Ten Best Sleeping Bags For Kids – 2022 Reviews

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best sleeping bags for kids. Since kids have a lower body mass than grown-ups, an adult sleeping bag is out of the question. Get one too big, and heat will escape. Grab one too small, and your child will feel uncomfortable.

Usually, there are two types of sleeping bags: indoor and outdoor. Indoor styles are light, making them perfect for nap time, sleepovers, and movie night. Outdoor models contain heavier materials and hold more cushion to make outdoor sleeping bearable.

Naturally, the criteria for an indoor sleeping bag will differ from one designed for outdoor slumber. Nevertheless, you should know what to look for before you begin your search. Start scrolling to find the best sleeping bag for your child.


Features To Consider In The Best Sleeping Bags For Kids


One of the first things you should check for when looking for a sleeping bag is the bag’s dimensions. This information will let you know if it is suitable for your child. Most manufacturers list the measurements in inches, so you’ll need to convert the numbers into feet to make sure the sleeping bag is long and wide enough for your child.

Carrying Weight

Each sleeping bag listed here is lightweight, so your child will have no problem with carrying one. A few models include a sack for easy transport. Still, it is best to check the bag’s weight to make sure your child can carry it without assistance.


Consider the material used for making the shell, lining, and fill. The outer material should be easy to clean. That is, you should be able to wipe it with a damp cloth if it gets a little dirty. As for the lining, it should feel comfortable against the skin. Try cotton and microfiber fabrics. The filling or insulation is what keeps the body warm and provides cushioning to prevent experiences of aches and pains while sleeping on hard surfaces. Most insulated children’s bags contain synthetic fibers.


Generally, the outer layer of a sleeping bag is made of durable materials like ripstop nylon or polyester. It may be treated to repel water, block UV rays, or prevent fading. For added strength, they should fasten with heavy duty or self-repairing zippers.

Temperature Rating

If you are purchasing a sleeping bag for outdoor slumber, you need to check the temperature rating. This numeric indicator corresponds to the type of weather the bag can endure. For example, a rating between 45 and 55 degrees is ideal for spring and fall weather. However, it is not suited for extreme cold or hot temperatures.


Most kids sleeping bags come in either an envelope (rectangular) or a mummy style. Both versions create a barrier between the body and the hard floor or cold ground. Still, rectangular bags offer more room. The mummy model fits snug, leaving little air inside the bag, allowing your child’s body to warm quicker.


Ten Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Reviews

1. Coleman Kids Camo Youth Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 25″W x 65″
Material(s): Polyester
Temperature Rating: 45 degrees Fahrenheit
Use: Camping

Pros: Soft, warm, and comfortable

Cons: Slippery both inside and out and does not roll up well

Coleman is a leading manufacturer of camping gear and outdoor recreational products. So it’s no surprise that this pint-size sleeping bag replicates the quality of adult models. Ideal for kids who enjoy spending time under twinkling stars, it’s suitable for little campers up to 5’5″.

It boasts a no-snap zipper to ensure your child can get in and out effortlessly. A plush Comfort Cuff surrounds the face like a pillow, and ThermoTech insulation keeps heat inside for a comfortable, draft-free slumber. Additionally, the Coleman Kids Camo has an interior pocket so kids can keep their phone or flashlight by their side.

Available in blue camo or pink diamond print, the bag unzips completely and doubles as a blanket. The zipper can also be used to attach another sleeping bag. If you’re expecting mild temperatures, this model is suited for climates as low as 45 degrees.



2. Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag

Dimensions: 46″L x 26″W
Material(s): Polyester shell with flannel cotton fill
Temperature Rating: N/A
Use: Sleepover

Pros: Lightweight for easy carrying

Cons: Could use a sturdier zipper

If your little princess is a Disney fan, the Minnie Mouse slumber bag is sure to please. Sized for little ones between 3 and 8, it’s ideal for TV snuggles, sleepover adventures, or nap time at Granny’s house. The purple and pink sleeping bag features an adorable, high-quality graphic of Minnie and Daisy with the phrase ‘Bows go with everything.’ A coordinating sling bag helps lighten the load while carrying.

At 52″ long, it comfortably fits kids up to 4′ tall. With a side zipper, children can zip themselves in and out as they please. It contains a flannel cotton fill to offer comfort and warmth.

This item is extremely durable and holds up well after frequent machine washings, allowing your child to enjoy it for years.



3. Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 60″L x 26″W
Material(s): Polyester shell, lining, and fill
Use: Backyard and camping
Temperature Rating: 50 degrees

Pros: Side attachments make it easy for kids to roll the bags themselves

Cons: Machine washing not recommended

Children will snooze the night away while snuggling in the comfort of this soft fabric sleeping bag. Like the previous Coleman model, it boasts ThermoTech insulation and Comfort Cuff technology, as well as a ZipPlow fabric system to prevent snagging and an interior pocket for gadgets. What makes this model differ from the Camo Youth sleeping bag is its glow-in-the-dark design, which is perfect for kiddos who need a little light to fall asleep.

The soft microfabric shell feels soft against the skin, increasing the comfort level. With a temperature rating of 50 degrees is perfect for spring and fall weather. This sleeping bag accommodates sleepers up to to 5″ tall and offers ample room for them to move without feeling restricted.

Available in blue, pink, and teal this sleeping bag is suited for the backyard and camping.



4. Lightweight Sleeping Reval Camp Ultralight Backpacking

Dimensions: 30″W x 71″L
Material(s): Polyester shell, lining, and fill
Temperature Rating: 40 degrees
Use: Hiking, backpacking, and camping

Pros: Durable for frequent use

Cons: Doesn’t offer adequate cushion on hard surfaces

The Reveal Camp sleeping bag isn’t the lightest option of the bunch, but it is the most versatile. It is suited for indoor and outdoor use and holds up well in mild temperatures. Thanks to its polyester construction, bodies stay warm in cold temperatures.

