10 Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys – 2022 Guide

As your child turns eight and starts to get interested in older things, you may start wondering what would be an appropriate gift or toy to give them that will be fun, but that will also challenge them. Your child is at the age where he should start showing adult-like attention and interest in activities and games, and he may start collecting things that he likes.

This presents a unique problem when you’re shopping because there are so many different things to consider. Does he like solo games or games he can play with his friends? Is he interested in action figures, sports or video games? We researched and rounded up the top 10 best toys and gifts for 8 year old boys, and our mini-reviews can help take some of the stress out of gift and toy shopping. You’ll be able to compare our picks side-by-side and pick out the one that suits your child’s personality the best.

We’ve also included a short guide before the reviews so you can get a better grasp on your eight-year-old’s development, and it’ll clue you into some important aspects that come with deciding what makes the perfect gift for your eight year old child.


Decoding an Eight-Year-Old’s Development

At this stage, your child is most likely displaying curiosity about the world at large, and they’re eager to learn more about it. His friends are becoming a very important thing in his life, and he may gravitate toward more group activities.

Your eight-year-old might develop their competitive streak, and you can usually hear them saying that they got x score and what did their friend get? He’ll also start working on longer tasks and projects that take more than a few hours or a few days to complete, and he’ll have a great sense of pride when he completes them.


Toy and Gift Ideas for Eight Year Old Boys

You may want to focus on toys that allow for group players because your child likes to compete against his friends in friendly competition. Games that get him outside and playing are also good choices because your child has a lot of energy that he has to burn off before it gets dark outside.

School is important, so it’s a good idea to have educational toys that help to build on what he’s learning in school, so he gets practice in and out of the classroom. Beginner science kits and chemistry sets can be an appropriate gift if he’s shown interest in these fields before. Help him explore the world around him in a safe and easy way.


SWAG Recommends


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 Building Kit (1004 Pieces)

Marvel Superheroes are a big hit with young boys, and old ones too! When it comes to LEGO for boys, you can’t go wrong with Lego Star Wars or Lego Marvel. But one of the coolest, best kits, in terms of size and playability, has to be the Infinity Wars Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown, 1004 piece set. This building set reflects one of the most epic scenes from the Infinity Wars film, and even if your young boy hasn’t seen the move yet, the scenario and the mini figures are epic and highly playable. This truly is one of the best gifts for 8 year olds you can buy this  year.

This awesome LEGO set comes with all the bits to build a 3 storey version of the Sanctum Sanctorum building, including the surrounding pizzeria and attached fire extinguisher. It also comes with Peter Parker’s apartment, and is furnished with one of Spider-Man’s webs and some street decor. As well as the main building, you also get a host of little accessories, such as pizzas and slices, weapons, webs and, of course, the ‘time’ infinity stone. This awesome building set also comes with 5 minifigures:

  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Dr Strange
  • Ebony Maw figure
  • A big Cull Obsidian figure

With their hands-on nature, LEGO sets are great, collectible STEM toys, offering kids the chance to learn some great problem-solving skills, as well as hand-eye coordination, patience and logical thinking. On top of that there is the geat sense of achievement when you finish building and start playing! This is one of the best toys for 8 year old boys, great as a Birthday gift, and also as a Christmas gift.



10 Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys Reviewed

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Choose from rescue vehicles, wooden trains, or wooden race cars in this fun DIY kit. Your eight-year-old boy will enjoy painting several designs with bright colors. It’s a good group activity to help your child develop his social skills, maybe with the whole family or even his best friends if they are good at sharing!

Your boy can make three wooden cars with a single craft kit, and it comes with easy to follow instructions with pictures. He’ll get bright stickers and paints to customize his car however he wants. When he’s done, he can race them across the floor or show them off to his family and friends.


  • Can choose from three different vehicle types
  • Has bright colored paints and stickers


  • Wheel axles can be difficult to fit onto the car




Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Your child will love this blaster because it holds up to six Nerf darts that shoot up to 90 feet away. It comes with a slam fire slide option that lets your child rapid-fire all six darts in seconds, and it’s a great way to encourage physical activity.

The barrel flips open for easy reloading, and the gun and the darts are both very brightly colored so you’ll be able to see it easily. Your son can get a group of his friends together to play, and this toy will help him build his social skills as well as his fine motor skills.


  • Features a slam fire slid option for fast shooting
  • Very soft Nerf darts that fly up to 90 feet


  • Trigger function can be difficult to operate
  • Can jam easily and the dart will fall




Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck

This high quality Tonka truck is made out of a durable steel, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee. Your boy will be able to get outside and dig in the dirt with this toy and use it to haul gravel and sand from one point to another.

