Ten Best Motion Activated Night Light Reviews – 2022 Edition

A motion activated night light is simply a device used to create a small amount of illumination during the nighttime hours to help you safely navigate your way around the house. The light is bright enough to prevent falls, but it won’t be so bright that it wakes everyone up. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so that it is easy to find the best motion activated night light that will fit your individual needs perfectly.


Best Motion Activated Night Light Buying Guide


Why You Need a Motion Activated Night Light

People of all ages know just how frightening the dark can be. Walking from the bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen can be hazardous if you can’t see where you are stepping. Motion activated night lights can sense when you enter a room and provide you with just enough light to keep you safe from harm. They help you navigate stairs, find your way into the entry way, or help young children sleep better.

Parents love night lights in the nursery or a child’s bedroom as it provides a way to check on the little ones without waking them up. In the nursery, Mom and Dad are able to take care of baby without over stimulating them, and toddlers will sleep better when the room isn’t quite so dark and scary. Everyone will enjoy a much better night’s sleep when a soft glow is present. Products like star projectors can help as a sleeping aid for children, so you might want to check out this star projector guide that we have written.

The best motion activated night light isn’t just for dusk to dawn use. Many homeowners find that they are ideal in dark closets and cupboards where it is hard to see. A motion activated night light will sense when you reach into these areas and provide you with the perfect amount of illumination to find just what you are searching for. They also work well in garages where they can light up the area before you have a chance to reach the light switch for overhead fixtures.


Features to Look for in a Motion Activated Night Light


Once you begin your search for the best motion activated night light, you’ll discover that there are several types to choose from. The most common night light will plug in to any regular electric outlet within your home. They are often small in size, and the manufacturer designs them to fit in beautifully with other home décor items. Increasingly popular are the modern battery operated night lights. These run on batteries which eliminates the need for an electric outlet. They are ideal for hallways, closets, and cupboards where a plug in variety won’t work.


The color of light that a motion activated night light emits can vary from one design to the next. Most offer a cool or warm white light that is very effective at guiding you through a dark house. Parents often prefer a blue tone to the light as it is believed to do a better job of lulling a child back to sleep. Others enjoy red and orange lights that mimic the natural color of sunlight.

Sensor’s Range

Each motion activated night light has a sensor that detects movement. This triggers the device to turn on. Some lights have a very close range that varies from six to eight feet. Others are long range and can detect movement from as far away as 25 feet. Consider where you will be using the night light before making a final decision. A 25 foot range can be too much for a small bathroom, while a six foot range won’t be sufficient for a long hallway. Swivel designs provide further ability to customize the light to your individual needs.


Along with turning the light on, the motion detector will also trigger the device to turn off. After a set amount of time with no activity within its range, the night light will automatically stop glowing. Other versions of motion activated night lights detect the illumination in a room along with activity. They will automatically turn on as the sun goes down, but they turn themselves off when the overhead light fixture is in use or the sun rises. They have a continuous glow throughout the night that becomes brighter when movement is sensed. Both versions are energy efficient.

Bulb Replacement

The nightlight you choose will either have an LED bulb that never needs changed due to its long life span or a traditional bulb that you will eventually need to buy replacements for. Replacing a traditional bulb is easy, and they are readily available from your local retailer. Even so, many people prefer the benefits of an LED light. LED bulbs are naturally cool to the touch which is often a safety concern in homes with young children. They also have such a long life that they usually outlive their usefulness.


The brightness provided by a motion activated night light should be one of your main concerns when looking for the best one. If it is too bright, it can cause others to wake up and make it harder to fall back asleep. If it isn’t bright enough, it may not be very useful. Look for something in the middle that has a soft glow that won’t disturb anyone as well as enough illumination to be able to see where you are stepping. The brightness is measured by lumens. The more lumens the light produces, the brighter the glow will be. Take into consideration that other factors like coverings, glare reducing materials, and the angle of the light will also affect how bright it appears.


The Best Motion Activated Night Light Reviews


GE Ultra Brite Motion-Activated LED Light

The Ultra Bright, Motion Activated Night Light by GE is perfect for lighting dark hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms as well as keeping entry ways and stair cases safe during the night. The light itself is stylish with a contemporary design and silver finish that blends in nicely with most home décor. It plugs into any of your standard indoor outlets. Once in place, this GE light will automatically turn on whenever it detects motion. Movement can be sensed up to 25 feet away, and the light will turn off on its own after 90 seconds without any activity. Each night light provides 40 lumens of illumination with a soft white, bright light while remaining cool to the touch.



