10 Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Boys – 2022 Guide

There is a big difference between a 5 year old boy and that same boy a year earlier. When it comes to choosing the best toys for 5 year old boys there will likely be a real shift in thinking in the space of that year.  What you start to see now, is that toddler starting to bloom, to develop friendships and new ways of thinking. Before we get to the gifts and toys, let’s explore a little as to the level of development at this age, as this is critical if you want to get your gift right.


Your 5 Year Old Boys Development

Physically, boys develop quickly during their fifth year. They can usually stand on one foot for 10 seconds, although getting them to be that still may be a challenge. Most boys can do a somersault and can hop while some are learning to skip. Most five-year-old boys love to climb, swing, and use their large muscles constantly.

The five-year-old boy may be looking forward to starting school before the year is done. They often are anxious about reaching this milestone while still looking forward to getting to spend more time with their friends. While you may notice an independent streak emerge sometimes, they really desire to be like their peers. They may engage in imaginative play, and their ability to tell a story has vastly improved. While they still need adult supervision, they can complete simple tasks on their own without constantly being watched.

Many boys have learned numerous things by the time that they are five. They can usually count to 10 and may be able to count much higher. They can usually draw a person with at least six body parts. Many are beginning to write letters and numbers. Some will be able to write their names. By the time they turn six, they should be able to tell you their complete name and address.

Five-year-old boys will enjoy playing with a variety of toys. Choosing great gift ideas that are fun is important. The best toys however, should help the boy continue to develop cognitively, physically or emotionally. Here are some choices for the best toys for 5 year old boys you may want to consider.


Swag Recommends


LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion Toy Building Kit with Batman and Bruce Wayne Action Minifigures. New 2019 (1037 Pieces)

Ok, so off the bat (excuse the pun) you may think this one is not age appropriate as it states 8+ on the box. It’s true that this set is large LEGO set and thus more complex than some of the smaller LEGO kits. However, LEGO is LEGO, and to us a larger kit just means more fun to be had with your little boy. This is a 1037 piece set however, and if left to face it on their own, your little boy may quickly lose interest, hence the age rating.

But we see this as an opportunity to teach patience, to teach the value of looking at big problems in small parts and achieving one piece of the kit at a time. It is also an opportunity for the whole family to help, or some valuable parent and son time.

Social play, problem-solving, fine motor skills and logical thinking all come into play with this one. Your 5 year old boy will be building skills as he’s building blocks and having so much fun when playing with the finished product.

LEGO, has been a favorite toy for generations, and since they started making Disney related kits and Superhero kits, it has taken off even further. One of the most popular brands to partner with LEGO, is DC Superheros and in particular LEGO Batman. There have been a few movies now, all of them hilarious and if your little boy is a fan then he will absolutely love this kit as a Christmas gift or birthday gift.

What’s in the box

The LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion LEGO building kit is huge, with 1037 pieces. In the box, you get all the pieces to build:

  • Bat Computer zone
  • A weapons room
  • The trophy room
  • Detachable transformation tower and jail modules
  • Awesome Bat-Tank

The Lego set also comes with 6 Action Hero minifogures: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Two Face, Catwoman, Robin and Batwoman. You also get the big build, larger action figure of Clayface and lots of little additional parts for cusomizing your little collectible figures. Playtime will never be the same again, and your little one will love you forever the moment they unwrap this outstanding building toy!

Best Gifts And Toys For Five Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Hot Wheels id Portal, Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit

From the company name that is synonymous with toy cars and construction sets (the Hot Wheels construction site was a favorite in my house growing up), Hot Wheels have outdone themselves with this car racer kit. This toy takes everything in the Hot Wheels arsenal of toys loved by kids and cranks up the intensity by a million. It’s like remember the company Tom Hank’s character Josh Wheeler works for in the film BIG? Well everything Hot Wheels has done before is like that company before Josh Wheeler started toy testing.

