10 Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Boys – 2022

Your four-year-old boy is full of curiosity and energy, and they’re usually in preschool. Their days are full of several fun and interesting activities and projects, and they’re starting to make friends and like to play in groups. They’re beginning to develop an interest in a variety of games and toys, and this can make finding the best gifts and toys for 4 year old boys fun.

If you’re not sure what types of toys and games you should buy your child, our roundup of the top 10 toys and gifts for four-year-olds can help. We’ve also included a short development guide, so you understand why these toys are good choices, and you can compare them quickly and easily with our reviews.

Four-Year-Old Development

At this stage, your child is starting to learn their shapes, letters, numbers, and get interested in more educational toys. It’s also the point where positive encouragement is a good thing, and toys that encourage them to try again if they miss something are good ideas. You don’t want them to get frustrated and quit.

Their imaginations can also start to run wild at this point, and you may find your child engaging in a lot of make-believe play. This is all normal, and it’s a period of a lot of growth. Your child will also be more verbal, and they’ll start to develop their personalities more. You may notice that this is the age where they start to get closer to their friends, and preschool is usually important at this point.

4 Year Old Boys Gift Ideas and Toy Categories

Your child is learning a lot, and you don’t want the learning to stop when they get home. Kid-friendly computers or educational toys are nice to have. You’ll also want toys that help to teach your child letters, colors, and numbers in a fun way.

It’s also a good idea to have toys that encourage your child to have imaginative play time. A lot of children like to imagine that they’re superheroes or that they’re in an adult job. Toys that let them build and create can be a fast way to entertain them for hours at a time, and they’ll be able to bright other kids in to play in the same creative space.

10 Best Gifts and Toys for 4 Year Old Boys Reviewed

ETI Toys Original Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

This building set comes with 12 fun and easy toy designs that help your child work on their hand-eye coordination, creativity, and fine motor skills. These bright and large blocks also help your child build his social skills, and they encourage teamwork.

This building kit is a 101 piece set, and the large pieces are easy to put together and take apart. They’re made out of a durable plastic that is washable with soap and water for easy cleaning. You get two wrenches so more than one child can play at once, and it all stores in a plastic bin.


  • Contains 101 large and bright pieces
  • Pieces are easy to put together and take apart


  • Bolts can loosen up quickly when your child plays with them
  • Can be difficult to put together


My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

You can choose from eight different colors with this fun interactive toy, suitable for 4 year old boys and girls. It encourages your child to jump around and burn off some of his seemingly endless energy. It makes a slight noise when your child hops on it, and it can provide hours of fun.

The base is made out of a soft and durable foam, and the handle is also coated with a soft foam for extra safety precautions. This toy also helps to build your child’s hand-eye coordination, their balancing skills, and their counting skills because they can keep track of how many times they hop. It is a toy that is as much fun as an indoor toy, as it is an outdoor toy.


  • Made with a soft and durable foam
  • Can withstand up to 220 pounds without issues


  • Squeaker may wear out quickly
  • May be too short for taller kids to use it comfortably


USA Toyz Rocket Ship Play Tent

This durable pop-up tent is perfect for indoor our outdoor use, and it helps to encourage your child’s imagination when they use it. You can put it together without any tools, and it wipes clean with a damp cloth.

This pop-up tent is designed to look like a fun rocket ship, and it has breathable mesh windows. Your child will also enjoy the included projector that displays space, rocket, and 24-star projections around the tent. It has a large door that you can roll up and Velcro open while your child plays.


  • Easy to set up and keep clean
  • Comes with a rocket, star, and space projector


  • Frame is made out of fiberglass rods and they can break
  • Projector is made out of thin plastic and it seems flimsy


ToyVelt Workbench with Realistic Tools

This large tool bench comes with over 60 pieces including 12 tools and 68 additional pieces and parts. Your child will enjoy the plastic saw, hammer, and the moving electric drill as well as the screws, nuts, bolts, and much more in this great construction toy set.

This high quality playset encourages your child to develop their fine-motor skills as well as their problem solving and imagination as they build and take apart several projects. The bench folds up into a neat carrying case with a handle so your child can store all of his tools and pieces in one convenient place.


