Best Hernia Belt – 2022 – Buyers Guide With Reviews

Hernias are extremely painful bodily disorders that many people deal with on a daily basis. Many doctor’s appointments and surgeries are needed to fix the hernias and special quality care is required to ensure that the healing process is uneventful and successful. Many doctors will tell their patients with particular types of hernias that wearing certain belts will give comfort and support needed to assist in the hernia healing itself. There are many different types of hernias and different types of support systems available. Your doctor will help you figure out which type of hernia and support system that you need. If a hernia belt is the way to go, then you want the best hernia belt for your particular circumstance.


What Is A Hernia?

A hernia is a part of an organ that is displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity that contains the organ. When this protrusion occurs, it is extremely painful and certain types require surgery to fix the problem. Hernias are very common, with more than 200,000 cases diagnosed each year. The most popular area of the body that hernias occur is the stomach and intestinal area. Also, males usually have hernias more often than females, but it is still not uncommon for females to have a hernia as well.


Types of Hernias

There are four types of hernias. The most common type is inguinal hernias. This is when the intestines push through the intestinal wall cavity and they protrude out. About 70 percent of all hernias are inguinal. Hiatal hernias occur when the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm into the chest area. These type of hernias are extremely common with people who are over the age of 50. The stomach pushing upward causes pain in the esophagus and acid will tend to be pushed up as well, causing heartburn to these patients.

Umbilical hernias happen when the intestines bulge through the abdominal cavity around the bellybutton area. These hernias are common in children and babies under 6 months of age. The last type is incisional hernias, which is when an organ protrudes out of an incision from a recent surgery. These usually occur the most after abdominal surgeries.


Treatment for Hernias

The most common treatment for hernias are simply lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to these patients so that their organs will not continue to try and protrude. There are also things that you can do besides just stay healthy. You can wear a supportive device such as a hernia belt. The best hernia belt for your individual needs can make an incredible difference to the support and comfort experienced.




Top 10 Best Hernia Belt Reviews


Hernia belts are a great way to have comfort and support to the herniated area of the body. They also provide compression when it is needed. Many doctors actually recommend that you try on the hernia belt when the protrusion has subsided for now and get the compressed fit so when the hernia happens again, the belt will compress the organ back into the cavity wall. Here are the top 10 choices for the best hernia belt.


1. Safe n’ Simple Right Hernia Support Belt

The right hernia support belt has the support needed for someone with a hernia on the right side of their body. This belt comes in several different sizes and in two different colors. There is an internal pad that helps the belt to stay in place, preventing any slipping that may occur. The belt is made from a special two way fabric that is not only comfortable, but supportive as well. There are many different sizes for this support belt and they are labeled by extra small, small, medium, or large.

The extra small measures up to about 29.5 inches around the waistline. The small belt measures between 29.5 inches up to 36.5 inches. The medium belt fits between 36.5 inches to 41 and a quarter of an inch. The large measures 41.25 inches to 47 and a quarter of an inch. The belts are even available in bigger sizes such as extra-large and extra extra-large.



2.Trademark Supplies Abdominal Binder

Abdominal binders offer a ton of support and compression for abdominal surgery and situations such as hernias or even after having a C-section. Using this product will help give you some relief from not only inguinal, umbilical, or incisional hernias, but also they will give you some relief from overweight related pain or discomfort. The compression provided by the abdominal binder will not give the area a chance to swell up and cause the discomfort in the first place. This belt is made with elastic so that the belt can stretch to accommodate different body types. It is made from really soft and high quality materials so that there should be no rashes or any other things that could cause more discomfort to the customer. These are really great binders for relieving the pain from hernias.



3.Alpha Medical Abdominal Binder Support

The Alpha Medical Abdominal Binder is another really great binder that offers support and compression for people with hernias. This binder also comes with a Velcro closure for a secure fit and ease of getting the binder on and off. The Binder is about 10 inches long and about 38 inches to 50 inches wide, meaning that there is available space for people of all shapes and sizes to be able to use this binder. The binder has one end that is elastic, there is a large foam pad that is covered with cotton for a soft feel and endless comfort.

The binder can be used for multiple purposes besides hernias, such as a postpartum binder. This binder has been proven extremely effective in treating hernias and helping people get the compression and support that they need to help alleviate the pain. The binder is one of the more affordable ones as well.



4. FlexaMed Right Side inguinal/Groin Hernia Belt

This hernia belt is meant to provide the necessary support to a man that has suffered a groin hernia injury. The belt is strap around the patient’s waist and is adjusted to help keep continuous support on the herniated area. This belt is designed to go over the underwear is able to be worn while swimming or bathing. There is a soft pad inside of the belt that is meant to provide the necessary compression to the right side of the groin for to heal the hernia. You will want to wear the belt snuggly for it to do the job. This is great to wear pre-surgery or post-surgery. This hernia belt is affordable and it comes in many sizes and two colors. To determine the size, you will need to measure your waist and hips. The belt comes in three different sizes.