It’s an excellent option for parents looking for a sleeping bag for children can grow into, or share with other family members. It fits children and adults up to 6′. Moreover, it folds and stores easily after a camping or hiking expedition.

This eco-friendly sleeping bag is made of high-quality weather, UV, and fade resistant materials. It is available in rectangular and mummy styles and comes in an assortment of colors with left or right zipper options.



5. Wenzel Moose Boys Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 66″L x 26″W
Material(s): Polyester
Temperature Rating: 40 degrees
Use: Camping

Pros: Hypoallergenic filling provides a lofty cushion on hard grounds. Contains a self-repairing zipper

Cons: Little hands may have difficulty putting the sleeping bag in the sack

If your child loves tagging along on trips to the backcountry, he or she will love catching z’s in the Wenzel Moose sleeping bag. It features a high-quality polyester shell. The moose print adds a nice touch.

The non-allergenic Insul-Therm cushions the space between your child and hard surfaces, so your child remains comfortable in warm or cool temperatures. A self-repairing coil zipper keeps the bag intact, making it ideal for frequent use.

It weighs about a pound and comes with a drawstring stuff sack for easy transport.



6. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Drawstring Bag with Sleeping Sack

Dimensions: 30″W x 54″L
Material(s): Nylon shell with polyester fill
Temperature Rating: N/A
Use: Sleepovers

Pros: Wipes easily for quick cleaning

Cons: Zipper and straps for carrying sack are not as sturdy as other models on this list

The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol sack makes sleepovers more enjoyable. It has a kid-friendly design similar to the Disney Minnie Mouse bedroll for girls. The blue sleeping bag features colorful graphics of the problem-solving pups Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, and Zuma.

Climbing in and out of the sleeping bag is easy thanks to its wide opening. The lightweight sack is made of durable nylon for repeated use and has a breathable, polyester filling to provide warmth and comfort. A smooth interior ensures it doesn’t irritate the skin.

It maintains its shape after frequent washings. The slumber sack rolls smoothly and stores inside a drawstring bag when not in use.



7. Farland Outdoor Mummy Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 29.5″W x 86.6″L
Material(s): Nylon shell with polyester lining
Temperature Rating: 20-62 degrees Fahrenheit
Use: Hiking and traveling

Pros: Easy roll and fold design

Cons: Too large for small kids

The Farland Outdoor sleeping bag receives high marks for reliability, durability, and comfort. After a taxing day of hiking or traveling, you want your kids to have a warm, cushy space to lay their heads. This all-season sleeper will keep them comfy in temperatures ranging from 20 to 68 degrees.

It is made of high-quality construction to withstand extreme temperatures and rough surfaces. Double-fill insulation traps heat in the cold months and allows air to circulate in warmer climates. Plus, it’s waterproof nylon shell prevents moisture from seeping through.

This outdoor sleeping bag is extremely spacious, allowing tall kids and teenagers to move freely. In fact, it accommodates users up to 7′ tall, so adults can use it as well. The Farland is available in two styles: envelope-shape and mummy style. Both styles have an adjustable drawstring hood and come in 10 vibrant colors suited for males and females.



8. Sleeping Bag Wildkin Original Sleep Sack

Dimensions: 30″W x 66″ long
Material(s): Polyester and cotton blend exterior with a 50/50 microfiber and cotton interior
Temperature Rating: N/A
Use: Sleepovers

Pros: Flame-resistant and phthalates, PVC, and BPA-free

Cons: Cannot be washed in machines with agitators

One of the best sleeping bags for kids between the ages of 5 and 12, this sleep sack is strong, smooth, and spacious. A polyester and cotton interior provides ample padding for sleeping on the floor. Also, it comes with a matching pillow for a cushier snooze.

Besides the planes, trains, and truck theme sleeping bag, Wildkin offers 33 other kid-friendly patterns. Your child can pack the sleeping bag away in the included drawstring storage bag or open it for use as a bed cover.



9. Coleman Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 26″W x 66″L
Material(s): Filled with patented Coletherm insulation. Shell and lining fabric not specified.
Temperature Rating: 30-degrees
Use: Outdoor adventures

Pros: Retains heat well, machine washable

Cons: Only zips halfway down

This snug bug sleeping bag from Coleman is perfect for little squirmers. It is cozy and remarkably roomy to accommodate youngsters from the age of 6 years old to those who are under 5″ tall. The adjustable hood allows you to customize the fit to eliminate cold spots around the head.

It features Coletherm, a hollow insulation that retains heat with less weight in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Similar to the other Coleman sleeping bags on the list, it features a ZipPlow zipper for snag-free openings and closings, an interior pocket to stash small items, and a stuff sack for convenient storage.



10. KingCamp Junior Cozy Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 55.1″L x 27.6″W
Material(s): Polyester
Temperature Rating: 39.2 degrees
Use: Camping and sleepovers

Pros: Comes with a backpack for easy carrying and sized perfectly for toddlers

Cons: Not flame retardant

The KingCamp Junior reigns supreme with its comfort loft filling and cotton lining. Children up to 4’6″ will enjoy its warmth and softness while parents appreciate its durability. Kids also love the bright green color and the fun frog pattern.

Two-way zippers allow children to get in and out effortlessly and unzip the bottom for extra ventilation. The sleeping bag weighs less than two pounds and comes with a backpack for easy carry. When your child isn’t using the sleeping bag for sleepovers or camping, you can unzip it to use as a quilt.