Ten Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews For 2022

Not everyone has the luxury of a guest room, but what do you do if you have overnight guests? Sleeper sofas might offer a solution. There are a few things you should look for in a sleeper sofa to make sure you get the right one for you and your family. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best sleeper sofa reviews, plus answered a few questions you might have about which one is the right one for you. Let’s take a look.


How to choose a sleeper


You might not have space for a full-sized couch, but even sofas on the smaller side will still fold out to a full bed. If you’ve got the room to rearrange for a fold out, go ahead and get a full-sized sleeper couch. You can always move your coffee table back when guests leave.

If you don’t have the fold out space, futons give you a better option because they don’t increase much in width after folding out. If you still don’t have space, an extra deep couch will at least let one person sleep comfortably overnight (especially if the back cushions remove).


Matching your style is important. Sleeper sofas come in all kinds of styles including traditional and contemporary. They can be sleek or overstuffed. Once you decide style of couch you’d like, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a sleeper.


If you can, sit on the sofa before your purchase. Sleepers feel a little different than traditional sofas because the springs are different. It’s also important to know what kind of mattress you’re getting with the sleeper. Foam mattresses will be more comfortable than coil mattresses, but the number of coils can determine the comfort as well.


The Ten Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Galileo Cream Microfiber Queen Sleeper Sofa

Galileo’s microfiber sofa is a sleek, traditional sofa that gives you the benefit of microfiber’s easy maintenance. The furniture was designed in Italy and features a sleek design that fits into many different types of decors.

This couch is comfortable to unfold. It’s an easy-open design that takes about five seconds from start to finish. One useful feature is that the cushions stay attached to the couch even when it’s unfolded, so you never lose the cushions.

It’s a standard size sofa, so there’s plenty of space for people to sit. When in the couch position it’s 80 inches long and 39 inches deep. Once it’s folded out, it’s 82 inches long. That gives enough space for someone well over six feet to sleep comfortably.

This couch is best for someone who has a larger space and needs frequent space for guests. It’s large enough that guests will have a comfortable stay. If you don’t have a lot of space, this might not be the right space for you.

-large sleeping area
-easy unfolding design
-microfiber is easy to clean

-might be too large to fit in smaller rooms



Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper – Sleek Tailored Couch with Pull Out

Ashley Furniture’s fold out sofa is a small, modern love seat in a durable fabric. It’s a tailored gray fabric inspired by expensive menswear that looks great with decor that’s more on the modern side. It’s at home in smaller spaces, but still offers plenty of sleeping space.

The cushions have a foam core that’s durable and holds shape well. The fabric is a polyester mix, easy to wipe down and doesn’t retain odors. The feet are a dark wood finish that coordinates with the fabric and lends an air of luxury.

Although it’s a love seat, it offers a long fold out bed measuring 89 inches. That’s nearly eight feet of sleeping space so even the tallest sleeper will have plenty of space. IT arrives assembled and fits through most doorways that are 34 inches or wider.

It’s easy to fold out, but the cushions don’t stay on when the sofa is extended. Although it takes up a smaller amount of space, it takes a lot of space when folded out. You’ll want to have plenty of fold-out space.

It’s best for those who have a more modern decor and don’t have a lot of space for daily furniture but can move some things around to make room for the fold out when guests come.

-ultra modern design
-folds up smaller
-extra long bed

-needs extra space to fold out.



DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Futons are a great way to squeeze some extra space into a smaller living area. The futons you remember from college have gotten an upgrade. DHP’s Emily sofa bed is a durable faux leather that’s easy to clean and a modern color.

You can set it in three different positions. Full upright is a traditional couch position. The next position is lounge, great for watching TV. Then, it fully reclines into a full bed for overnight guests.

It’s an ultra-modern look with metal legs and a split back design. It’s most at home in industrial inspired decor and minimalist living rooms. In a sleeping position, it’s about 70 inches long. It folds down in seconds, and the cushions become the sleeping space. No more lost pillows. They also retain their shape even after years of wear.

