The Ten Best Wood Burning Tools Reviews For 2022

Pyrography, or “wood burning” is a delicate art that can spice up your designs. Wood burning allows you to add initials and intricate designs to all of your wooden projects. Whether you are new to pyrography and need some tools, or are a wood burning pro and need replacements, it is important to get the best wood burning tool set for the job. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pens, tips, and machines for your pyrography tool box.


Why You Need The Best Wood Burning Tool

The art of wood burning has been around since the discovery of fire. Ancients used fire sticks to draw on cave walls and leave their history behind. Having a good wood burning tool is a great asset. Wood burning is a valuable skill that you can use to create art to sell, or make gifts for your friends and family. By having the right tools, you can express yourself in artistic and financially rewarding ways.


Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Burning Tool

When deciding on a wood burning pen, here are a few things to consider:


Heating Time: You don’t want a tool that takes forever to heat up. By selecting a pen that warms up rather quickly, you will eliminate frustration and save time.


Tempurature: A wood burner that doesn’t have an adjustable temperature can work just fine, but it’s nice to be able to control how hot it gets. Certain woods will burn easier at hotter temperatures, so being able to control this is a nice feature.


Tips: You definitely want to invest in a wood burner that allows the tip to be changed. Some projects will require thinner or thicker lines, so you will want to be able to adjust accordingly. To start out, you typically only need three tips. Beginners can make do with the shader, writer, and skew tips. Having the option to interchange and expand tips can add great diversity and originality to your work.


Skill Level: One other thing to consider when purchasing a wood burning tool is how advanced you are at the craft. Wood burning sets can be very basic and only include the pen with two or three spare tips. Other sets can be rather large, including many tips and accessories. If you are a beginner, a smaller set may work better because it is less expensive and less complex.



The Top Ten Best Wood Burning Tool Reviews


Walnut Hollow Wood Burning Pen

This wood burning pen is fantastic as a starter tool or backup. It comes with four tips, including a universal tip, a flow tip, a cone tip, and a shading tip. The pen can also fit other tips that are manufactured by the same company. It burns at 950 degrees, and comes with a handy instruction manual that explains what each tip is used for. This pen is a no-fluff, basic tool that is perfect for anyone who wants to take up wood burning. The UL cord has the on and off switch built on it for ease of use. The pen has a hand shield to protect you, or a beginner, from any injuries. The pen is relatively light, weighing about 5.6 ounces, so your hand won’t get too tired from holding it. This set comes with a tool stand to rest the pen on while it is heating.






SE WP30 Wood Burning Pen

This wood burning pen is a vibrant red color, making it fantastic for female wood burning artists who are just starting out in the craft. This set is small, so it is great for young artists who may have trouble keeping up with a lot of pieces. The pen has a protective rubber grip for safe and easy use. The kit includes six wood burning tips, so you can complete a variety of projects. The pen comes with a safety stand and UL cord. It is made with steel and brass to ensure the sturdiness of the pen.






TRUart Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen

The pyrography kit from TRUart is a wonderful kit for any advanced wood burning artist. This deluxe kit includes 21 wood burning tips, such as a calligraphy tip, a dot tip, knife tip, and a branding tip. It even comes with a soldering point for quick soldering projects. The included tips will allow for a variety of strokes and designs that will make your projects unique. Once cooled, the tips can easily be interchanged. This pen works great on wood and leather, so it covers a wide range of projects.

This pyrography pen has a rubber handle and a stainless steel barrel. The pen is 30-watts and heats rather quickly, so you can get projects done in a timely manner. This kit comes with a professional metal alphabet stencil, so you can add lettering to your work, as well as a metal stand for the pen. A great feature about this set is that it can be purchased with 34 tips if you want a larger variety.






ATHOMEY 40 Piece Wood Burning Kit

This advanced kit includes a beautiful blue pen that is useful for wood burning, leather burning, and even soldering. This is an advanced kit, as it comes with many extra pieces to enhance your projects. It includes a simple, zippered carrying case for easy transportation and storage. The pen has an adjustable temperature range that can go from 200 to 400 degrees Celsius. The inner ceramic gives this pen a speedy heat-up time of only 45 seconds. The pen is lightweight, weighing only 15.5 ounces, and it features an ergonomic design. This kit includes a wide range of tips for embossing, wood burning, soldering, and carving. The kit also comes with an alphabet stencil and a numeric stencil so you can personalize your projects. This set makes a great holiday or birthday gift for anyone interested in the art of wood burning and soldering.






