Top 10 Best Projector Screen Guide For 2022

Projector screens come in many different shapes and styles, whether that be portable, outdoor, indoor, home theater, or business oriented. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the very best projector screen! So we did all the hard work and screened out (ha!) everything except the Top 10 Best Projector Screens available on Amazon today.

All screens listed are prime eligible—hello, two day shipping—and have proven to be the best of the best time and time again. So whether you’re looking to host an outdoor movie party or set up a really sweet in-home theater, check out the projector screens below!


10 Best Projector Screen Reviews

Owlenz Foldable Anti-crease Projection Screen

Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Category: Indoor/Outdoor
Size: 120 Inch
What We Like: Wrinkle Free
What We Don’t: Slightly transparent when stretched

This portable projector screen is convenient and easy to use in a plethora of situations. This screen is ideal for creating your own home theatre, presenting material in an office or classroom setting, or displaying movies outside. It features a compact, lightweight one-piece design. It’s also able to fold into a small enough size to easily store in a backpack or suitcase while on the go.

This projector screen is made from is an anti-crease high absorbent material made from polyester fibers that enhance the brightness and sharpness of the image displayed on the screen. It is also made from a thick material that does not wrinkle when crushed or folded. However, it can look slightly transparent if stretched too far, so it’s recommended to use against a light-colored background. The screen is quick and simple to set up using basic tools such as hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, or double sided tape. The screen offers a 104 x 58 inch viewing area.



Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Weight: 23 lbs
Category: Outdoor/ Indoor
Size: 120 Inch
What We Like: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
What We Don’t: Screen wrinkles if not stored correctly

The Elite Screen Yard Master 2 is a 120-inch portable projector screen equipped with a fully tensioned, snap button frame that ensures a flat projection. No need to worry about distortion here! It also features a silver aluminum frame with detachable legs, screen material, ground stakes, rigging cord, and supporting rings. The screen offers a 160-degree viewing angle, which is great for large gatherings!

This projector screen is also mildew resistant, making it suitable for most climates. Assembly is quick, easy, and can be done without the use of tools. The aluminum tube construction is lightweight and includes a padded carrying bag for extra protection during transport. Although the screen is somewhat weather resistant, to preserve its quality it should not be left out in the elements for extended periods of time.



EasyGo Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Category: Outdoor
Size: 14 feet diagonal
What We Like: Fast set up and large screen
What We Don’t: Could blow down in wind if not staked well

The EasyGo Inflatable Mega Movie Screen is one of our top choices for many reasons. It is super easy to set up, taking less than two minutes, and includes an easy-to-follow user manual, air blower, rope, tent, inflatable stakes, and its own storage bag. The screen of this device is a white display canvas that can be removed for easy cleaning (soap and water) and safe stow away.

The screen measures an impressive 96 inches wide by 58 inches tall, but remains extremely portable due to the blow up design. This inflatable projector screen is also waterproof, so it can withstand the outdoors for extended periods of time despite varying weather conditions. All you need an electrical outlet–then you’re all set to get the party started! This could well be the best projector screen for you.



Elite Screens Spectrum

Weight: 22 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 100 inch diagonal
What We Like: Bang for your buck, stylish
What We Don’t: Cheap packaging

This Elite display screen projector is ideal for the in-home theatre set up. It is 49 inches tall and 87.2 inches wide, offering a wide viewing area to display on. The screen material is made from a multi-layered weave that offers a solid white surface. This allows the image quality to remain crisp and not distorted.

The viewing angle of this screen is 180 degrees, and it is 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection ready. The screen is somewhat mildew resistant, but should be installed in a air-conditioned space. The projector screen ships fully assembled, and includes an infrared remote, a detachable 3-way wall switch, and a 12V trigger cable. In terms of functionality this may be the best projector screen for you.



GBTIGER PVC Outdoor Movie Screen

Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Category: Outdoor/Indoor
Size: 86 inches diagonal
What We Like: Portability
What We Don’t: May have to spend time ironing out wrinkles

This ones for you, traveling professionals! This minimalistic projector screen is inexpensive, durable, and extremely portable. The GBTIGER is a great choice for displaying photos, videos, or slides. It is made of a PVC Composite resin material that looks like a completely smooth surface. The screen is mildew resistant and quite simple to clean with soap and water on the go.

