10 Best Gifts And Toys For Two Year Old Girls – 2022

Your two-year-old girl is full of energy, and she can be fascinated by toys that light up, flash, and make noise. She also likes to explore, and this can keep you on your toes as you try to keep her out of things she shouldn’t be in and safe. It can make picking out the best toys difficult because you want to balance fun and educational. We understand this need, and this is why we rounded up the 10 best gifts and toys for two year old girls and compiled some mini-reviews.

We’ll tell you why your child will like them and what they help your little one accomplish when they use them. Before we get to the reviews, we’ll have a short guide that will tell you all about your two-year-old girl’s development so you can better understand why these types of toys are important.


What Your Two-Year-Old is Like

This is the age where you may notice that your little one wants to do everything by herself. She wants to pick out her own clothing and eat on her own, even if she is prone to spilling. She may also start to throw temper tantrums because she doesn’t know how to verbalize her thoughts, wants, and feelings. You may also notice her clinging to you or following you around asking “why?” and wanting to know everything.

All of this is normal, and it shows that she’s starting to develop her independence. She’ll like to have a night time routine that stays fairly consistent night after night. She may also think that everything is hers, and she won’t be shy telling you about it! You’ll want to start introducing more educational toys to help her develop her fine motor skills. She’s probably walking or starting to walk by now, so those can be helpful to help her get around.


Types of Toys For Two Year Old Girls

As your little one is getting up and around on her own, you may want to look for walking or push toys. They’ll help her balance as she’s up and about, and most of them come with other things to do with puzzles, sounds, or lights. She likes toys that she can interact with and ones that make fun noises. Usually, the more noise a toy can make, the happier she is.

Large puzzles might also hold her attention, as well as blocks or educational toys that help to teach her letters and numbers. You want to play with your child and encourage her to explore the world around her in a safe manner. Of course, role play and pretend play will also be coming to fruition at this age too.


Best Gifts and Toys for 2 Year Old Girl Reviews

Bettroom Wooden Chunky Puzzles

Help your 2 year old learn colors, shapes, and patterns with this bright wooden block set. It comes with 20 blocks in five different shapes and five different bright colors that will capture your child’s interest. They’re larger pieces, so you don’t have to worry about choking hazards. This shape sorter toy is very similar to the range of Melissa & Doug toys out there, which are also great for this age group.

This toy encourages your child to work on their hand-eye coordination and problem solving, as well as their fine motor skills and they learn which blocks fit on which pegs. They’re non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free for a safe toy. It also encourages your child’s physical development as they’ll move around to put the blocks on the pegs.


  • Comes with 20 bright blocks in five shapes
  • Non-toxic, BPA, lead, and phthalate free paint


  • Pegs may break off with rough use


Green Toys Dump Truck in Pink Color

This pink dump truck can help little people improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as their gripping reflex. You get a workable dumper with rounded edges that is safe for your child to lean on and push around.

This toy is made out of recycled plastic, and it is BPA-free along with having no palates, or PVC. There are also no metal axles for a safer toy. It’s easy to clean, and you can wash it with a mild soap. Your child can use this dump truck indoors and outside as well.


  • Very safe recycled plastic design
  • No metal parts, BPA, PVC, or palates for an environmentally-friendly toy


  • Comes in a slightly smaller size


Caseometry Light-up Waterproof Bathtub Toy

This durable plastic water bath toy is the perfect way to let your child explore colors and have fun. With a simple button, your child can switch between three different bright color modes that flash and flicker with LED brightness.

Your child can push this bath toy around on top of the water or submerge it for underwater fun. It’s a great gift to help them develop their fine motor skills as they search for and push the button to switch the colors, and it’ll help them start to recognize and learn their colors. There are no small parts or pieces to worry about.


  • Features a very durable and waterproof plastic design
  • Flashes several different bright colors and patterns


  • Might be smaller than expected


Anyshock Outdoor and Indoor Tent PlayHouse Castle

This princess castle is large enough for two or three smaller children to play in at once. It’s a great way to give your child their own space to play in while you can still keep a close eye on their activities.

This tent encourages imaginative play, and pretend play. You can purchase rubber balls to fill it with to help develop their fine motor skills. Your child can enjoy this tent outside in the sunshine or indoors as much as they want. It has a bright and colorful design along with a safe and thin mesh material. This gift idea is a great place for your 2 year old girl to house all her stuffed animals, or to play dress up with her friends.