The Hot Wheels id Portal with Vertical Track Builder Launch Kit, is transformational. Not in a ‘robot turning into a skyscraper’ kinda transformation (my last BIG reference I swear), but in the sense of re-imagining  how kids play with toy cars.

The floor is no longer the limit and your little one no longer has to rely on downhill slopes to get some speed out of his toy racers. With this playset you can launch cars vertically down walls from a height of over 4 feet tall. The support beams and track secure safely to the wall with Command 3M strips. The cars come flying down the track set and into a loop the loop or any formation your boy chooses to make with the large selection of track pieces included.

It doesn’t end there though. This set comes with the Hot Wheels id Race Portal, which you can connect up to the track. When you download the free app to any supported Apple or Android smart device, the id Race Portal will wirelessly measure speed and laps. All the ‘id’ cars have NFC chips and are uniquely identifiable. The kit comes with two but many more are readily available.



PlayShire Brain Flakes Toy Set

This set of over 600 building pieces that easily snap together. Boys can use their own imagination to construct a variety of things or they can follow the directions in the 30-page instruction book. Boys may enjoy building octopuses amusement parks, balls, houses and many other items with this set. The pieces are sturdy enough that finished products can be moved without them collapsing.

With over 600 pieces, it is easy to invite friends to play along making this a great toy to learn to play cooperatively. Ten different colors allow for lots of different choices. Boys can also learn to sort by color using these brain flakes. The complete set comes in a jar, so storage is extremely easy.

The drawback of this set is that it has 600 pieces. If your boy still has trouble picking up after himself, then you may want to create a corner where these can be left loose after playing. This set does not come with a base, so a table or other flat surface may be necessary when starting a project.


Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin’ Monkeys Building Set

Five-year-old boys will love assembling this building set so that the six monkeys swing from the palm trees, dance around in circles and perform many other activities. In fact, they will be having so much fun that they may never realize that they are conquering basic science concepts like how gears work. This 136-piece set can be put together in many different ways encouraging each boy to use his own creativity. They will also gain a basic understanding of spatial concepts.

While easy-to-follow directions make this set a snap to put together the first time, boys will also want to use their own imagination to expand, change and figure out what works together in this well-constructed set. The six monkeys also encourage a variety of dramatic play and help to develop language skills as the boy tells a story to go along with the monkey’s actions. This set combines easily with other sets from this manufacturer allowing for an infinite amount of possibilities.

The main drawback of this set is that it comes with only the original cardboard box as a storage container. Therefore, parents may want to consider getting a plastic tub or some type of storage basket for these pieces.


Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper

Available in a variety of colors, the Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper is like an individualized teeter-totter. Five-year-old boys can stand with one foot on each side to practice their balancing while being rewarded by the sound of the suction cups located on its bottom getting stuck to the floor. More pressure on the suction cups equates to a louder popping sound allowing boys to easily annoy older siblings. Boys can also sit on this board while rocking back and forth. It is also possible to run on and off the board and use it in a variety of other physical ways encouraging the strengthening of large muscle groups through fun play.

While the suction cups will not stick on a carpet, there are still a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces where this toy can be used. Sidewalks, asphalt driveways, hardwood floors and tile floors are all possibilities. Additionally, the toy can still be used to practice balancing.



Cozmo may be the perfect robot for those five-year-old boys who want to learn to code. This friendly robot made up of over 300 parts loves to get to know you, and he will recognize your face, tell the boy his name and love doing many activities alongside the young adventurer. Boys can use a compatible iOS or Android device to code activities for Cozmo to do.

This white robot is equipped with many different games that he can play with a five-year-old boy. New levels are unlocked the more a boy plays with the robot. Developers are encouraged to create new games and activities for Cozmo and share them with others. Cozmo even shows emotions on his screen, and he can be programmed to interact with his power blocks.

