Top Ten Best Mosquito Trap Reviews of 2022

If you are looking for the best mosquito trap, you have come to the right place. In this pest control guide, you’ll learn about the best-selling mosquito traps but also about how they work, where to put them, what to look for and the different kinds of mosquito traps.

The best mosquito traps can help you enjoy the summer months without the constant worry about getting bitten by these insects that can ruin any summer evening. Mosquito traps are the perfect device to win the war against the little pests. Though they won’t work 100% of the time, it is a great way to enjoy your time outside without being bitten.

How do they work?

The best mosquito traps function by attracting them and then containing them where they eventually die of starvation or drown. Mosquitos are particularly sensitive to a chemical that is released when we sweat called Octanol. They are also drawn to carbon dioxide. However, they are sensitive to light frequencies, and they can detect heat from a warm-blooded animal. Most mosquito traps work by taking advantage of these weaknesses in mosquitos to trick them and kill them.

The best mosquito traps work by becoming finely tuned to attract them. However, it is vital that you place the trap downwind because the mosquito traps will catch all the mosquitos.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps can be used inside and outside, though you will want to buy one specifically for the location you’re trying to protect. Indoor traps won’t work outside if they become wet. Indoor traps also have a smaller range than outdoor traps. However, you won’t want to use the outdoor traps inside because they contain a lot of carbon dioxide.

Outdoor Traps

Outdoor mosquito traps work by controlling the female mosquitos in the surrounding area, preventing high rates of reproduction, eventually getting rid of them entirely. The traps need to have a larger range, and they need to attract the pests over a long distance. The best outdoor traps have a range of more than 300 feet, which can be a great way to protect your garden or backyard. However, this does not provide an immediate fix to your mosquito problem. It takes about eight weeks before the females have been killed off. After those eight weeks, you will see a significant drop in the number of mosquitos in the area.

Indoor Traps

Indoor traps are best used in small spaces that are enclosed. It also works best if the home isn’t swarming mosquitos. Simply place the trap inside the room and shut the door. Within an hour or so the mosquitos should be trapped. It is important to note that you should leave the room before expecting the mosquitos to fall for the trap. They will always prefer humans over the traps because the indoor traps are not very powerful. They won’t work very well in open places like a living room or a hallway. However, it is the perfect solution if you need a cheap trap that can manage a small number of mosquitos.

What are the different kinds of traps?

The main types of traps create an imitation of chemicals, heat profile, and scent of a warm-blooded animal. However, some simply use light, heat or carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

Carbon dioxide mosquito traps focus on creating a similar exhalation to people. The traps are fueled by propane and create a similar breathing profile as a person. They convert the propane into carbon dioxide. However, they can be expensive. It is also important to stay aware of the fact that propane is incredibly flammable.

Heat and Light

Traps that use heat and light focus on creating different frequencies by providing UV and infrared light to attract mosquitos. The heat from the light imitates a warm-blooded mammal. The light frequencies also attract bugs and zap them when they get too close. These are more versatile than the carbon dioxide traps and can be used both inside and outside.


If you are looking to make your trap, you can use sugar and yeast to create a solution. The solution creates the same effect as a carbon dioxide trap that attracts the mosquitos into a container. They eventually are drawn to a pool of water where they drown. This is not an effective solution if you need the trap outside. It is also the least effective trap for inside the home.

What You Should Look For in A Mosquito Trap

Different traps work best in different locations, so before you begin shopping, you need to know where you want your trap. It is important to research the best trap for your needs prior to buying one. Here are some things you should consider when you want to buy a mosquito trap:

What kind of mosquitos are in your part of the world?

There are thousands of different kinds of mosquitos all over the world. They all have varying tastes and habits, making certain traps work better than others. It is important to consider what kinds of mosquitos are in your area before you invest in a mosquito trap.

How Big is Your Mosquito Problem

If you have an infestation of mosquitos, your needs will be different than someone trying to kill a couple that got inside the house. When you have an infestation, you will need more extreme methods of pest control. Luckily, most people are only dealing with a moderate number of mosquitos, and you want to look for traps that have a long range. If you need to get rid of a few inside the house, light and heat traps are the best choice.

