Top Ten Best HDMI Splitter Reviews For 2022

Modern technology is the result of the human need to connect and share. We share images, music, videos and other forms of data. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is another form of technology that enables us to share data across multiple screens. According to Wikipedia, HDMI is a digital form of analog video models. This article will explain what HDMI is, what are its advantages and uses. Furthermore, the article will explain the nature of HDMI splitters: what makes the best HDMI splitter and what are our top 10 splitters you can obtain today.


On HDMI Technology

HDMI is relatively new technology, its production starting in 2003. Technology developed alongside TVs, specifically digital TVs, one that promised HD quality.

Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony… these are just some of the companies that worked on HDMI. It’s not only the manufacturers that got interested, but also the news programs, movie producers, video game industry: it was a mixture of science and art.

In essence, HDMI 1.0 had a max pixel rate of 165, which was enough to allow 1080p quality, an HD quality. And there it was; everyone wanted to jump on the HD train. Technology spiraled out of control, each year new version arriving, the latest one is 2.1. Most modern HDMIs strive towards 4K resolution quality, some even aiming at 8k.

What does that mean? Well, higher resolution and higher display quality, bigger screens and better imagery. And since this is a digital technology, the idea that you can share one data from one source across multiple displays came into being.


The HDMI Splitter

HDMI splitters connect multiple devices, allowing them to share the same content. Data travels in the form of the signal through the cable, transmitting sound and image in High Definition quality.

When you want to use one source on multiple screens, then HDMI splitters are your safest and most efficient method. The user can take one input and display it across multiple screens, whether they are monitors, TVs, projectors, etc.

Splitters are useful for literally everyone: retail settings, educational institutions, news stations, events where multiple screens are used (cultural conventions, gaming events, sports events, etc.) Apart from serving various industries, consumers benefit from them too.


Consumer’s Guide To HDMI Splitters

HDMI splitters can help you whenever you want to display something on multiple screens. Watching sports, playing video games or working on multiscreen projects are just some examples where HDMI splitters might come in handy.

Here are some factors you should consider when buying an HDMI splitter:

  • The number of ports: if you plan on displaying the content across two or three screens, you don’t need an HDMI splitter with six or eight outputs.
  • Understand the hardware: for instance, if your TV can display in 2K resolution, you don’t need a splitter that displays 4K resolution. Such advanced splitters can overload older laptops, TVs or screens. Mind the version of HDMI splitter and on your device too. Furthermore, look for video and audio output quality and compatibility. We will discuss this in detail with each product on our list.
  • Parts and warranties: you should also mind the warranty, as well as the material used for manufacturing the splitter.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what HDMI splitters are, let’s talk about our top ten best HDMI splitter list.


Ten Best HDMI Splitter Reviews

1. OREI HDS-102

An OREI HDS-102 enables you to transmit one HDMI source into two displays, without sacrificing the quality. It is cost-efficient and suitable for consumer’s use.

It does not come with HDMI switch (an object that allows you to screen many sources on one screen). However, the manufacturer does offer HDY-401A and other switches together with the splitter.

Furthermore, the OREI HDS-102 is a 1.04 version, allowing you to screen in 4K. However, if you display across two screens of which one is 760p, and the other is 1080p, the HDS-102 will send a 760p signal to both screens, thus not overloading the 760p device.

The OREI HDS-102 supports all video formats, from 460p to 1440p, making it very compatible. Furthermore, the device is compatible with all audio options, from LPCM to DTS-HD.

Orei also gives one year warranty for all of its products, and customer services for all those who need additional information regarding their splitters.


Crystal clear duplication
Supports full HD
Supports 3D
Excellent cooling (a result of quality manufacturing material)


Two outputs might not suit everyone’s needs (one in and two out)



2. DGFAN HDMI Switch 3

The HDMI Switch 3 is suitable for devices with a limited number of ports. The DGFAN switch can connect three devices to just one output.

It comes with IR wireless remote controller, thus ensuring maximum comfort and leisure. The switch supports 4K HD and 3D, providing full HD resolution.

