Ten Best Thermometers For Adults – 2022 Edition – Reviews and Mini Guide

Though most of us have a thermometer or ten lying around the house when we have children, most adults don’t own one for themselves. We tend to think of fevers as something that only matters in children, and rarely take our own temperatures. This couldn’t be farther from the truth though. With so many viruses like influenza on the loose, it can be very important to know what your temperature is when you are feeling sick. Conscientious workers should keep a keen eye on the thermometer when determining whether to tough it out or call in sick to work, as there is a direct correlation between transmission of infection and fever. This list of ten thermometers for adults should help you narrow down the perfect choice for your home fever management.


Tips For Buying and Caring For An Adult Thermometer

With a variety of adult thermometers on the market, it’s best to choose a style and brand that best suits your comfort level and budget. Thermometers range in the way they record temperature from rectal, oral, ear, temporal (forehead), to a mixture of several methods. When informing your medical professional of the recorded temperature, it’s always important to be sure to include the way the temperature was taken, as different methods can have varying levels of accuracy. It’s also important to remember to check the batteries on your thermometer occasionally. Since adults get sick far fewer times a year, it would be easy to forget about the thermometer, only to realize that when you need it, the batteries have died.


1 Latest Dual Mode Dual Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Recommended by medical professionals, this state of the art dual forehead and ear thermometer allows you to record a temperature within one second either through the ear or by use on the forehead. Comes with a custom pouch for portability and cleanliness. Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and can recall up to 20 previous temperatures recorded. This thermometer can take up to 3000 recordings using AAA batteries and includes a fever alarm and auto shut off function after 10 seconds to conserve power.

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2 Best FDA 2017 Medical Thermometer With Jumbo LCD Display

Registers 100% accurate temperatures within 10 seconds from underarm, mouth or rectal insertion. Waterproof and including a flexible tip for insertion, this thermometer can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The large, lighted display makes it easy to read, even in the dark, and display can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the push of a button. Simple to use and medically accurate.

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3 Medical Ear Thermometer With Forehead Function

Like #1, this is a dual mode model that can be used either in the ear or on the forehead. Clinically calibrated for medical use using revolutionized calibration technology, this device can be found in many doctor’s offices. Easy to use with only two buttons, it takes your temperature in under one second and comes with a no hassle 100 day money back guarantee.

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4 Braun Ear Thermometer

Exclusive pre-warmed tip for repeatable accuracy coupled with a guidance system that provides both visible and audible reassurance that you are inserting the thermometer correctly into the ear canal. Comes with 2 AA batteries and a protective case and recalls last temperature recorded.

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5 White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer

This very affordable model comes with a flexible tip for comfortable insertion under the arm, orally or rectally. Fevers of 100 degrees and higher sound an alarm after a 10-30 second interval. This thermometer is cheap enough that you can buy a couple and keep one in your purse, the medicine cabinet or even in your car. Recalls last temperature taken and comes with a 1 year money back guarantee.

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6 Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Features Dual Mode allowing readings from the forehead at any age and readings from the ear in anyone over 1 year of age. Fast and Reliable, Infrared Lens 100% accurate when used in accordance with instructions. The #1 recommended thermometer by physicians and pediatricians. Recalls the previous 20 readings and displays temperature instantly.

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7 Clinical Forehead Thermometer

FDA Approved Instant Read Sensor. Allows a no touch approach to taking your temperature on the forehead. Superior microchip and sensitive sensor even allow temperature readings on objects in the room. Includes a quiet mode and backlight for easy, soundless night time readings. Recalls previous temperature readings for comparison. Comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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8 Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

Compatible with iPhone4 and up as well as all major android devices, this stick style thermometer comes with a free app for your device and a cord to plug in, instantly transferring readings to your tablet or phone. The app includes places to record and track symptoms, fevers, medications and other health related information and offers real time advice which is age specific and compiled from trusted medical professionals. Flexible tip is comfortable and easy to use. Requires no batteries as it’s powered by your device so it will always work when you need it to. Readings are available in seconds and clean up is possible with soap and water or alcohol wipes. This is an old fashioned style digital thermometer with a very new age twist.

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9 Geratherm Mercury Free Oral Glass Thermometer

For those who prefer the old tried and true, this glass thermometer offers an accurate reading without the risk of mercury poisoning common with outdated models. Clinically proven for accuracy, this oral thermometer is easy to use and comes with both Fahrenheit and Celsius markings. Made with a safe mercury alternative known as Galinstan, it allows for the accuracy of old style glass thermometers with the risks. For ORAL use only. Do not use rectally.

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10 Care Touch Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer

Jumbo display is easy to read, even for those with bad eyesight and results are fast, readings show up within 2 seconds. Comes with a fever alarm that sounds in the event of a high temperature, coupled with either a smiley or frowny face on the readout. Recalls last 10 readings so you can compare to current reading. This affordable model comes with a 2 year money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

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Though most of us don’t give much thought to thermometers after childhood, it’s always a good idea to keep one in the medicine cabinet in case of illnesses. Take your temperature a few times when you are feeling well to get your normal base temperature and be sure to monitor for fever if you are feeling ill. Thousands of cases of flu can be avoided every year if responsible adults monitor their temperature and stay home when they are running a fever. A good thermometer can help you tell if you just have a common cold virus or something more serious requiring medical attention and medication. Thermometers are also a good tool to use with family planning as temperature fluctuations can determine ovulation. Even if you don’t get sick as often as an adult as you did when you were a child, it’s still a solid plan to purchase a thermometer and keep it on hand. After all, flu season is just around the corner.