The Best Outdoor Speakers – 2022 Guide With Reviews

Sometimes it is not enough to have speakers in the house, especially when entertaining outside. Most times, the ruckus outside dissolves the sound coming from inside the house and dulls your barbecue. That is where the best outdoor speakers come in. They are specially designed to withstand the forces of nature while still providing high-quality audio.

Things To Consider

There are several things that you have to take into consideration when choosing an outdoor speaker. Importantly, you have to consider your budget. As is the case with most products, high prices do not necessarily mean high quality. You can find low-priced options out there that will out-perform the more premium-priced offerings, but rarely.


You also have to consider portability. Most weather-proof outdoor speakers are heavier than the ones which are not because they are usually meant to stay unmoved for a long time. They also employ high-grade protective materials that are usually heavier than the regular materials. Other portability factors to consider, are power source – mains or battery, bluetooth capability and casters for manoeuvrability. When researching for this post, I was expecting to find more portable bluetooth speakers as the best options for outdoor use. I wasn’t expecting to find so many high quality wired speaker systems. But that is exactly what I have found.


Then you have to look at the design: does the aesthetics of an outdoor speaker fit into your space’s ambience or design? Unlike indoor speakers where there are lots of home theater or standing.mounting options, outdoor speakers require a different type of consideration. That brings us to the rock speaker and discreet speakers. If you do not want speakers to be a part of your decoration, you can go for discreet speakers that often look like security lights or rock-like speakers that will blend in with the grass area.

Power And Performance

Finally, not all outdoor speakers were created equally. Some are very powerful while some will disappoint you. You need to look at the number of watts (the higher, the better). You also have to consider the frequencies (the lower, the better for woofers; and the higher the better for tweeters).

With so many options on the market, finding the best outdoor speakers can be a daunting task. Therefore we have compile a list of ten of the best options out there to ease your experience.


The Best Outdoor Speakers Reviews

PSB CS1000 Universal/Outdoor Speaker

PSB is one of the most reputed speaker manufacturers on the planet known for their high-quality offerings. The company expands its highly-regarded CustomSound Series with the CS1000 Universal/Outdoor Speaker: a versatile, high-performance product with a multi-purpose design. The CS1000 is ideal for indoor commercial environments and outdoor residential areas such as patios.

Designed to be as rugged as speakers come, it features an aluminum grille, a UV-resistant polypropylene cabinet, and rustproof terminals.But the CS1000 does not stop at being rugged. It comes with a highly flexible dual-axis bracket that allows it to be perfectly mounted and aimed at any position.

Built for superior sound quality, the PSB CS1000 incorporates one-inch titanium dome tweeters for crisp highs and a 6-1/2-inch woofer for deep bass. Extensive bracing on the speaker’s interior dampers vibration for better sound fidelity. There are very few speakers that will provide life-like sound quality in the harshest of environments, and the CS1000 is one of them. Be aware though, that this is not a bluetooth speaker set. You need an amp and speaker wire to install these, but this should not come as a surprise for a professional outdoor speaker set up.

Additional features include a front-facing port, a paintable enclosure and grille, extensive internal ribbing, a rubber port plug, gold-plated binding posts, a unique wire management system. With an amazing range and waterproof construction, you can never go wrong with PSB CS1000.





Definitive Technology Outdoor Speaker

Definitive Technology is known for the production of specialty, higher-end audio equipment. Launched in 2005, the 6500 series is the flagship of the company’s AW “Mini” series and among the top sellers on the market. The 5500 is the only other model in the series and slots below its “older brother,” the 6500. They have the same design and very similar properties and their only difference is their sizes – the 6500 is larger.

Definitive Technology knew that many manufacturers were struggling to fit a loud sound in a small package. Thus, its engineers set about to develop an alternative design that will enable more sound dispersion. They came up with a passive radiator that enables the speakers to double up on the bass but still remain water-tight.

The Speakers can be mounted at any angle thanks to a unique enclosure shape and well-placed steel mounting brackets. A rich, warm audio is achieved by racetrack-shaped planar low bass radiators, which also expands the speakers’ bass radius farther than much larger speakers. Both models are similarly endowed, although the 6500 is a tad more powerful and our recommended choice. But the 5500 is ideal for you if you are out for a smaller-sized speaker. The only downside of the speakers is that they cost much more than their competitors.





Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure – All-Weather Durability

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor Speakers punch above their weight and their price point. A real step up from the Polk Audio Atrium 4 and the Atrium 5. Each Speaker rates at 100 Watts, with a frequency response that can reach down to 60KHz. This is applied through a 5 1/4 inch dynamic balance driver and 1 inch tweeter. These are great for areas where there is a lot of loud ambient noise or outdoor sound. In terms of audio quality, it is the bass that is particularly noteworthy.

As with the other speakers so far in this list, the Polk Audio Atrium 6 are not portable speakers. Nor are they bluetooth speakers. They are high quality speakers, designed specifically to provide great sound outdoors. For any sound system that aims to please an indoor or outdoor audience they are a great buy.





Niles RS8Si Shale Brown Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker

The RS8Si Shale Brown Pro rocks – literally. Looking like a real shale brown rock, the speaker will disappear into your garden. This outdoor rock speaker is a testament to Niles’ excellent attention to detail. Unlike most other awkwardly-designed ‘rock’ speakers, the RS8Si sits firmly on the ground and does not roll.

It comes with two one-inch dome tweeters that deliver crisp highs and an eight-inch polypropylene woofer that produces rich midrange and bass. Accurate sound is provided with better imaging because the drivers are mounted closely behind the grille. Additionally, Niles angles the tweeters 20-degrees upwards so that the highs aim at you and not the ground. Like all its siblings in the RS-Pro lineup, you can wire the RS8Si as a single-channel loudspeaker.

The RS8SI Pro outdoor rock speaker system passed some of the toughest tests an outdoor speaker can be put through, including UV exposure testing and extensive salt fog exposure. It is completely weatherproof and can handle extreme temperatures from-50 to up to 185 degrees.





Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speaker

Bose is a premier audio company and a favorite for audiophiles due to its loud offerings. It specializes in high-end products among them a few of the best outdoor speakers that the company markets as “Environmental speakers”. One of Bose’s most advanced product in its outdoor lineup is the 31763 Bose Free Space 51.

The 31763 Free Space 51 is unique in that it provides an alternative to mounted speakers by in-ground placement. You can insert this speaker into any ground location which gives you an almost unmatched level of flexibility. A domed port grille complements the center port to deliver far-reaching high-frequency tones. Its wide coverage brings music to life outdoors and a natural broad sound suits all outdoor locations. Additionally, a radial design allows for a broad 360-degree sound dispersion.

A downward-firing 4½” full-range driver produces the sound you would expect indoors and a specially-designed enclosure ensures full-range coverage. You can leave this speaker outside all year long and it will remain undamaged thanks to military grade construction. The Bose 31763 Free Space 51 withstands extreme temperatures ranging from -22° F to 140° F. However, all these great features do not come for cheap. These speakers are often used along side the Bose 251 speakers which are a lot more recognisable against the other outdoor speakers in this list.





Boston Acoustics Voyager 60 White Outdoor Speaker

Boston Acoustics designed the Voyager 60 to blend with virtually any outdoor setting. It is capable of resisting temperature extremes and the harshest of weathers thanks to UV-resistant polypropylene cabinets, powder-coated aluminum grilles, and rustproof connectors and hardware.

Sound-wise, the Voyager 60 employs Boston Acoustics best audio tech to stunningly produce a wide range of frequencies. It comes with Kortec soft-dome tweeters known for crisp, highs and a graphite-injected woofer for a potent bass response. The speaker eliminates sound diffusion by projecting audio in a focused area: a quality that makes them ideal for most less-than-optimal acoustic areas. Together, the woofer and tweeter reproduce frequencies ranging from 58 Hz to 22 KHz.

A heavy-duty aluminum c-bracket makes it very easy to mount this speaker and its small dimensions allow it to fit in small spaces. An obtrusive design and a sleek black finish give the Voyager a much-needed discreet quality.





Klipsch AW-650 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Klipsch claims that buying their products is buying a part of American history: which can be true considering that the company has been in existence for decades. It is one of the most authentically-American audio companies with a rich history of top-range products. Among the most outstanding products is the AW-650, a top-of-the-line, non-commercial grade outdoor speaker that has cut a niche for producing excellent sound in any outdoor environment. This is one of the best outdoor speakers for many reasons.