The splitter is compatible with almost any technology, and it works for TV, DVD and HD DVD players among many others. It is excellent for gaming too, ps3, ps4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Upon purchase, you will get the HDMI Switch, remote control, manual and 18-month warranty, together with the 30 days money back guarantee.

The switch also has the memory option technology, allowing you to save custom settings. Note that the DGFAN HDMI Switch doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, and you will have to purchase it separately.


Quality image display
Supports all standard audio technology
3 in 1 switch
IR remote controller for maximum comfort
Works with all platforms (Apple, Sony, Xbox, DVD, Blue Ray, etc)


Comes without cable
Bright LED light might disturb you



3. Ddida HDMI Splitter

Ddida HDMI Splitter is one input two outputs splitter is excellent at identifying and translating source content across two display screens.

The product is suitable for retailers, cafe and restaurant owners and consumers alike. Ddida HDMI Splitter features 1.4 version, supporting 3D, 1080p full HD, as well as 4K resolution. It comes with 30 days money back guarantee and one year warranty.

The splitter also features long-distance transmission, up to 30 feet without sacrificing the video and audio quality. Much like other devices from our list, it works perfectly with different platforms, such as computers, Sony, Xbox, Blueray, etc.

The most prominent feature of the Ddida HDMI Splitter is its long-distance transmission: the splitter is excellent at receiving and transmitting the signal at high speed, allowing it to travel further than its competitors.


Long distance transmitting
High-quality transmitting
Compatible with multiple devices
Supports 4K and full HD (1080p)


Only two outputs
To utilize long distance transmitting, you’ll need long cables



4. GANA HDMI Switch

GANA HDMI Switch features 4×2 K resolution, is easy to use (having clear three options) and is very cost effective. It has three inputs and one output, compatible with multiple devices: Xbox, Sony, Apple TV, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

Furthermore, the GANA HDMI Switch features full HD technology (1080p) and does not require an additional power source, unlike its competitors (the switch drains power from connected devices).

Its connectors are plated with gold, resistant to rust, thus assuring maximum quality. It supports anything from 12-bit to 36-bit colors. Also, the device is compatible with older HDMI appliances and devices.

Last but not least, GANA HDMI Switch features fixed cable, so you won’t have to purchase an additional cable to make it work.


Very durable and corrosion resistant gold plated connectors
Compatible with almost all devices
Full HD (1080), supports 4K resolution
Supports 3D display


Manual (no remote controller)
Ports are bundled together, so you might not be able to use them if the HDMI cables you have are too wide



5. Kinivo 501BN Premium

Kinivo 501BN Premium can switch five different input devices into one output. It is also highly responsive and will switch screens based on the input activity. The product comes with 1-year warranty.

It comes with IR remote controller, assuring maximum comfort. The device supports both 3D and full HD, up to 1080p. It also comes with 1-year warranty. The product is excellent for watching, listening or streaming 3D media, supporting almost all HD devices: blue ray players, Sony devices, Xbox, Chromecast, etc.

It is perfect for multi-device households, allowing you to connect five devices on your switch, enabling you to display the content based on your desires. You will no longer have to plug your devices in and out. With Kinivo 501BN Premium, you can have all your devices connected at all the time, ensuring maximum comfort and leisure.


Supports 3d
Full HD (1080)
Five inputs
Smart automatic switching based on the input activity


Does not support 4K
Requires an additional power source



6. Keliiyo HDMI Splitter

Keliiyo HDMI Splitter is a 1×4 splitter, having one input and four outputs. This splitter supports 4K full HD resolution, up to 1080p. Works perfectly with almost any device, ranging from Sony and Xbox to laptops and full HD televisions.

The Keliiyo HDMI Splitter is also very durable and made of quality hard metal, metal providing excellent cooling capabilities. Furthermore, the splitter is reasonably straightforward to use and comes with a user-friendly manual.

The product comes with Keliiyo HDMI Splitter, power adapter (1 x 5V/1A), manual and 6-month warranty. You can also contact the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding the product.

