10 Best Gifts And Toys For 2 Year Old Boys – 2022 Guide

Finding gifts or toys for 2 year old boys can be a challenge. After all, they are leaving babyhood, so traditional baby gifts and toys will not interest him. Yet at the same time, play is not just “play;” its important work for a toddler. In fact, research has shown that birth to age three is the most important period of a child’s development, and play is a critical part of that development. Play helps your little one develop skills in a number of areas.

Problem solving

Play helps children learn how to evaluate a problem and come up with a solution to it.

Make Believe

A toddler is learning who he is outside of a parent or other adult, and play allows him to imitate what he sees people around him doing as well as try it a different way.


During this time in his life, his imagination is growing and play helps support that.


When a little one is directing activities, things don’t always work out like he planned, and play gives him a safe place to learn how to “go with the flow.”


Play allows children the freedom to try new things and fail in a safe way. This including
learning what will happen in response to the choices they make.

Cause and Effect

Children are like little scientists in that they are naturally inquisitive about the relationships in the world around them. Play allows them to study those relationships.


Almost all forms of play require a child be active, from simply lifting things to actually running around which strengthens the body.

Body Awareness

Closely related to exercise, play not only promotes a child’s muscular growth, but also teaches him about how his body operates in the world and how it effects things around him.

A quick note, two year old boys are still quite young, so make sure the toys they are playing with still meet the safety standards one would consider for a younger child. Though they are not placing items in their mouths like they did as infants, still make sure there are no loose buttons or small parts of a toy that can cause choking. Also, make sure the materials are non-toxic and flame retardant. Above all considerations, the game or toy a child is presented with should be fun! The best toys are those that will engage them.


Reviews Of The Best Gifts And Toys For 2 Year Old Boys

1. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic.

Building blocks are one of those fundamental toys that children can play with for years, and Mega Bloks are no exception. These brightly-colored blocks slip together and pull apart easily. Also, being “Mega,” they will support the little guy’s gross and fine motor skill development by giving him something his little hands can grasp and build with.

Then, as he grows, the toy will grow with him, allowing him to build larger and more complex structures. This is also an easy toy to using with someone else, like another child or adult. This will help the child develop his social skills.
This toy helps a child develop in a variety of critical ways: physical, in stacking blocks higher and higher, creative, in imagining new designs, cognitive, in planning and learning sequencing, social, in learning to take instructions and sharing with friends, and finally, language, like the words for colors, “stack,” “up,” “take apart.” This set is compatible with other Mega Blocks sets and comes in it’s own zippered carrying case.


2. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

Two-year-olds are starting to engage in imaginative role play by imitating the adults they see around them. This is how they learn about the world. Starting at this age, providing props for make believe play is very important, like a Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset.

This play kitchen is exactly the right size for your two-year old friends, and includes a 20 piece set of assorted dishes, like plates, frying pan, and utensils. There is enough space for the toddler to “work,” pretending to cut and assemble ingredients. The kitchen is designed to match current style trends and also set up to make special sounds and effects to mimic what a child really hears in an actual kitchen! It is simple to assemble and will fit into the corner of a kitchen or living room. This is one of the best toys for 2 year olds for developing social and imaginative play, for pretend play with family or friends.


3. TheCroco LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike, (4.3 lbs), Ages 1.5 to 5 Years

A great gift idea for a two-year-old boy includes big toys that help him develop his gross motor skills, like ride-on toys and tricycles. TheCroco balance bike is the perfect gift for a boy that’s two years old. A balance bike is build just like a traditional road bike, but without the wheels. Instead, the little boy propels himself by pushing his feet on the pavement. This is a fantastic way for a child to build muscle and gross motor skills as well as improve their balance and coordination. It also promoted independence and self-confidence.

TheCroco balance bike boasts an ultralight aluminum frame, which makes it both sturdy yet light enough for a toddler to pick up. That also means it won’t hurt the child if it falls on him. Assembly is quick and easy. Also, don’t forget the helmet!


4. Green Toys Farm Playset.

This playset comes with everything a child needs to imagine he’s playing on a farm! A barn, tractor, fencing and animals. All of these pieces fit inside the barn for easy storage and transport. It is made of 100% recycled plastic and is phthalate and BPA free.

