10 Best Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls – 2022

Your ten-year-old girl is leaving her young childhood years behind her. Some days she might seem like a little teenager and some days she may revert to her sillier ways. Buying gifts and toys at this age need to take into account her growing individuality, her quick mind, and her boundless energy. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. We have put together a list of some of the best gifts and toys for ten year old girls, and we’ve even answered a few questions you might have about what’s going on in their minds right now. Let’s take a look.


10 Best Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

Our first toy taps into her natural curiosity. The Big Bag of Science includes over 70 science activities your little girl can do to foster that curiosity and help her answer some questions about how the world works.

This science kit includes experiments from three different parts of the scientific disciplines. The activities in this great gift span a range from Chemistry to Biology to flight. The four-color instruction booklet is easy to follow with photos and illustrations. STEM toys and activities are a vital part of her education. Science teaches her to think outside the box, to problem solve, use logical thinking and to notice cause and effect. She can think critically and use all those skills in both academics and real life.

Giving her a chance to foster that love is something that will stay with her. Her natural curiosity is suited to the sciences, and this science kit has enough things to do that she’ll never get bored. This great gift works well for 10 year old boys too.




Beados Crystals S4 Crystal Designer Studio

Beados are an awesome way for her to unleash her artistic talents. The craft kit inspires creativity for kids and she can create her own jewellery designs, such as charm bracelets or friendship bracelets without hot glue or confusing weaving. The Beados crystals are stored by color. She can add them to her template with her bead pen. When she has it exactly the way she wants, all she does is wet the beads, and they fuse together.

This is one of the perfect gifts for girls that have a natural creative streak. The craft kit comes with over 600 Beados gems, and there’s a storage container with a comfortable pen. She can spin the container to choose her color and drop them into the templates. She can make a few different accessories including rings, bracelet charms, and necklace charms. There are plenty of refills for both Beados and the templates.

Anything that allows her to express her individuality creatively will be a hit. She also practices focus and patience as she places each bead in the right place on her template. She can plan out her design and see it all the way to fruition.




K2 Skate Girl’s Charm X Boa Inline Skates

Inline skates are a cool way to blow off all that energy left over after school. Much like a scooter or a skateboard, they require balance and coordination, helping her to develop critical physical skills. Plus, they go fast.

These skates are a fun black and pink design with the Boa lacing system. They’re high on the ankle to help her balance and protect those delicate joints. They are easy on and easy off and are simple to adjust for a better fit. These skates provide a stable ride with smooth, durable wheels. They glide smoothly over many different kinds of surfaces, and once she gets the hang of the basic movements, she can practice tricks.

Physical activity is a crucial part of her physical and mental well-being. If you don’t have room for a bike, inline skates can be a good way for her to get outside without the bulkiness of a bike. These make a great Birthday gift, especially if your girl has a spring or summer birthday. They work equally as well as a Christmas gift but depending on the weather, they may need to wait a while until they get to try them outdoors.




Twister Ultimate: Bigger Mat, More Colored Spots; Compatible with Alexa (Amazon Exclusive)

It’s at this age that young girls will often be invited to, or arrange a sleepover with their best friends. A great way for your girl to bring some awesome fun to her sleepover, is with a great party game like Twister Ultimate. Based on the best seller,  original Twister game, where real people make up the pieces of the board game. Only Twister Ultimate is twice the size of the original, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

This is a great game for young girls to have some real fun with their best friends, to let their hair down and engage in some social play. It also works well as a family game, good to dig out at parties. Besides, it’s quality time away from video games and tablets, and it’s important to encourage social engagement on the real world rather than social media as much as possible. That’s not to say they won’t take a selfie or two!




Doodle Pillowcase

When she was a small child, she probably liked to draw all over the walls or her bed. It wasn’t ok at the time, but now she can get that same feeling with her own doodle pillowcase.

It’s a high quality 200 thread count pillowcase made from durable cotton. It’s smooth to the touch and soft to sleep on. The kit comes with the pillowcase and ten washable markers. The markers are double sided with a fat tip on one end and fine on the other.

She can design her pillowcase and then wash it out to start over again. It’s vital that she express her creativity regularly and this can be one option for her. There’s also a secret message pad printed on the inside of the case.

It fits a standard pillow and is washable on a warm, gentle cycle.




littleBits Base Kit – Rule Your Room

STEM activities are something she’ll be seeing in her classroom soon enough (if she hasn’t already). LittleBits Base kit brings all those coding skills to something essential to her, her own room.

