10 Best Plasma Lighters – 2022 – Reviews You Should Check Out Right Now

Almost everything that we do today is affected and improved by technology, be it something that is as small as a battery to something substantial like a supercollider. Something as basic as a lighter to has come a long way from what it used to be, and with more innovations, we have progressed from the simple gas lighters to something that stands out for its functionality and looks. A lot of people now tend to choose the best plasma lighter over the regular gas ones because of the ease of use that comes along with it.

If you are trying to use a lighter in a windy area, for example, your flame will keep going out if you are using a regular lighter. However, a plasma lighter works in a slightly altered way. The flame of this kind of lighter doesn’t go out because of the manner in which the spark is being generated. Plasma lighters also need a certain amount of technical production, which means that it is usually made of better quality materials as compared to regular lighters. These mechanisms within the lighter are also meant to sustain a longer amount of use, which means they usually last longer than what one would expect.

Finding the best plasma lighter that is right for you and fits all of your requirements is not always the easiest task. That is why we are here to lay out the top ten best plasma lighter products that are currently available on the market today.


Top 10 Best Plasma Lighter Reviews

The Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Lighter

While Tesla, as a company may now be known for putting forward some of the latest innovations in energy and vehicles, but that does not refrain from them into also trying to improve smaller products that are used on a daily basis. The lighter was one of the products that the company decided to develop, and they sure did an excellent job at it. This lighter has received a lot of recognition from people all over the world who are making use of this brilliant innovation. Tesla wanted to make a lighter that did not use any kind of fuel, which gave out no flame, and which could run in even the windiest of situations. This innovative lighter has surely surpassed the expectations of all those who came across this new product put forth by Tesla.

Being an energy company that works to provide greener solutions to people all over the world, the company has also tried to provide customers with additional products that work to reduce the strain on the environment, and the Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Lighter is one of them. In addition to being incredibly efficient, the Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Lighter is also known for being incredibly lightweight. The lighter weighs less than three ounces and is known for being incredibly sleek and thin.





Mantello USB Arc Lighter

Need a lighter and also need a USB drive? Why not get both with this stylish lighter by Mantello. The Mantello USB Arc Lighter is something that is undoubtedly going to get people wondering what is that little device that you are carrying around. This particular model is not something that is seen commonly in the market, which is also what makes this lighter so popular among people who like collecting unusual ones.

Mantello is also the only company that is authorized to use this concept of a USB and a lighter in one since they patented the product as soon as they came up with it. In addition to the functionality that this product provides, the value for money that one receives from this is also brilliant. Typically, the lighter will last for up to 300 uses, which makes this lighter incredibly budget for its price. Also, the product comes with a one year warranty to ensure that their customers always receive the very best.





Saberlight Sparq

If you are on the lookout for a lighter that is unique and doesn’t follow the traditional style that lighters come in, the Saberlight Sparq may be the one for this. This particular product is shaped like a cylinder with the ‘flame’ at the top, making this ideal for lighting almost anything. This lighter functions through a dual arc system and has an extended reach because of the shape and structure that it follows. This particular product is also incredibly powerful because of the manner in which it stands and the way it gets used up.

Overall, this lighter has proven to be incredibly efficient for people all over the world and is something that anyone looking for an excellent long lasting lighter should consider. One of the brilliant things about this lighter is that it also has a USB charger to keep it going. Just plug it into any USB power source just as you would with a regular phone charger, and you are good to go!





BOLT Electric Plasma Lighter

The BOLT Electric Plasma Lighter is one of those lighters that has become more of a staple. Particularly when compared to any other kind of lighter on the market. This is mainly designed for those who smoke cigarettes but can be used for other purposes as well if held properly. The BOLT Electric Plasma Lighter tries to constantly keep up with the latest technology. While at the same time maintaining its simplicity and functionality as a standard lighter would.

More than providing the user with basic features, the BOLT Electric Plasma Lighter also has a metallic outer cover and good inner structure. These ensure that this lighter works to its full efficiency. The manufacturers of the lighter have also taken their production one step further. They have decided to implement a number of safety measures within the core structure of the product. These ensure that their customers always have a smooth experience.





Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter

Not all fighters need to be over complicated. Sometimes, having a product that is simple and which functions well is what customers really want, and the Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter seems to do that with absolute ease. The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter is a single arc lighter and is an excellent choice because of the positive reputation that the lighters from Ralix have.