This classic kids toy set promotes language development, fine-motor skills, coordination and imagination. It makes a great addition to any existing toy set, but works equally well as a stand alone toy that your little boy can move around easily


5. B. Drumroll Toy Drum Set (includes 7 Percussion Instruments for Kids)

Small musical instruments are valuable for a child’s cognitive development, as well as his fine and gross motor skills by encouraging movement and rhythm. Playing these small musical toy instruments will also develop his listening skills, dexterity, and coordination.

All the instruments that some with this set fit inside the drum, making it easy to transport. The instruments are just the right size for little hands. Come with tambourine, slide whistle, drumsticks, clapper, and egg shaker. A musical toy set like this is a great learning toy for little people. It might make playtime a bit noisy, but you can’t let that hold back curious minds. Every artist, be that musical or otherwise has to start somewhere!


6. Melissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle (8 pcs).

Melissa and Doug is a company that has a long-standing history of making children’s toys that inspire open-ended creative thinking and play. The materials they use are safe and durable.

The Wooden Safari Chunky Puzzle displays eight different kinds of animals in bright colors. The animal pieces can be used independent of the puzzle for more creative expression. The pieces are all large to help a small child grasp and manipulate them easily. While doing the puzzle, the child will work on matching, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. It will also help him develop patience, work on problem-solving skills and gain confidence in his abilities.


7. SVOC Magnetic Blocks, Magnetic Building Blocks Tiles Set, Educational Toys for Kids/Toddlers/Children with Wheels, 93 Pieces.

Though this is also a set of blocks, it is a little different from the Mega Bloks listed earlier in this article. Magnetic blocks work by bonding together through the help of powerful magnets that line the side, rather than sliding into one another. This means

This is an open-ended toy in that there no limit to what a child can build and he will play with it for years to come.
These blocks come in rich colors and a variety of shapes, which opens opportunity for a child to develop him imagination and creativity, as well as problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperation with others, and language acquisition. The only problem you may find with this toy is not having enough blocks!


8. Jumbo Stringing & Lacing Bead Set.

This gift will further help a child develop his fine motor skills and provide a tool for color and shape recognition.

The Jumbo Stringing & Lacing Bead Set comes with 36 1.5 inch beads and four lacing strings. These are all in bright colors and BPA free. It comes in an easy to pack drawstring back for easy clean up and transport. All of these items are washable, important for sometimes sticky fingers! There is also an ebook for design and pattern ideas.

A bead stringing set helps a child fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It can also help a child learn sorting, pattern recognition and sequencing, both of which are vital for mathematical learning.


9. VTech Touch & Swipe Baby Phone.

The phone itself has two different screens the child can toggle between and these screens contain 12 different pretend apps that light up at his touch. There are also different musical buttons where he can hear different instruments sound, or hear different songs. The phone includes songs like the ABCs, 123s, and first words.

The child can use this phone to learn and make music, and he can also pretend he is talking to grandma. This toy helps build social skills and imagination. It is extremely durable and small enough to travel easily. It is also easy to clean. The phone has an auto shut-off feature and come with two AAA batteries.


10. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Toddlers learn by engaging as many of their senses as possible, and water play is a fantastic teacher for them. They can feel the flow of water and temperature on their hands. The can hear it splash or flow down the slide. They can see the water rise and fall as more is poured in or taken out. They might even try to taste it!

This is a perfect toy during the summer. The table is large enough to play with friends. It comes with several toys, including a centerpiece spiral slide, several balls that will scoop up and drop down balls, a funnel and spinning wheel that will turn when water is poured over it.

The play table is easy to set up and the water is easy to drain after each use. It is also versatile in terms of height – it can stand up on four legs, or those legs can be removed so the child can sit around it and play.


Two year old boys are literally learning and doing everything for the first time. They have a lot of energy and interest in everything around them. They also have a lot of energy and interest in everything around them. While this can sometimes seem overwhelming, it can also be a lot of fun. While it does provide a challenge to find a toy that will stimulate his burgeoning cognitive and language skills, these ten suggestions will help anyone choose a perfect gift or toys for 2 year old boys.



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