She can use the bits and pieces included in the kit to turn everyday objects into things she can use to keep little brother or sister out of her space. She can make a room alarm, a nightlight, a coded safe, and other DIY gadgets and experiments.

It comes with the parts and directions for eight different DIY activities. The base kit also inspires her to take a look at her environment and see possibilities for hundreds of other gadgets and inventions.

It helps her to look at things with an engineer’s eye. She practices cause and effect, critical thinking, and problem-solving.




Perplexus Original – Interactive Maze Game with 100 Challenges

Her brain needs a good workout, and she’s at the age where the sense of competition against herself can hold her attention. Perplexus is a 3D puzzle game in which she has to guide a tiny metal ball through a track by turning the ball. Sound simple? Not exactly.

She has to follow the numbers across the track or any other types of challenges included in the booklet. There are over a hundred different ways to play the game, and it should keep her focused for hours.

It helps develop problem-solving skills, and she can practice some really fine motor skills. She learns patience as she works through each problem, and soon she’ll be competing against her friends or maybe even you. It’s a fascinating puzzle toy that she can play again and again.




ALEX Spa Fun Sparkle Tattoo Parlor – Peace and Love

Her self-expression gets a bump from this edgy kit that lets her design her own glitter temporary tattoos. It includes four different colors of glitter, brushes, and tattoo glue. The stencils all feature trendy designs appropriate for this age.

The 12 different stencils can be used alone, or she can combine them to create unique designs that can be washed off after a few days. The glitter and the glue are safe and nontoxic. They shouldn’t cause any irritations, but be sure to test a small area just in case.

This tattoo art kit is a unique take on some beauty kits for this age. She can be very creative with it by designing and carefully applying things herself. There’s also a social aspect if she and her friends can experiment with the tattoos together.




The Daring Book for Girls

Move over, Dangerous Book for Boys, the girls have their own version now. This book is everything a girl needs to know, but that doesn’t mean just sitting at home and baking cookies. There are essential skills, science experiments, and games.

This kind of book taps into her natural creativity, but also helps her practice her reading skills. She can go through the entire book and come back again and again as a reference. It encourages her to be curious about her environment and to explore.

Books that build confidence are critical at this age. She’s beginning to understand who she is and what she can become. The book is interesting enough to keep her focus. It’s full of information and answers to questions she might already have, even about boys (though that doesn’t constitute a majority of the book).




Ourlife kids Waterproof Camera with Video Recorder

Ourlife Kids’ waterproof camera is a durable, kid-proof video camera that she can use to record what’s happening in her life. The menu is easy to use and learn. She can upload videos to any compatible computer.

She can take video and photos with full support for both. The lithium-ion battery gives her up to 90 minutes of recording time in HD 1280×720 and 30 frames per second. It comes with a strap, a mount for a bicycle, and a waterproof case. There’s a micro SD slot with capacity of up to 32 GB.

She can express herself and share her opinions with the world. Your girl can plan out a movie or video and see it through to execution. She has to plan, problem solve, think creatively, and it gives her an outlet for expression. It’s all in one durable, capable video camera that certainly isn’t those toy cameras she had when she was a toddler.




Gift Ideas For Ten Year Old Girls – Buyer’s Guide

Kids this age love to challenge themselves. Your ten year old might seem like your baby one day, and then transform the next into an independent person. It’s a whirlwind of changes happening, and it can be confusing for both of you.

As she grows up, it’s important to keep a few things in mind as you shop for her.

Self Expression

She’s officially left her young child years behind her. She’s closer in age to those teenagers she emulates on television. Things that let her experiment with her identity are valuable tools for helping her understand herself and the world around her.

Choose gifts that give her a range of options for creative thinking. Whether it’s on paper or her own body, these types of activities provide a valuable foundation in confidence with who she is. She may well step away from the imaginative play from early childhood, into more social and ‘real world’ interaction.

STEM Activities

Kids are sponges and making leaps and bounds in their knowledge. This is the perfect time to introduce her to STEM activities like science and technology kits. She’ll gain confidence in her learning without feeling like she’s stuck in a classroom. The skills practiced now will follow her throughout her school career and life.

Social Activities

During this age, kids are a lot more confident about their social lives than they are about school. However, they can still feel some hesitation over social interactions with friends. Giving them things that allow them to interact with purpose may help alleviate some of that anxiety. Things that are collectibles or compatible with other sets can be good choices.



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