However, one of the most significant downsides of this product is its shape and structure. While this product may be good to light a solitary cigeratte or candle, the task of lighting something bigger, like a cigar, for example, is near impossible with this alone. However, if you want something that is unfriendly basic and still provides you with a host of benefits, then the Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter is the way to go for this one.





Tesla Coil Electric Plasma Lighter

Another one from Tesla, this time the Coil Electric Plasma Lighter. This particular model is slightly more different as compared to the ones that the company produces, which may result in a few hurdles along the way. One of the first defining characteristics of this particular lighter is the fact that it never runs out. The product comes with the charger that can then be connected to the lighter to be able to channel energy into it. After the lighter has been used, it can go up to 300 uses before it starts to show any signs of disruption in the mechanism.

The body of the lighter itself is something worth noting because of how good it looks and feels. The main body of the lighter is comprised of high-quality materials and is unlikely to give way soon. However, that possibility also exists, though lowered as compared to other lighters that are generally available on the market.





TriGear Elite Series Arc Lighter

The TriGear Elite Series Arc Lighter is considered to be the elite plasma lighter because of its structure and what it is made up of. This particular lighter is made of incredibly high-quality materials and offers a high amount of durability along with it. The product itself looks stunning and doesn’t seem to resemblance a lighter in the traditional sense. Even though the body may look like it is made up of heavy metals, it is more lightweight as compared to other metal body lighters.

The shape of the lighter to is incredibly compact, making it easier to carry around. The mechanism of the lighter in itself is something that is reason enough to buy this product. The TriGear Elite Series Arc Lighter follows a single arc system and is highly functional regarding what it needs to be able to do. The structure of the lighter on the outside is something akin to Zippo lighters, even though the shape and basic structure that they follow might be slightly different.





RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter

The RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter may not look like your conventional lighter. This is because that’s not the only thing that it is. The RUIMX Lighter can be considered as a solid device to keep in hand during a time of emergency. Be it indoors or outdoors. One of the key components is that it has a lighter on one end and a flashlight on the other. If there is ever an emergency, this is the device that can help you figure your way out.

One of the only downsides to this particular product is that it needs standard batteries. Many others favour the new chargeable lighters that currently exist. This product is also durable and can withstand a large amount of damage to its surface. The RUIMX Arc Lighter is meant to survive harsher situations, making this the ideal product to have in your emergency bag, or on hand. This product follows the cylindrical structure of having the flame on the top of the lighter rather than the sides.





Saber Light Revolutionary

While the brand tries to put forth an image of a product line that is in keeping with the times, the Saber Light Revolutionary is one product that takes us way back to the days of Zippo lighters. These products are incredibly skeel and functional. Not to mention, incredibly fashionable. The Saber Light Revolutionary look similar to the sleek Zippo lighters that used to be produced. The Saber Light Revolutionary was one of the first product ranges that the company Saber Light provided. In an incredibly short span of time, the company was able to grow immensely. They even surpassed some of the biggest competitors in the field.

While traditional methods of using a lighter might have worked well enough, there were always some potential risks. The gases that were being used in this kind of lighters were incredibly dangerous if anything went wrong. When Saber Light Revolutionary first came out, they knew that they wanted to make a product that could change the way lighters functioned. Through multiple rounds of product testing, Saber Light finally came to the solution. That was to release the Saber Light Revolutionary with lithium ions and plasma waves. This ensures that there is as little potential threat as possible to the customers who are using them.





Pard Relief Dragon Arc Lighter

The Pard Relief Dragon Arc Lighter is the last product that we recommend on this list. It is a lighter that people all over the world have been giving positive views about. This particular product is meant to look like a regular lighter from the outside. While at the same time function as a plasma lighter on the inside. One of the more striking features is the engravings on it. This particular lighter has an engraved dragon on the body that is carved in gold and blue. The top of the lighter can be opened up, just as any regular Zippo lighter would.

A lot of people who are particularly interested in buying something that looks good have opted to go in for this particular product. But it isn’t only the looks of this product that are carrying it to this list. Since the inner mechanisms of the lighter are just as good as the outside. The single arc plasma is ideal for lighting cigarettes and candles. However, it may not be so ideal for bigger things like cigars. One of the more unique features of this lighter is also the security feature. This protects the user if anything were to go wrong in the product.