Where should you put the outdoor traps?

Mosquitos prefer wet and shady areas. To take advantage of their nature, you should place your traps downwind and in the shade.

What’s your budget look like?

It’s also important to consider how much you want to spend on a mosquito trap. Some are more expensive to keep controlling over time. Carbon dioxide traps will eventually need the carbon dioxide replaced and will certainly cause you to have a higher bill for electricity.

The point of the outdoor traps is to diminish the population. This requires the traps to be in place for at least eight weeks and maybe longer. However, the indoor traps are often affordable and do not require any outside power.

Do Mosquito Traps Actually Work?

If you are wondering how effective mosquito traps are, it is important to consider where you live and what you need them to do. Most mosquito traps work, but it depends on the range you are expecting them to work in. If you have a large population of mosquitos, it might not be as effective as those that are dealing with smaller populations. Most traps will be useless if you live near a major breeding ground for the pests.

However, the traps with longer ranges can also trap other insects. The indoor traps are generally considered to be very effective in getting rid of any mosquitos in the room. However, it is important that you don’t turn the trap on while you are in the room. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective.

Outdoor traps work over time, so if you are judging how effective it is in the second week, you might be disappointed. If you are trying to get rid of the population, you might want to combine it with other eradication methods. It is also important to remember that no trap will be 100%R effective.


Top Ten Best Mosquito Trap Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a mosquito trap, we can take a look at the top traps for your needs.

The Best Indoor Trap: Eliminator Mosquito Trap

The Eliminator works as a powerful bulb that will sap the mosquitos, as well as other insects. When they come into contact with the light, they will be zapped. This is perfect for inside the house, but it also works in covered places outside. It works best if you leave it on throughout the night, allowing the Eliminator to be the only light they are attracted to.

However, the Eliminator can also zap the good bugs as well that help protects your house. Keep an eye on what the zapper is actually killing and adjust the settings if you need to.

This is a powerful mosquito trap, but it isn’t very portable. It can also get loud. The pros of the Eliminator are that it is perfect for inside, it is affordable, it can cover the whole house, and it is easy to clean. However, it is very loud, it is not weather resistant, and it is not portable. It also requires a short power cord.




Best Ultra Mosquito Trap: Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap

The Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito trap is perfect if you need to get rid of a large mosquito population in a large area. It can be tuned to specific mosquito species so you won’t have to worry what kind of mosquitos live in your area.

This trap is also known for its ability to kill 10,000 mosquitos in a two week time period. It has a range up to one acre. The versatile settings allow you to catch the mosquitos in your area, so you need to make sure you read the directions. However, if you are having difficulty setting up your Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap, you can call customer service. The support at the company is great, and they can help you set up the trap for your specific situation.

If you have the budget for this mosquito trap, it is highly recommended. It is important to get the CO2 attachment correct to have a boosted power for the unit.

The pros include the fact that it performs well by rivers and ponds, the typical breeding ground of mosquitos. It is also very effective at killing a lot of mosquitos quickly. It works well to eliminate the mosquito population in the area.

However, there are several cons for this model including the fact that you need to maintain it. It needs to have CO2 replaced every three weeks, causing it to become expensive. It can also be a bit technical to set up.




Great Light Mosquito Trap: Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap

The Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap is a more affordable option for those who are looking to control the mosquito population in their backyard. It covers up to 300 feet, and it works by using UV light to create heat. They also use a small amount of carbon dioxide before they suck the mosquitos inside. It is perfect for decks or patios, but it also works in enclosed spaces. However, the mosquito trap should not be exposed to the elements.

This trap works well for a small scale population reduction in a small space. However, it is delicate and might not have the power to stop every mosquito in the area.

The pros of the dynatrap include the fact that it does not require an additional attractants, it can be used inside and outside, and it is odorless. However, it can also attract unwanted insects, it can be fragile, and the suction misses some mosquitos. The operating manual can also be confusing.