Though it does support 4K resolution, you will probably want to use shorter cables (up to 12 meters of input and 15 output), to ensure maximum quality. If you don’t use 4K, input can go up to 15 and output up to 25 meter, which is more than enough for retailers, homeowners and those alike.


Four outputs
Compatible with most devices
Supports 4K and full HD
Easy to use


Requires an additional power source
Some customers complained about the poor quality power supply




AMICCOM HDMI Switch is premium five port switch, featuring 36-bit colors, 1080p full HD, all available for five input devices. It is a relatively modern device, compatible with all newest technology, Xboxes, and Sonys, laptops and TVs.

The device is powered by 5ac adapter, assuring the device pertains maximum efficiency. Also, the AMICCOM HDMI Switch features memory technology, allowing you to save your settings even after you restart it.

The device is also very easy to use, and you will be able to recognize the functionality based on the bright LED lights. Upon purchase, you receive the switch, power adapter, manual and remote controller.

However, manufacture’s suggest the usage of cables no longer than 7 meters to assure maximum quality. This indicates that the device isn’t sufficient at long distance transmitting.


Five ports
Full HD (1080p)
Supports 3D
Remote controller
Easy to use
High speed


Does not support 4K
Loses quality on long distance transmitting
Requires an additional power supply



8. Univivi HDMI Switch

Univivi HDMI Switch easily and efficiently switchers from five different sources to one screen. Instead of having multiple cables bundled up in your home, plugging them all in one switch would be efficient and convenient.

Efficiency and convenience are the name of the game for the Univivi HDMI Switch, the device featuring 4K resolution, supporting HD, ultra HD, 3D, all in 36-bit color. The switch works perfectly with almost all devices of the modern age, Sony 3 and 4, Xboxes, Roku, Blue Ray, etc.

The Univivi HDMI Switch features smart and multi-switch technologies. The switch will monitor input activity and switch based on the activity. Also, you have the IR remote controller, allowing you to turn manually without the need for getting up from your comfortable sofa.

Connectors are gold covered, durable, resistant to corrosion or oxidation and transmit signal at very high speed, making it one of the best switches on the market.


High-quality gold-plated connectors
Supports 4K resolution and 3D
HD quality, 36-bit colors
Smart and multi-switch technology
Remote controller


Requires external power supply source
You have to purchase cables additionally



9. Aubuytech HDMI Splitter

Aubuytech HDMI Splitter is a 1×4 splitter, inputting one and outputting across four devices. THe Aubuytech HDMI Splitter features 4K resolution, supports 3D and features full HD technology.

The splitter is compatible with most modern devices, laptops, televisions, video game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox), as well as blue rays and DVDs.

It also features relatively long distance transmission, ranging up to 15 meters. The splitter is made of quality material and deals with heat efficiently, is very compact and highly sophisticated. You can also rely on lifelong customer service and can replace the device if it doesn’t function properly.

It comes with DC 5Vat1A power supply, allowing the splitter to power and deal with multiple devices at the same time. It is very cost-effective, fast and highly durable, due to quality manufacturing material.


Supports the 4K resolution and 3D technology
Full HD, up to 1080p
Compatible with any device
Long distance transmission without sacrificing the quality
Compact and quality made


Require an additional power source
No remote controller



10. Olycism Bi-directional HDMI Switch

Olycism HDMI Switch is v1.4 a 2×1 switch, allowing you to connect two devices and display on one screen. Due to its design, the Olycism HDMI Switch does not require an additional power source, and will instead drain the power via HDMI cables.

It works with most gaming consoles, DVD players, laptops and so forth. Olycism HDMI Switch also comes with one year warranty and lifelong email customer service support.

It also features long-distance transmission, up to five meters. The product is suitable for home and educational use, allowing the consumer to switch between two screens at high speed without having to plug and unplug two devices.

Olycism HDMI Switch is simple, efficient and fairly easy to use, allowing the user to switch between two screens manually. However, it does not feature automatic switch technology.


Highly functional
Compatible with most devices
Does not require an additional power source
Long-distance emitting


Does not support 4K
No information regarding 3D compatibility