White might not seem low maintenance, but to clean it off, just wipe it clean. It won’t hold stains the way fabric sofas will, and it’s more durable than traditional leather (plus it’s a fraction of the price of real leather).

Futon’s don’t have the softest sleeping space. If your guests prefer a softer mattress, the futon might not be the most comfortable. One way to get around the firmness is to lay down a piece of memory foam to counteract the firmness.

-clean, minimal design
-three positions
-easy to clean faux leather

-hard mattress



DHP Delaney Sofa Sleeper in Rich Faux Leather

The Delaney sleeper sofa is a luxe leather piece of furniture that doesn’t have the high maintenance trappings of many pieces of leather furniture. Faux leather has the look of expense, but it’s easy to wipe clean and more durable than real leather.

It’s just as easy as a futon to set up, but it doesn’t have the look of a futon. It has a full wooden frame with padded arms. The seats fold down between the arms for a comfortable overnight place to stay, but the couch doesn’t look out of place in more traditional decor.

It comes mostly assembled; you just need to attach the legs. When you adjust the settings, it clicks into place, so you know that it’s stable and in the right position. It has a full weight limit of 600 pounds and folds out to 71 and a half inches.

It’s a good choice for spaces that have a masculine edge, or for users on the larger scale. It adds a nice traditional air to your design but gives you a much more comfortable upkeep than more expensive pieces of furniture.

There’s a coordinating ottoman and coffee table available if you want to expand your decor. Like other futon style pull-outs, the mattress might be a little hard for some guests. You can get around this by using a piece of memory foam on top or a mattress pad of some kind before you put sheets on. When your guests are done sleeping, it folds back up in less than five minutes.

-click clack design tells you when it’s locked into position
-rich faux leather looks more like a traditional piece of furniture.
-supports a much larger weight class

-futon mattress is hard



US Pride Furniture Kachy Fabric Convertible Sleeper Sectional Sofa Bed & Facing-Left Chaise

US Pride’s convertible sleeper sofa is a convenient piece of furniture. It has a left facing chaise attached to the end so guests can sit or lounge. When the bed is folded out, it lays next to the chaise offering guests a little more space in a full bed.

The frame is wooden, but the whole structure is foam filled cushions which are durable and hold their shape. The material is durable and classy gray. You can wipe things clean if you or one of the kids spills something. The entire sofa weighs just 144 pounds, which may seem like a lot, but is pretty light for a full sized sleeper sofa.

It has an airy look that would fit well with beachy decor or modern. It’s tailored look leaves the legs bare, making the space seem larger than it is. It folds down in mere minutes and clicks into place.

One good thing about this couch is that it folds out to a full-size bed, but the sofa itself is pretty small. If you don’t have a lot of space for a large couch, but need guest rooms from time to time, it offers a good compromise between sleeping and sitting area.

It ships disassembled so you’ll have to hook the chaise and the couch together yourself with a few bolts. It takes about 30 minutes to put together. The sofa itself isn’t that comfortable, but it’s a good trade-off for something that looks so tailored.

-small footprint
-chaise is stylish
-neutral fabric and exposed legs make the room look bigger

-the couch isn’t as comfortable for sitting



Klaussner Heights Dreamquest Regular Sleeper Sofa

If you want something less modern and more comfortable, the Klaussner Heights sofa is an overstuffed sleeper sofa made of durable fabric manufactured in North Carolina. It’s a full 92 inches, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to sit.

The arms and back pillows are extra-padded. The mattress once folded out is 72 inches long. It’s less than ten minutes to fold it out. Although the couch itself is pretty comfortable, the mattress is a little thin.

The couch padding is comfortable, but it’s taller than the average couch. If you aren’t tall, it might be annoying to sit and not have your feet touch the floor, but if you mostly lounge, that might not be too much of an issue.