It encourages your child to work on his grip, and it also encourages physical activity because your child physically pushes this truck and it’s load around. The classing bright yellow color is easy to see as well. The loading bed tilts up and dumps out easily. A Tonka truck like this is a great gift to have for indoor and outdoor, imaginative play. He can perhaps act out creating a gravel track for his other toys with wheels, digging and creating scenarios.


  • Made with a durable steel body that can handle rough play
  • Get a lifetime warranty with each product


  • Has plastic parts in the body as well




Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

This kit is a fun and educational way to teach your boy about the human body and what goes on inside of them. He’ll be able to make a stinky intestine replica, fake blood, slimy snot, and he’ll be able to grow good bacteria and mold.

He’ll get four Petri dishes, four cotton swabs, a magnifying glass, green and red coloring, baking yeast, and more for all his science experiments. This educational toy will help him grow his love of science, and it has several fun activities with an instruction booklet included as well.


  • Very fun way to introduce your child to science and the human body
  • Get several gross activities to do


  • Have to microwave a lot of the experiments




Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Any child that likes to draw and create will get so much fun with this light-up tracing pad. It comes with bright LED lights to give the surface an even light, and the edges of the frame double as a holder for your child’s paper.

It comes with 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and 12 bright colored pencils. This toy can encourage your child’s love of art, and it can get him to practice his drawing and coloring abilities. You can download several additional designs, or your child can simply pick up their favorite books and trace pictures out of them.


  • LED bulbs are very bright and can last for a long time for hours of fun
  • Can download additional images to trace or choose your own


  • Paper holding edges may not be tall enough
  • Screen can get dimmer near the bottom edge




Ozobot Bit Extra Bot

This small robot is a great way to introduce your child to beginner programming and computer science. He can program it to race, dance around, follow patterns, and much more. It comes with an easy-to-use app, and you can download additional activities for your child from the website.

He can use this toy to build his logical thinking skills, and he can use different colored markers to program the robot to travel different directions and at different speeds. There are also a few stickers included so he can customize his robot any way he likes.


  • Fun way to introduce computer science and programming
  • Comes with dozens of activities and games


  • Small metal charging port is prone to breaking
  • Might take a while to set up the website’s tap and play games




Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

This newly redesigned Razor scooter comes with double the power and ride time of the original. It is designed to be maintenance-free, and there are no chains or alignment to worry about. You son will enjoy speeds up to 10 miles an hour and up to 80 minutes of riding time on a single charge.

This scooter comes with a high-torque motor, hand-operated front brake, throttle that is a push button, and a retractable kickstand. It supports up to 120 pounds quickly and easily. This scooter will encourage your child to get outside and play. Even though it is an electric scooter, it is still safer than a skateboard, while your child masters


  • Get up to 80 minutes of riding time on a single charge
  • Maintenance-free design with no chain


  • Hard wheels do better on hard surfaces
  • Go button is hard to hold constantly




3D Pen Set for Kids and Adults

This 3D pen set can help your eight-year-old improve their spatial awareness and improve their artistic abilities. This kit comes with six different filament sets, and you get up to 59 feet in total. this pen is great for beginner and advanced learners.

It comes with an idea book to get your child started, and a detailed instruction manual that gives your kid step-by-step instructions. You also get an AC adapter, and you can order additional filament when your child runs out. It doesn’t get overly hot, so it’s safe for your child to use.


  • Encourages spatial awareness and artistic ability
  • Get six bright filaments to start with


  • Might not hold your child’s attention for long
  • Does take some time to learn how to use




ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

This logic puzzle can keep your son entertained for hours. There are over 60 different puzzles, nine towers, a game grid, three marbles, and one target piece. It has won the Toy of the Year Award and the Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

There are multi-level challenges that allow your child to start off with easy levels and slowly advance to the expert levels. If your child gets stuck, he can look at the solutions book and figure out how to get through step-by-step, so he understands how the different levels work.


  • Comes with over 60 different games and levels
  • Allows your child to build his logical thinking skills


  • Unlike many board games, it’s only single player, so not a family game




RipStik Ripster Caster Board

This caster board comes made out of high-tech polymer with easily removable deck plates. It is slightly shorter than the original, and this allows your child to get a good stance as he rides it. It encourages physical activity and it helps him improve his balancing skills.

The slip-resistant decking ensures that your child can easily perform all of the tricks he wants without falling or slipping off. The torsion bar is made out of durable steel, and it has a rubber padding for an added safety feature. It comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.


  • Helps your child build up his balance
  • Has several built-in safety features like extra padding


  • Replacement wheels can be difficult to find
  • Does require a slight learning curve




Your eight-year-old boy is growing and enjoying friendly competition with his friends and family, and it’s important that he has a supportive environment to play and learn. Reading-based and educational-based toys and gifts are a good idea, and our top 10 picks give you a good variety of fun and educational games to choose from. You can watch your child grow and gain his independence while having fun.



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