5.BraceAbility Plus Size Hernia Truss Belt

This hernia belt is meant for those who are plus sized. The belt is cut a little bit longer and wider to accommodate for the next weight and inches. This binder is appropriate for treating umbilical cord hernias as well as helping to add support and comfort for pregnant women. This binder just wraps around your body easily and the supportive pad goes directly over the place of the hernia for added compression. The body wrap closes with a nonabrasive Velcro for easy closure and to help the patient easily adjust the binder if need be.

The material is made out of a very flexible material that moves with your body as you go about your daily activities. The binder can be worn by men or women and the pad can be removed from the binder to be washed. The binder can be worn under your clothes, and since it has a smooth fit, no one will be able to tell that you are wearing one.



6. UFEELGOOD Ergonomic Umbilical Navel Hernia Belt

The UFEELGOOD hernia belt offers its customers five different belt sizes to accommodate all body types and weights. This belt keeps the hernia covered and helps to treat the umbilical hernias before surgery and afterwards. This belt is made for both men and women that are experiencing the pain and discomfort that comes along with umbilical hernias. The UFEELGOOD Hernia Belt is made of high quality terrycloth and is machine washable. It also has elastic that helps add to the compression level and helps the patient be able to close and adjust the belt accordingly. The belt is made in two colors, black and white, and is thin and smooth enough to be worn under your clothing and to be as discreet as possible. This belt is one of the more affordable ones on the market.



7. Curad Hernia Belt with Compression Pads

This hernia belt is ideal for those who have a groin hernia. They are very inexpensive and have large, comfortable pads that can compress the area with needed support until the patient is able to have surgery. This belt is made out of lightweight fabric, making it breathable and comfortable. The closure for this hernia belt is a hook and loop closure, which helps the person wearing it make adjustments easier than ever before. The thin fabric is ideal for wearing underneath your clothing and it is so discreet that no one will even know that you are wearing a belt. The belt comes in multiple sizes to accommodate for all body types. The belt comes in different colors and is a really great temporary fix until needed surgery or even to wear for more support post-surgery as well.



8. OTC Hernia Belt

The main purpose of the OTC hernia belt is to support the weak stomach muscles of the herniated area, but to also to support these muscles comfortably. This hernia belt offers a rigid elastic mold around your body with a supportive disk pad in the middle that is necessary for people with umbilical cord hernias. The elastic mold is treated with anti-microbial in the fabric, which helps the patient feels better that their band won’t be stinky or growing any kind of bacteria. Like with most hernia belts, you have to measure your waistline and you hip area to ensure that you are finding the correct size and that you won’t accidently buy the wrong size.

The wrap is latex free, which is an important feature to those who are allergic to it. This belt is thin and breathable enough that you can wear the belt under your shirt and no one would ever know that you are wearing a wrap. This belt is also made for both men and women, although, the women should show precaution in the sizing department.



9. Wondercare Double Inguinal Hernia Belt

The Wondercare Double Inguinal belt helps to relieve pain and provide support and comfort to you. The cushions that come included with this belt, come with two of them and are really awesome. The pad with this cushioning are included in the packaging and are really soft and can be applied to any side to help give the compression that the hernia needs. The hernia belt has a Velcro closure on each side for easy opening and closing.

The belt was designed for the patient to be able to wear the belt underneath their clothes to hide the somewhat subtle embarrassment that may sometimes come along side of having to wear the hernia belt in the first place. This is a really great choice for a temporary relief and the belt is even great to use as a support belt after surgery or pregnancy. With having the pads push pressure on to the herniated area, the comfort is back and you are ready for your next adventure.



10. Meditex Uriel Right Side Inguinal Belt

This hernia belt provides constant pressure to the herniated area, which in turn subconsciously actually takes the patient out of pain. The pads press firmly on the herniated area and the comfort leave is much better than before. Like with almost all hernia belts, it is best to measure your hips and waist size, because the belts are cut much differently than your regular jeans or leggings.

This hernia belt is also a really great and inexpensive and really awesome to wear after surgery before going back to completely normal. This belt can be worn while you do all of your daily activities, even going to the restroom. If standing, nothing needs to be removed, but if sitting, the only thing you would need to do is loosen the strap that goes underneath the crotch area. The belt can be worn while working out and swimming, just let it air out to dry afterward.



Dealing with hernias can sometimes be a really painful and uncomfortable experience, but with the help of hernia belts, the pain can be remedied for a little while until surgery is possible. These are just 10 hernia belts on the market, but there are tons of other choices as well. These 10 will give you the best bang for your buck and help you alleviate and heal your herniated area.