  • Encourages imaginative play indoors and outside
  • Easy to set up
  • Make of a soft and breathable mesh


  • May not be durable enough for rough play
  • Doesn’t come with anything but the tent


VAlinks Giraffe Microphone

There are two animals that are always a hit with kids. Those are Unicorns (ok this is technically a mythical creature but humor me) and Giraffes. In this case, the shape of a Giraffe is entirely unnecessary but somewhat adds to the toy. This fun giraffe-shaped microphone comes with a range of features to entertain your little girl. It also comes in two different colors, yellow and pink, and it is unisex, so suitable for 2 year old boys too. It encourages your child to engage in imaginative play and to work on their speech. You can store all of your children’s favorite music and they can sing along. In terms of features, the Giraffe Microphone comes with:

  • 3 voice modes: Normal, Male and Child.
  • 128MB Storage Space, and a port to insert an SD card for extra storage.
  • Can play any of your little ones songs or stories that are imported or on the SD card.
  • Can also connect via Bluetooth to play from external devices.
  • There are approximately 20 songs and 7 stories included as default.

It features a USB charging port and a quick charging time, as well as Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync it up to your child’s favorite music videos. This microphone comes with an 18 month warranty against damage and defects so you can send it back quickly and easily if you encounter a problem. It’s one of the age-appropriate, best toys for 2 year old girls to encourage hours of fun with pretend play and engagement with musical toys.


  • Designed to be a fun and bright giraffe
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Built-in fun voice sound effects, stories and songs
  • Rechargeable and wireless so they can take it on the go.


  • Has very finicky volume control
  • May be slightly difficult to grasp


Rolimate Wooden Learning Hammering and Pounding Toys

This sturdy wooden toy has safe rounded edges and large pieces for your child to enjoy without getting hurt. It comes with several fun activities, and your child will enjoy matching the shapes up to the holes, making music with the instruments, and pounding the balls into the holes.

This great toy encourages your child to explore music and work on their shapes when they use it. It is made with non-toxic finishes and paints, so it’s safe for your child to use. Finally, your child will have fun using the small hammer to make noise.


  • Comes with several fun activities in one toy
  • Contains safe and non-toxic materials


  • Has a lot of pieces that can get lost
  • Can be a very loud toy, but then sometimes the best toys are a bit noisy!


Funslane Chef Set for Kids Cooking Play Set

This miniature chef set can keep your child entertained as she uses her little hands and imagination to play grown-ups in the kitchen, creating some yummy pretend (or real) food. She’ll enjoy a mini spoon, rolling pin, whisk, cookie cutters, apron, and a chef’s hat all in one compact kit. She can take her playtime tea parties to the next level of creative play with this chef set.

You can also use this kit to encourage your child’s interest in food, and you also get a miniature oven mitt and glove. Let them be mommy or daddy’s, little helper. The cookie cutters are fun shapes, and your child can use them to start learning about their different shapes.


  • Toy encourages imaginative play and food interest
  • Comes with several fun and educational accessories


  • Certain parts may be too thin and flimsy
  • Pieces are very small


Kidoozie My First Purse

This bright and interactive purse has everything your little girl could want. She’ll get a fun cellphone, keys, unbreakable mirror, wallet, plastic debit card, and a plastic lipstick that she can pack into her purse and take with her. It encourages interactive and imaginative play.

The high quality, bright pink and purple design will catch your child’s attention, and the larger pieces mean that she can play safely. The purse is made out of a soft and durable material that is easy to clean, and the included accessories are very bright colors as well.


  • Comes with several bright and safe accessories
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • Fake cellphone doesn’t light up and make noise
  • Wallet doesn’t open up and is solid


VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Your child will adore this bright and interactive toy. She can sit on the floor and play with it, sit on it and ride, or use it to practice walking. She can use it to learn her letters, numbers, colors, and sing along to fun songs.

The set makes noise when your child sits on it and moves, and it has 13 flip alphabet blocks, and durable alphabet book included. There are over 100 sing-a-long songs with five bright piano keys as well. It also comes with several fun lighted areas for additional fun.


  • Can use this toy in three different ways
  • Has over 100 sing-a-long songs included


  • Has a very tall and narrow design that is top-heavy
  • Repeats several songs over and over


VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This steering wheel toy comes with a cute dog figurine that moves back and forth as your child moves the wheel back and forth. It encourages her to use her imagination along with her fine motor skills. She can push five different buttons to get animal and car noises.

It has a built-in traffic light, a gear shifter, and a signal lever that she’ll have fun learning how to use. There are three play modes and dozens of fun melodies and songs that she can trigger by pushing the different buttons.


  • Has several different driving modes and sounds
  • Teaches imaginative play as well as fine motor skills


  • Has a slightly heavier design
  • Contains several very loud and repetitive features and songs


Your 2 year-old is a bundle of energy that likes to get into everything and keep you on your toes. Our list of 10 fun and interactive gifts and toys will help to keep her attention, and they can help develop several important skills. Along with helping her fine and gross motor skills, they can help her learn her shapes, letters, and numbers. The bright colors, sounds, and lights will help keep her focused and happy as she plays.



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