It installs powerful titanium dome horn tweeters that boast excellent high-frequency output and a 6.5-inch IMG woofer that brings music to life with an immersive bass output. Also, it comes with a one-inch compassion driver to provide for midrange frequencies and power peaks at a competitive 340 watts.

The AW-650 is visually appealing and a C-style mounting bracket gives it mounting flexibility. It is UV-resistant and, therefore, suitable for extreme temperature highs. However, Klipsch fails to include waterproof qualities so you may not want to expose it in wet conditions. If you want something a bit more discreet and weather proof, Klipsch also do a rock speaker in the form of the Klipsch AWR-650-SM.





SpeakerCraft OE8 Three Outdoor Elements 3-Way Outdoor Speaker

Speakercraft created the Outdoor Elements series with eight models to address multiple consumer needs. The lineup includes high-performance offerings with excellent low-frequency responses and dramatically-enhanced deep full bass. The OE8 Three Outdoor Speaker is the company’s representation of high-quality sonic performance. Providing full-bodied, dynamic performance, it is well-suited for outdoor environments and open-air applications.

The OE8 Three is ideal for medium to large sized gardens. It comes with an eight-inch woofer placed into ported enclosures to increase low-frequency response for a deep, full-bass output. Power ranges from 5 – 150 Watts and frequency response from 40Hz – 20kHz.

Advanced cone drivers produce amazing midrange and high frequencies. They rugged (drivers) are made of aluminum and deliver a dynamic performance and sonic purity. You can buy them in either white or black.





Niles Audio GS4 Discreet Garden Speaker

Niles retains its position at the top of the food chain with the GS4 Discreet – an inconspicuous way to add boom to your garden. Their discreet design blends into your garden without detracting the visual appeal. Actually, most guests will assume that they are outdoor lights. It also helps that the mounting hardware enables you to mount them anywhere on your garden, from the wall to the ground.

Sound-wise, the GS4 Discreet speaker combines a one-inch Teteron tweeter with a four-inch mineral-filled polypropylene woofer to deliver enough boom without taking up too much space. They only weigh four pounds too. They perform well as stand-alone speakers and do not require a subwoofer to produce an immersive sound. The woofer provides incredible bass response while the tweeter features an ultra-wide dispersion function to maximize the sound quality in the outdoor setting.

Advertised as a custom-designed speaker, the Niles Audio GS4 Discreet sports a sleek, well-built enclosure that is built to survive the test of time. Weatherproof cabinetry and UV protection are also an added plus. The speaker comes with Nile’s lifetime limited warranty to give buyers peace of mind. The GS4 Discreet handles bass very well and will fill your garden with a rich, deep sound. The only downside is that the full-bodied mids and crispy clear highs somewhat overshadows the bass.





AP850 8-Inch 200W High-Performance 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Weather-Resistant Patio Speakers – OSD Audio

The OSD Audio AP850 is a sleek, modern way to entertain your family and friends. It is designed to resist the harshest conditions while providing indoor-quality sound. It is suitable for patios, decks, pool areas, and gardens. And you can mount them horizontally or vertically thanks to swivel brackets. It also includes connectivity-enhancing gold-plated spring compression binding posts.

The AP850 Outdoor speaker features an eight-inch polypropylene woofer for a crisp, clear sound. It also includes Supernil soft dome tweeters for great-sounding low frequencies. One of the winning factors of this speaker is that it produces better sound than pricier variations. It is an audiophiles’ favorite mainly because it performs as well inside and outside. It comes with water-resistant ports and a molded weather-resistant woofer. With additional 3dB of bass output, the AP850 is well-suited for spaces up to 800 sq. ft.

It is available in either white or black finish and ranks as one of the most aesthetically-pleasing speakers on the market. It combines outdoor versatility with up to 200 watts of power to make an incredible product at a low price range. Frequency response ranges from 37 Hz to 22 kHz and sensitivity clocks in at the regular 90+. However, weighing 40 pounds, these may not be the best outdoor speakers for you if you are looking for a portable, easy-to-carry option.





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