Emotionlite LED Plug In Motion Sensor Night Light Two Pack

The Emotionlite Motion Sensor Night Light provides you with 20 lumens of warm white light that is bright yet won’t disturb your sleep. Glare is reduced with a special soft diffusion material that makes the glow easy on your eyes. The built in sensor detects motion within six to ten feet and turns off automatically when the motion stops. The unique dusk to dawn feature keeps it from coming on during daylight hours which adds to its energy saving capabilities. It can be plugged directly into your outlet to provide light in any bedroom, bathroom, or nursery during the night time hours.





AmerTac Westek LED Motion Sensor Night Light

The AmerTac Westek Night Lights come in a set of two. They plug into any standard outlet, but are unique in the fact that they completely cover the wall plate. This leaves you with a light that looks as though it is built in with a semi-gloss white and nickel finish that suits any home décor. The soft ambient light is activated when motion is detected within 25 feet of the device and will shut off automatically after 60 seconds without movement. This energy efficient LED light will only activate during the night time hours in order to illuminate your way through dark hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms.





Sensky Plug in Motion Night Light

The Sensky Plug In Motion Night Light features two modes of operation. When you set it on “auto,” the front light stays illuminated when its surroundings are dark. The back lights will only turn on when motion is detected within an 8.2 foot range. When you select the “on” mode, both lights will remain illuminated at all times. This energy efficient night light plugs into any AC outlet, and it will provide up to 15 lumens of light in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or hallway to allow you to safely navigate your way.





WILLED Dimmable Motion Activated //Under Bed Night Light

The WILLED Dimmable Motion Activated Bed Light can be installed under any bed or crib. The warm white light is created with a low 12V voltage that ensures safety. The light itself is a five foot long strip that attaches with adhesive. When you place a foot on the floor as you get out of bed, the light automatically comes on. This night light includes a dimmer knob that allows you to adjust the glow to a degree that is just right for your individual needs. In addition you can set the timer to determine how long the light will remain on once activated.





Mr. Beams Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Nightlight

The Mr. Beams Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Nightlight eliminates the need for an electrical outlet. This means you can use it in closets, cupboards, and outside as well as in hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Four AA batteries provide you with 80 hours of 20 lumens of light from each LED bulb. Motion is detected up to nine feet away, and the illumination shuts down after 30 seconds of inactivity. The compact 1.2 by 3.75 by 3.25 inch design makes it convenient to tuck into small spaces.





GE Motion-Activated LED Night Light

The GE Motion Activated LED night light stands out from your other options due to its elegant oil rubbed, bronze finish, scroll work design. It automatically turns itself on at dusk each night and shuts off at dawn. It has a steady light that brightens when motion is detected. The GE Motion Activated LED night light can sense movement up to 20 feet away, and it is energy efficient with a cool to the touch bulb. It is ideal for kitchens, hallways, and offices where a more upscale look is desired.





Searik Motion Sensor Battery Powered LED Night Light

The Searik Motion Sensor Night Light is a battery powered device. This allows you to put a night light in areas where you couldn’t before due to a lack of electric outlets. Three AAA batteries provide 20 lumens of light. It will turn on automatically when movement is detected within ten feet of the device. The light shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Each light includes 3M adhesive peel and stick pads as well as a built in magnet for easy installation where ever you need a little extra light.







BulbHead Swivel Atomic Light Angel Cordless Motion Activated LED Light

Four AA batteries provide up to 460 lumens of light in this set of three motion activated night lights by BulbHead. Peel and stick mounting allows this light to be used where ever you need a little extra illumination during the night. It automatically turns on when motion is detected and shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. A unique feature to this night light is the 360° swivel adjustability. Once mounted, you can aim the light in whichever direction you most need it.





AmerTac LED Motion-Activated Night Lite

The AmerTac Motion Activated Night Light looks beautiful in any bathroom, bedroom, or hallway within your home. It can detect movement up to 25 feet away with a 100 degree wide sensor zone. It turns back off after 60 seconds of inactivity. The built in sensor keeps it from turning on during the day light hours. It also includes an energy efficient bulb for further savings. It plugs into any standard electric outlet, and it measures 2-1/5 by 2-5/8 by 3-1/2 inches. This makes it compact enough to fit any place where you need light.