It’s a neutral beige that fits in well with most decor and is probably most at home in a family or TV room. It’s got a casual feel that’s perfect for families and movie nights.

-overstuffed, casual feel is an excellent addition to a media room
-neutral color scheme
-the fabric is made in North Carolina

-might be too tall for shorter users



Rivet Revolve Modern Sofa Bed

People who need furniture for a small space but still need space for the occasional guest. It has classic, clean lines and is covered in durable denim. It’s easy to wipe clean and maintain.

It has tall sides, and it’s made of stain resistant polyester denim. The cushions are medium firm and hold their shape well over time with high-density foam. When the sofa folds down, the cushions remove to make it easier to fold. The whole thing folds down in less than ten minutes.

Because the cushions are firm, the chaise cushion tends to pop up a bit towards the ends when someone sits down. Also, if you like a softer, overstuffed couch cushion, this one might not be the best choice.

It is an excellent choice for households that want cushions to maintain their shape without constant fluffing. Once the bed is put back into place, it doesn’t take very much to get the cushions put back correctly.

Overall, it’s a nice addition to a living room that needs some extra seating (hello, lounging on a chaise) and room for the occasional guest.

-chaise adds visual interest to the room
-bare legs look modern
-medium firm cushions retain their shape

-chaise cushion doesn’t lay flush with the couch



Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper

The leather is a beautiful addition to any room, but the upkeep? And the price? Coaster Home Furnishings’ modern leather couch handles those two issues plus an extra you don’t often find in leather furniture, a sleeper.

It’s heavy, but you get a solid piece of furniture that doesn’t feel like cheap college-furniture leather. It’s easy to wipe clean, and the medium firm cushions keep their shape. The bed folds out in less than ten minutes into a queen-sized bed.

The mattress is thin, but it offers a medium-firm support. Putting a piece of memory foam across the top will help with guests who prefer a softer sleeping space. The cushions don’t stay on the couch while the bed is folded out.

Bonded leather and tufted cushions give this sleeper couch a customized look. There’s no metal bar underneath the mattress for support, so it doesn’t have the feel of a traditional sleeper (no crossbar digging into your back in the middle of the night).

-has the look of an expensive leather couch
-no crossbar digging into your back
-bonded leather is less of an investment

-the mattress is on the thin side



Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled, Overstuffed Sofa

This sleeper is a classically styled sofa with overstuffed cushions. It’s down-filled and gives you a soft base. The frame is hardwood covered in stain-resistant and moisture repellant fabric. The feet are large. Overall, the look of the couch is comfortable and inviting.

This couch would be a good choice for families, especially those with small kids. It’s an extra deep couch, so if you don’t have space for a traditional sleeper couch, this one gives enough room for one guest to have a comfortable stay overnight on the couch.

It’s a low height seat, something better for kids, plus the cushions are soft. Everything about the construction is relaxed but tough. Spills wipe off quickly, and the smooth material is easy to vacuum.

-overstuffed, down-filled cushions are comforable
– full seat is suitable for sleeping
-durable materials resist wear and tear from children and pets

-not a true sleeper


Flash Furniture Signature Design by Ashley Darcy

Our last sofa is a contemporary design with rolled arms and overstuffed seat cushions. The cushions are medium-firm foam wrapped in polyester. It rests on wood finished feet. It arrives assembled except for the feet.

It’s big enough for lots of guests to sit on at once. It’s a statement piece that’s at home in formal living rooms and casual family rooms. The cushions aren’t removable, but the seat is deep enough for one person to sleep.

The material is beautiful, plus the tufted design adds visual interest to a room. It’s large, so you’ll need a bit more space to make sure it fits, but if you have the occasional overnight guest, it’s a good sleeping choice.

-the tufted design looks custom made
-the fabric is durable but still soft
-matches a variety of design styles

-cushions don’t remove for cleaning