Caiman 38 Piece Wood Burning Kit

The pen in this set offers users a dual power feature. The pen can be set to 15 or 30 watts. It features a silicon grip, so the pen won’t slip out of your hand while you are working. This sturdy wood burning pen weights about 1 pound. The set comes with a large selection of tips for calligraphy, dotting, grooving, transferring patterns, and carving. This set allows you to hot stamp various designs onto wood or leather.

The Caiman 38 Piece Wood Burning Kit was made with durable materials and is built to last. The kit includes a metal stand to rest the pen on when it is not in use. It also includes a quality metal stencil, so you can incorporate lettering and numbering into your designs. Buying this pen includes a 90 day refund and a one-year replacement warranty. This is one of the top wood burning kits, making it a great gift idea. All of the parts can be stored neatly in the case they come in.






TRUart Dual Pen Professional Wood Burning Kit

Equipped with digital voltage control, this wood burning kit comes with two pens so you can work with two tips at once! Having two pens allows you to finish your projects faster, making it a great asset for anyone who makes a living off of their burnt art. The machine will come to temperature in seconds, so you can start your projects right away. This kit is specifically for advanced wood burning artists. Each pen has its own separate holder, and they are small and lightweight enough to work for long period of time without getting tired. This deluxe set includes 20 wood burning tips, so you will be prepared for just about any project. The set also comes with tweezers and pliers. This kit is a must have for any advanced wood burning artist.






Burnmaster Hawk Wood Burner

The wood burning kit from Burnmaster is one of professional quality. It features an adjustable temperature setting, ten wood burning tips, and a three year warranty. The adjustable temperature allows you to create lighter or darker burns, depending upon the needs of your project. The pen has a hand grip made of heat-absorbing rubber for added safety. Each tip is crafted from alloy wire and set in copper contacts for exceptional conductivity. The tips included are some of the most popular and commonly used tips, so you will be ready for any project. Included in the set is the 130 watt Burnmaster, patch cord, pen, and the tips. the Burnmaster has a reset breaker for added safety. This wood burner is perfect for anyone with a serious interest in wood burning.






Ram-Pro Wood Burning Kit

The wood and leather burning kit from Ram-Pro comes equipped with everything a beginning artist needs. This set features 34 interchangeable tips, so you can create various designs. The pen has a comfortable hand grip and a lengthy cord for easy use. Heating time for this pen is only one or two minutes. The kit in its entirety includes a wood etching pen, twelve brass carving tips, five steel embossing tips, seven steel carving tips, six soldering tips, two hot blades, 1 numerical stencil and 1 alphabetical stencil, and a metal stand. It also includes four types of tweezers, bent, reverse, college, and stamp holding. For anyone who wants to get started with wood burning or soldering, this kit is a great option.







37 Piece Wood Burning Kit

This 2 in 1 wood burning pen and soldering iron comes with everything you need to get the job done. The temperature is adjustable, ranging from 200-450 degrees Celsius to fit all your needs. The pen is lightweight and has a comfortable grip, as it is built for long working sessions. This set includes burning, embossing, carving, and soldering tips so you can make countless designs. This pen works great on many types of wood, as well as cork and leather. A metal stand is also included. Everything can be neatly stored in the provided carrying case.






Afantti 70 Piece Wood Burning Kit

If you are looking for a nice set with extras for an intermediate wood burning artist, the wood burning set from Afannti comes with a few interesting extras that will enhance the wood burning experience. Of course, it includes a wood burning pen, which has an adjustable temperature from 200 to 450 degrees, a rubber grip, and a three to five minute heat up time. The pen has a 5.4 foot long cord for a free range of motion, as well as an indicator light to let you know that the tool is ready to go.

This wood burnig set comes with 70 different wood burning tips, so you will be well-equipped for just about any project. Each tip can be easily screwed into the pen, making the tips easily interchangeable. The kit also includes letter and number stencils, as well as 12 colored pencils to add color and style to your creations. The kit includes a metal stand to protect surfaces from the heat. Everything can be neatly stored in the provided zip-up case.