Best Overall Mosquito Trap: Flowtron BK-15D

The Flowtron BK-15D is by far the best overall mosquito traps. It is a zapping outdoor electrical killing machine that will protect up to half an acre of space. It eliminates mosquitos through the 15-watt bulb. However, if you want to have more coverage, you can buy an additional Octanol attractant to kill more mosquitos.

It is important to hang the Flowtron above the garage but away from your house. Keep it 25 feet away from the home to ensure it is working effectively. Try to make sure the Flowtron is placed with a slight wind because the wind will help mosquitos reach the trap. The downside is that the powerful mosquito trap can also attract moths and bats, which eat mosquitos.

The pros of the Flowtron Bk-15D mosquito trap are that it helps control large population is, it has built-in attractors that are powerful, it doesn’t need to be cleaned often, and it is easy to set up.

However, you may need to replace the bulbs. The replacement parts can start adding up quickly, and the suction fan can miss some mosquitos. It can also kill beneficial insects and animals like bats and bees.




Best CO1+UV Light Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap also has a perfect mosquito trap that combines the power of UV light and CO2 to cover more ground. It uses two different lures to attract the mosquitos, CO2 and UV light. The insect is brought into the trap through a fan and eventually, it dies from dehydration. The mosquitos are trapped inside by an automatic damper that prevents them from escaping. It also has a seven-foot power cord which is great if you want to place it in the back yard.

The only con for this product is how expensive it is. You will eventually need to replace the UV bulbs, costing you even more money. The bulbs will need to be replaced three times each year depending on how much you need to keep them on.




Best Power Mosquito Trap: Flowtron MT-125 Mosquito Power Trap

Flowtron is the brand that provides the best mosquito traps, though they are expensive. If you have the money for it, the Flowtron MT-125 provides protection for up to a square acre. It is extremely effective, and it provides a powerful vacuum that can take in mosquitos over a large area. It has several safety features that make it safe for both pets and children because it protects against the risk of fire with the flameless platinum catalyst.

The only con of the Flowtron MT-125 is the price. It consumes a large amount of energy which will make your energy bill higher. It is also only capable of being used outside.




Propane CO2, Water, and Heat Mosquito Trap: Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap

The Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot is a large device that uses three different mosquito attractants to bring in all the different mosquitos in your area. It uses a combination of moisture, heat, and CO2 to bring them into the trap. It is essential for outdoors. Another benefit of the Mosquito Magnet is the fact that it doesn’t require a cord. Instead, it is powered by batteries. This creates more freedom for you to place it around the different areas of your yard based on which areas have more mosquitos. You won’t have to worry about electricity supply. It also works under almost any weather condition.

One of the cons is the expense. It is one of the more expensive traps on the list. You will also have to spend more money to replace the propane. The propane is not included in the device when you buy it on Amazon.




Best Propane Mosquito Trap: The Blue Rhino

With an intimidating name like the Blue Rhino, the mosquitos should be trembling in fear! This is one of the top propane mosquito traps available on the market. It is a bit less expensive than Mosquito Magnet, but it still provides all the benefits of killing large numbers of mosquitos.

One of the cons of this product is the fact that it is rather large and bulky. It does not work very well if the weather is terrible, especially if it is raining. It can also be difficult to tell how much propane the Blue Rhino is using. Generally speaking, the product uses one propane tank over the course of three weeks, so you will need to replace it often.




Best Mosquito Trap For When You Go Camping: ENKEEO 2-in-1 Camping Lantern Bug Zapper Tent Light

Camping is an amazing experience when you aren’t getting attacked by mosquitos every night. The lightweight and user-friendly camping lantern was created for people who love camping but don’t want to get eaten alive by the pests. It is one of the cheaper products on the list and it works well. It works by using UV light in three different modes. They are then zapped by electricity. For those who are energy conscious, this product is energy efficient and is easily charged with a USB. You can place it in the open air and it is even washable. It works in rain and other poor weather condition.

One of the cons for this product is that the UV-light doesn’t attract mosquitos as effectively as some of the other traps. It won’t work well if you are trying to get rid of mosquitos over a large area of land, like your backyard. However, it works well if you just want to protect the small area of your campground.