The Ten Best Leg Curl Machine Reviews For 2022

Kick up your leg day this summer with one of the ten best leg curl machine products on our list! Whether you’re toning your beach body or just trying to get fit and feel better, the perfect machine to help you tone your legs and glutes is a necessity. There are so many options out there though that selecting a machine can be time consuming and even daunting, especially if you have never bought a piece of exercise equipment or you are new to fitness. Finding the perfect balance between comfort, size, durability, and versatility can be difficult with so many options on the market. This list can help narrow it down; check out these best leg curl machine options to find the best one for you.


Best Leg Curl Machine Reviews


1. The Soozier Adjustable Leg Curl Machine:

If you are looking for a comfortable, compact, and adaptable machine, the Soozier is a solid choice. This machine features an adjustable seat, backrest, and thigh rests, so it can fit almost any user. It also has a sundial-style adjustment knob that varies the range of motion on the machine, this adds to the adaptability of the Soozier for use by people of all body types.

On top of this, it holds users weighing up to 440 pounds. One of the most attractive features of this machine for buyers is that it allows for both leg curls and extensions without requiring a seat adjustment or position change. Another thing many people consider when buying exercise equipment is how much space it will take up in their homes, but you can rest easy knowing that the Soozier is compact; it measures just 52″ in length, 37.5″ in width, and 37″ in height.



2. The Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench:

If you are looking for a versatile leg curl machine, then look no further than the Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench. The highlight of this machine is the adjustable back pad, which as the name suggests, can be adjusted into six unique positions to the users liking. The pad can be put into an incline, decline, or flat position. This position variability means the Marcy is a great choice for users with back issues that prevent them from sitting upright comfortably for long periods of time.

Like the Soozier, the Marcy is adjusted via an easy to use sundial type adjustment knob. Another huge perk of the Marcy is comfort. This machine has comfortable foam rollers and padding to provide users with maximum comfort during their workout. Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Marcy is that it is not just for leg curls. This machine also offers the ability to do upper body workouts, so it is like buying two pieces of equipment. This machine is also pretty compact, clocking in at 46″ in length, 23″ in width, and 66″ in height, making it perfect for small spaces or apartments.



3. Valor Fitness CC-4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine:

If you’re looking for an easy to use, sturdy, and reliable leg curl machine, then look no further than the Valor Fitness CC-4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine. This machine allows the user to perform both leg curls and extensions. To use the machine for extensions, just simply put the easy to use locking pin in place! Another great quality of this product is its adjustability. The back, thigh, and foot positions are all fully adjustable so the Valor can accommodate people of all sizes ranging from 4’9″ to 6′ safely, comfortably, and without issue. The fully adjustable thigh support keeps thighs in place for maximum effectiveness and support during hamstring workouts. For comfort and ease, the Valor is a solid option. The Valor is a simple but powerful machine that would be great for beginners and fitness experts alike.



4. The Powerline PLCE165X Leg Extension Curl Machine:

Another option that allows for both leg curls and extensions in one is the Powerline PLCE165X. This machine is designed specifically to reduce stress on the users’ joints, allowing for a comfortable and safe workout experience. Because of this, it would be ideal for someone who is just beginning their workout journey or recovering from an injury. It can be adjusted to both upright and prone positions for ultimate versatility. Leg curls and extensions can both be performed in either position on this machine, which makes it unique from a lot of the others on this list.

Something that makes this machine an incredibly practical choice is the standard ten year warranty on the frame it comes with. If it breaks or shows manufacture default at any point during those ten years, Powerline will replace or repair the machine. Additionally, there is a one year warranty on the rest of the parts. The Powerline can also be used with weight plates and collars, although these do not come with the machine.



5. TheBody Solid Fitness Leg Extention/Leg Curl Machine:

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when making the decision to purchase a home exercise machine is ease of assembly. Less time spent on assembling a machine means more time you can spend working out on the machine! If quick, efficient, and simple assembly is at the top of your wish list for a leg curl machine, look no further than the Body Solid Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine! Aside from easy assembly, theBody Solid features a durable and stylish design.