Additionally, this screen offers a 160-degree viewing angle. This angle is a great option for a theatre-like viewing in a classroom, business, or party setting. The screen is very minimal with only one piece included. It can be mounted to a flat surface using the multiple ‘hanging holes’ that perforate its border. This display screen proves to be lightweight and foldable, making it a great option for anyone relying on portability and quick/easy set up.



VIVO Pull Down Projector Screen

Weight: 18.5 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 100 inch diagonal
What We Like: Huge, high quality images.
What We Don’t: Slight curvature were there is less tension

This screen is a great option for completing any in-home theatre. It measures 100 inches diagonally with a crisp viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. The screen features a durable metal casing that can be installed on both the wall and ceiling for extra support. This design is ideal for displaying images or film in a home or business setting. The screen comes equipped with a standard black backing that prevents light from penetrating the screen. Many projector screens without this feature have visible distortion and/or lower quality images.

The four-sided black border surrounding the white screen enhances visual contrast for an optimized viewing experience as well. This device is compatible with most LED, LCD, and DLP projectors that are on the market.



STR Silver Ticket Projector Screen

Weight: 32.5 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 109.2 x 1.2 x 63.6 inches
What We Like: High quality materials
What We Don’t: The Moiré pattern is noticeable on screen

The Silver Products Fixed Frame projection screen offers high quality performance for a competitive price. The screen is made out of a white, stretchy, high-quality vinyl at that is specifically designed for viewing images and film. There is no resolution loss at any viewing angle–so make some popcorn, invite your friends, and stretch out on the floor without worrying about movie quality!

This screen also comes with a tension rod system that saves time while setting up your screen for display. It ensures that you can bring cinema quality entertainment to your home or business in minutes. The secure top and bottom mounting brackets that come with this screen allow for horizontal adjustments as well.



Epson ES1000 Tabletop Screen

Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 50 inches diagonal
What We Like: Screen collapses into own carrying case
What We Don’t: May collapse unless pulled open all the way

This very compact and portable projector screen is a wonderful tool for mobile professionals. The unique one-piece design allows you to set up quickly and efficiently in less than a 30 seconds. So whether you pack it up and unpack it once, twice, or fifty times a day–this Epson projector is ready for the job. The screen is 50 inches across diagonally, allowing for ample viewing space while presenting things such as slides, videos, or company documents to a group.

It is important to note that the screen must be opened to its maximum width in order to stay opened thanks to the expander, so having a surface wide enough to support the fully extended screen is necessary. The carrying case that the screen forms when it is completely closed is 34.5 inches long, making it small enough to stow in an overhead compartment or carry by hand while utilizing public transportation.



Portable Outdoor Projection Screen

Weight: 18 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 91 x 6 x 8 inches
What We Like: The sturdy design
What We Don’t: Sometimes bulky, not portable

This matte white screen features 70 x 40 inches of useable area with a viewing angle of 160 degrees. This setup includes a sturdy tripod that can be added or removed while using the screen, allowing you use it on tables or freestanding! It features a manual pull-down chain and a stow-away case for storage while the screen is not in use.
The length of this display screen makes it a bit awkward and bulky to transport, which may cut down on the overall mobility of the device.

With that being said, it is not too heavy for most to carry since it weighs less than 20 pounds. This projector screen does not come equipped with a storage box or bag like some other models, but it does have that stow away area. It can be outside for short periods of time as well, but wind and other weather hazards may damper the overall experience–so just be sure to use it on a clear day or night if moving it outdoors.



Pyle Portable Projector Screen

Weight: 3.95 lbs.
Category: Indoor
Size: 37.5 x 4 x 4 inches
What We Like: Portability
What We Don’t: Top heavy

This projector screen is easy and quick to set up–perfect for an impromptu movie session after a long day at work. The lightweight and portable retractable build of the screen allows for a convenient display whenever and wherever needed. All that is required for setting up the screen is pulling it upwards and locking it into place with one simple flick. The matte white viewing surface features an automatically locking mechanism that rolls out in seconds.

This device also features a black masking border that assists in providing optimum image focus and alignment. This video projector screen is designed to stand on any flat floor surface or table, though it’s best kept indoors. Although it may infrequently tip due to the top-heavy design, it is still ideal for many situations, such as outdoor movies, indoor parties, and presentations in a class or office setting.