The boy cannot play with Cozmo unless it is connected to a tablet or other device, as this effectively acts as the ‘remote control’ as well as the coding interface. That device cannot be used for other things while playing with Cozmo but that is normal for any app you are playing on a phone at any one time.


Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel

While most people settle on Crayola as the brand of choice for young kids art supplies, this little set from Faber-Castell is a great gift idea. The five-year-old boy who loves creating his own art projects will love this art kit containing crayons, dry erase markers, colored pencils, a sharpener, sponge and a sketch pad. Boys can use the sturdy case as a lap board, whiteboard or chalkboard giving them lots of options to display their artwork.

Once they have finished playing, all supplies tuck neatly inside making it an easy-to-grab toy for that unexpected trip. Your budding artist will be sure to find many things that they want to draw. The great news is that once the included paper is used up, inexpensive copy paper easily fits in this kit.

This kit may also be used to teach children how to stay organized. Others suggest that there is plenty of room in this easel to throw in a pair of kid-friendly scissors for the budding artist to use. Some users find the whiteboard difficult to erase. Using a baby wipe allows young five-year-old boy artists to easily accomplish this task.


Fantasy Fort Kit

Five-year-old boys will love building forts with this kit that contains 32 pieces of fiberboard with each one measuring 22 X 22 inches. Velcro connectors on each side of the boards allow this fort to go together in an infinite number of ways. Boys can even use it to build two-story forts. The company offers both 16 and 32 piece kits allowing different size forts to be constructed. After playing with the fort, the boy can easily snap six pieces together to form a storage box for the pieces.

This kit is for indoor use only as it will not stand up well to harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that the pieces are fiberboard, so climbing on top of the fort may cause the pieces to break.


PBOX -132Pcs, 5-in-1 DIY Creative Stacking Toys, Educational Construction Engineering Toy

The little engineer that you love will have fun building up to five different vehicles with this kit. The 132 piece set includes the parts to build a race car, bike, prop plane, helicopter and bulldozer. The five-year-old boy will learn to work with tools including a screwdriver and a wrench while helping to develop their fine-motor skills. The included instruction sheet allows children to learn to follow directions. The bright orange and blue colors make this a kit that will easily hold their attention, and it can be quickly torn apart allowing children the fun of building it again.

These flexible materials will not hurt feet even when stepped on barefoot. This toy can be difficult for children to assemble the first time alone. With a little guidance first time round though, they will be building away for hours of fun.  It is a great stem toy for introducing mathematical and engineering principals as well as problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Peaceable Kingdom Snug as a Bug in A Rug Game

Help the five-year-old boy learn to play well with others along with reinforcing skills like counting, colors, numbers and shapes with this fun board game designed for children four to eight. Players work together to try to get all bugs hidden under the rug before three stink bugs show up to ruin the game. There are three different levels of gameplay, so this board game expands as the child is ready to conquer new challenges. Boys will naturally build their eye-hand coordination and small muscles as they flick the spinner when it is their turn. Additionally, waiting for their turn helps to build patience in boys.

This game is meant to be played with two to four players. While it can be played with more, the game would be over very quickly. Boys who often play by themselves may find it difficult to find someone to play this game with them.


Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes – 3 Foam Plane Glider Toys for Boys and Girls

Yep, no list would be complete without the addition of the stomp rocket. Who knew such a simple educational toy could be so much fun. That a foam rocket could be put in the same STEM bracket as a science kit. Who knew, but here we are.

The classic game is incredibly easy to set up and simple to play with. Your little boy or girl runs and jumps as hard as they can on the launcher, which then blasts the foam rocket into the sky. With some supervision and guidance, your little ones will learn a little about aerodynamics, gradients, force or if that all goes over their heads they will have some awesome fun. The stomp rocket set comes with three different foam rockets. Each of them has a slightly different design. Your kids can play around with finding who is the best blaster, which rocket flies best, at which angle etc.

It’s the perfect gift for any time of year and fun for both kids and adults.


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