It comes featuring a light blue powder coat finish that is tough enough to not chip or crack through even the most intense workouts. Additionally, the parts are bronze brushed, allowing for the smoothest possible operation. Not only does theBody Solid look great, it works great for both curls and extensions. It can be used with interchangeable weight plates, however these are not included with purchase. It is also a fairly compact machine, measuring 53 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 36 inches in height.



6. The Mark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine:

For users searching for a higher end leg curl machine, the Mark Rotary is a great option. This machine features a huge amount of variety in positioning, as it offers a 12 position adjustable thigh pad, as well as a 20 position press arm. It even includes an adapter sleeve for users who wish to use olympic plates with the Mark Rotary machine. this machine is also a fabulous option for comfort, with its super thick 3 inch cushions. These cushions aren’t just comfortable, they are extremely durable. The cushions on the Mark Rotary are double stitched and made with a tear proof Duraguard vinyl. While this is one of the larger machines on this list, measuring 40.6 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 38.6 inches in height, it is a very solid choice for those who have the available space in their home gym.



7. The Body Solid Pro Club Line SLC400G 2-Leg Curl Machine:

As the name suggests, this leg curl machine is about as pro as they come. The Body Solid Pro has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It features precision design, including air craft quality steel cables that are even self lubricating, and a steel design made with plenty of stylish chrome plating. This machine automatically evenly distributes the weight of the user for peak performance and has a biomechanically accurate pivot point to ensure the user remains in the proper position for maximum comfort and safety.

This setup would be ideal for someone who is more serious about fitness, and perhaps looking to upgrade from a cheaper machine. The resistance is smooth and consistent and great for sustained workouts. To add to the sleek, professional looks of this machine it has a powder coated, scratch proof surface so it will stay looking just as wonderful as it operates for years to come.



8. The BSN Sports Plate Loaded Leg Extension/Curl Machine:

This simple machine from BSN sports provides all that a home gym enthusiast could need from a leg curl machine without any extraneous features. This machine is small and light, weighing in at 110 pounds. This machine is designed for leg curls in the prone position and leg extensions in the upright position, so it does offer slightly less flexibility for your workout than some of the other machines on this list. However, it would be ideal for those looking to stay in shape in a small living space. This machine is durable, made of heavy-walled steel tubing and marine grade vinyl and padding. The bench is ideally shaped and sized for proper weight distribution to help prevent injuries during workout.



9. The Body Solid GLCE365 Fully Adjustable Recumbent Seated Leg Extension & Supine Curl:

The second machine from Body Solid on this list is just as full of features as the first. It is fully adjustable, and has a recumbent style seat. The seat also allows for adjustment into upright or supinated positions for the ease and comfort of all users. If support and comfort are your top priorities in shopping for home gym equipment, this specific leg curl machine would be a wonderful choice.

Along with being a higher end, comfortable and easy to use machine, this particular Body Solid model is also small and light. Weighing in at just 94 pounds, it is truly the whole package. This model also sits upon a wide base, which will help to reduce rocking and shaking during your workout. It has oversized foam rollers to further enhance comfort and prevent injury. The leg extension size adjusts from 13″ to 17″ to accommodate all different sized users.



10. Akonza FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl Fitness Equipment Set:

The Akonza is not just a leg curl machine, it is also a weight bench. This machine offers versatility and comfort. If you have a small space, this may be the perfect machine for you, since it is multipurpose. This machine can be adjusted to a variety of inclines and angles so you can personalize your workout however best fits. The leg developer on this is an attachment, so it can be removed for weight workouts. The knee and ankle pads on this machine are oversized for the comfort and safety of the user. Also, it is built out of sturdy, powder coated steel.

This is the only combination machine on this list, making it unique among the others. This machine can be transformed and reworked according to your needs. Like many of the others listed here, the Akzona is made with high density and tear resistant Duraguard vinyl so it will last a long time. Along with being versatile and durable, this machine is the lightest on this list. Weighing in at just 55 pounds, so it is easy to move around as needed.