  • Bench folds up into a compact carrying and storage case
  • Comes with 12 different tools and over 60 additional pieces


  • Some of the pieces are on the smaller side
  • Bench is short and may be difficult for larger kids to use


Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center

This high quality, fun and educational toy will teach your four-year-old about patterns and colors. They’ll use the toy power drill, designed for little hands, to put kid-friendly screws into a durable board to create various patterns. He’ll enjoy 20 different patterns, two drill bits, 120 chunky bolts, drill, and a combination wrench. It might not look like a STEM toy, but it really is, specifically for engineering.

He’ll be able to recreate the pictures he sees in his activity guide, or he can create his own creative designs. This great toy will also help him work on his fine motor skills and problem solving skills. The bright and bold colors will catch his attention, and he’ll be able to use it and reuse it again and again.


  • Comes with large and bright pieces
  • Allows your child to create his own patterns


  • Does take a while to remove the bolts from the base
  • Drill may fail after repeated use and only go in reverse


Sooper Beads Crystal Soil Water Beads

These fun water beads are great for sensory play, and a little pack goes a long way. They’re designed to be non-fade, non-toxic, and 100 percent biodegradable so they’re safe for your little one to play with and experiment with.

You can stick them in water, and your child can watch them grow right in front of their eyes. It’s a great toy for kids with sensory processing disorder, and your child can use them in a variety of projects. They come in several fun colors, and you can purchase larger beads as well.


  • Can be used as a sensory processing toy
  • Very easy to use and are non-toxic


  • May break apart with rough use


Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

This durable ride-on trike comes in five different colors and themes so your four-year-old can have their favorite character. It has three large wheels that make it very easy to balance, and it encourages your little boy to do physical activities and burn of their excess energy with some fun outdoor play.

This perfect gift is designed to have big foot pedals that are easier for younger kids to reach and use. The handlebars have easy-grip capabilities, and there is an additional storage compartment hidden under the seat. The seat itself is also slightly wider, and this allows your child to ride it for longer times and stay comfortable. These are brilliant outdoor toys for 4 year old boys.


  • Has large durable wheels for good balance
  • Bigger pedals are easier to reach and use


  • Decals and paint may scratch or flake off over time


Hero Wow Dress Up Costumes Cartoon Satin Capes Set

Your little superhero’s imagination will run wild with these fun cape and felt mask sets. No need for action figures, your little boy and his friends ARE the action figures! The satin capes come in several bright colors, and they feature superheros like Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Flash, Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Captain America. These dress up sets can encourage your child’s imaginative play as they make up stories and pretend play to be the various superheroes in their scenarios. They really are a great gift for social play which something that can really start to develop at this early age.


  • Get eight different superhero masks, capes
  • Features very bright colors and images


  • Velcro fasteners may peel off or not stick securely over time


DIMY Pull Back Cars

Your four-year-old car enthusiast will love this 20 piece race car and construction equipment and dump truck set. The two-inch toy cars are specially designed to fit smaller hands, and the bright colors will catch and hold your child’s attention for hours.

He can pull these toy cars back and send them racing across the floor. Each car is made out of high-grade ABS plastic for added durability, and they are coated with a non-toxic and water-based paint. He can play with them alone or with a group of his friends, and you won’t have to worry about them breaking. This is a great set of toys for 4 year old boys


  • Can pull back the cars and race them across the floor
  • Very safe and durable construction


  • Wheels may stick and stop spinning over time
  • Decals may peel off or scratch over time


VTech Little Apps Tablet

This kid’s computer comes with a variety of games that slowly get harder as your child completes level after level. It can help your four-year-old learn their letters, and the small piano keyboard can help them learn music and play along with several songs.

Your little boy will go on a fun-filled adventure with a color-changing LCD screen (no LED light), several sound effects, and engaging and interactive games. This great learning toy has an automatic shut off feature, volume control, and battery saving mode so the batteries last. These gadgets also feature a compact design so your little one can take it with them in the car.


  • Has several kid-friendly games and activities
  • Helps your child learn their letters and music


  • No option to plug in earphones
  • Screen can be slightly dark for some of the games


No matter if your four-year-old boy has a wild imagination and likes building things or if he likes to be outside and playing with scooters or trikes, our roundup of the 10 best toys for 4-year-old boys has something for everyone. There are choices here that will work equally well as a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. Our picks can encourage their imaginations, let them imitate construction work and jobs, play with cars and computers, and much more. The learning won’t end when they get home, and your four-year-old will continue to develop and grow happily and healthily.



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