terrarium for two full plant life cycles. After setting up the terrarium, the habitat will begin to grow in as little as three or four days. This will help girls learn the importance of patience, while not expecting an unreasonable amount from them.

In addition to watching the changes taking place in the habitat every day, young girls will also have fun decorating their mason jar to their personal taste. Glow in the dark stickers add a fun touch, as well as a cool nightlight.

Your girl will need to practice responsibility to water their terrarium every day. This daily ritual will not only provide a simple chore for children, but also serve as a starting point for discussions about taking care of our planet and treating nature with respect. Children can even work on their own mini garden while their parents tend to the full-sized one. Even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb, don’t worry. The seeds selected for this kit are hardy and grow quickly – perfect for little gardeners, regardless of how many years old they are!


SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Lab

If the seven year old girl in your life is looking to feel all grown up, this all-natural spa kit is a fantastic choice. The craft kit comes with everything girls need to create at home spa treatments, making it perfect for sleepovers, play dates, or playing alone. Although spa treatments may seem like a girly indulgence, making these treatments by hand will give girls experience with science and following directions. The kit comes with an instruction booklet, showing children how these treatments can be made with natural kitchen ingredients.

Girls will also be able to mix and match ingredients as they make the products, allowing them to express their individuality and get creative. After they’re done crafting their special products, they’ll be able to keep the fun going as they use their new bath bombs and face masks. Parents can also use these treats as incentives for children who may not be too excited about a nightly bath time routine. Even though they’re designed as gifts for kids, adults can do these spa treatments with the little girls in their lives as well, creating a nice quiet time for bonding.


Pie Face Showdown Game

This game has gone absolutely viral, with families playing it at holiday dinners and celebrities playing on late night talk shows. Girls will certainly delight in receiving the game of the moment. The set up is as simple as the game itself – just make sure you have some whipped cream on hand. This version turns the classic game into a competition. Two people put their faces on the chin rests and prepare to get pied. They then click buttons to try and get the pie-throwing arm closer to their opponent.

When it gets too close, it shoots up and the loser gets a face full of whipped cream. Although there’s not too much educational value in this toy, it’s just plain fun. Girls will love pulling this out at sleepovers, and it’s so simple that there won’t be an arguing over rules or cheating, like with some board games. Pie Face is also a fun activity as a family game, as children will love seeing their parents act silly and get a little messy. It also serves as a great way to bring children together regardless of their ages.


Barbie President and Vice President Dolls 2 Pack

Barbies have been a favorite toy of girls for as long as they’ve been around. If you’re looking to purchase a doll for the seven year old in your life, why not inspire her to be a leader with this presidential pair? These gorgeous Barbies provide hours of imaginative play with friends or alone. They can also help you to start discussing what it means to be a leader with your child and how our government works. At this age, girls are becoming more self-aware and looking at how they fit into their environment. This includes thinking of future careers.

Presenting toys for girls that depict women in power will inspire them to dream big, whether they have political aspirations or not. Encourage girls to create stories with these dolls and imagine the speeches they would make. Regardless of what future the little girl in your life imagines for her Barbie, the key is to start getting her to think ahead.


ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

This kit is not only a perfect rainy day or travel activity, but also an opportunity to introduce children to a skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. The high quality set brings all the materials needed to sew stuffed animals, notebook covers, and more. Threading needles and making stitches will be challenging for seven year olds, but completely possible, leaving them with an incredible feeling of pride when they successfully complete a project.

If you can sew, you can help your child with the projects, but the craft kit also includes easy instructions, so kids can try following along on their own. Girls will hone their fine motor skills as they sew, as well as create treasures they can keep forever. They can also use their new sewing skills to make gifts for their family and friends for birthdays and holidays. With more and more activities for children moving online, it’s always a good idea to teach them a life skill than can also entertain them.


LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle 41154 Popular Construction Toy for Kids (585 Pieces)

The LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle is the perfect gift for the little girl that wants something a little more DIY and hands-on than your run of the mill dollhouse. It’s a great gift idea for 7 year olds that are a fan of Disney, and can get some real value form their creative play. LEGO building sets are great STEM toys, and chances are this will not be the first LEGO set your little one will have, though it’s probably a step up from the LEGO Duplo or introductory LEGO Friends toys popular in the younger years.

This LEGO Disney Dream Castle is a magnificent DIY building kit, and as it’s a 585 piece set, it will really engage your seven year old girls problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The building set comes with all the pieces to make Cindarella’s dream castle, including an outside area and a horse & cart. The castle itself, features many cool rooms and secret locations, spread over three stories. Your little girl will get hours of fun building then playing with this great toy, and it’s a great choice as a Birthday gift or Christmas gift.



Crayola Meltdown Art Set

Trendy crayon melting artwork has been all over the Internet over the last few years. Help the seven year old in your life express herself and create a piece of art she can display with pride with this fun kit. The kit comes with supplies for three melted crayon projects, including crayons, canvases, paints, and additional tools for decorating.

Instructions will guide children through the process of selecting their color palette and then using a hair dryer to melt the wax for a cool drip effect. The box itself serves as a drip tray so there’s no mess. This is a great activity for a sleepover, as it gives guests a party favor to take home. Girls will love being able to create their own unique rainbow and do this project all on their own.


SmitCO LLC Secret Emoji Diary Notebook with Invisible Ink Pen and Blue Light

As mentioned, girls of this age love to talk about their experiences and feelings. Why not give them a gift that lets them do just that? Girls will love the opportunity to put down their most secret thoughts in invisible ink, adding a fun element to the normal journaling experience. The set comes with a clip-on LED light, so girls can even journal in bed with the lights off. With the included black light, only she’ll be able to read her most secret thoughts.

The on-trend emoji design will make this journal a huge hit. Getting into the habit of journaling allows girls to track their moods and day-to-day activities, but also provides them with a book of memories to look back on later in life. Furthermore, they’ll get to practice their writing and spelling skills in a judgement free space.


Ukulele 17-inch Acoustic Guitar for Kids

Seven is around the age when children begin expressing an interest in music and musical instruments. The ukulele is a fantastic option for the musically inclined child because it is relatively easy to play and handle. It has only four strings and is small enough for children to easily grasp, especially in this mini size. Children can learn about rhythm, tone, strumming, and other techniques through this simple instrument. The ukulele is a great introduction to other musical instruments and a great stress reliever for kids after a busy day of school.


ViewMaster Boxed Set

The ViewMaster is another classic toy that remains a hit with children for good reason. If you’ve never used one before, the concept is simple. Simply insert reels of 3D images into the ViewMaster and hold it up to your eyes. This particular set has the vintage design so many of us know and love, as well as three reels of photos – Age of the Dinosaurs, Marine Life, and Safari Adventures. Girls can learn about animals and geography as they click through this relaxing toy. This is great for waiting rooms, the car, or any place where a child needs to be occupied but remain fairly quiet.


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