The Best Yoga Pants Reviews For 2022

Whether you are a top-rated yoga instructor, dedicated mom-of-two, lifetime marathon runner or weekend ballroom dancer, you probably have at least one pair of yoga pants. Most though, have ‘every day’ yoga pants and keep their best yoga pants for working out. They are one of those indispensable clothing items that you need in multiple quantities, but there are so many options to choose from that finding your perfect fit can be overwhelming. Today’s exercise clothing has more to offer than even a few years ago. This is mostly because workouts are increasingly challenging and we need gear that can keep up the pace.

Some of the most talked-about features include moisture-wicking fabric, varying levels of stretch, waistband styles, pant length and ease of care. We’ve reviewed many of the best yoga pants of 2018 to weigh-in on some of the top considerations, including how well they fit and hold up through repeated washings, level of comfort, fabric quality, amount of stretch and, of course, affordability. We’ve also included a few tips to help you determine which type of yoga pant best suits your needs.


Tips for choosing your best yoga pants:

Look for a yoga pant with an appropriate amount of stretch for your body type. If you want to shape or cover up any imperfections, you’ll need a fabric with a good amount of stretch. A good compression material also means you won’t have to keep stopping to tug up your pants during your workout routine, no matter how rigorous.

Two big variances in yoga pants are in the leg length and overall fit. The length may fall from about mid-calf to ankle length on a person of average height. The overall fit ranges from second skin snugness to a more loose fitting pant. Choose the length and fit that works well for your climate, as well as the type of workout you’ll be doing. A capri-length tight is probably more comfortable in a hot yoga class, while a full-length pant is nice to have if you exercise outdoors in cooler weather. Additionally, a close-fitting pant is optimum when you are serious about maintaining proper body form during your workout.


Quality And Weight

The quality and weight of the fabric are also extremely important. Choose a fabric that is an appropriate weight and maintains its shape over time. A cheaply made fabric is less likely to provide support where you need it and may bag at the knees or ride up in the crotch. Look for “squat proof” yoga pants made from a high-quality fabric. No matter what the thickness is, check the hip and butt area carefully. A well-made yoga pant will not embarrass you by suddenly becoming see-through when stretched to the maximum during squats or other intense exercise routines.

Waistbands can make or break the ideal yoga pant. It should fit comfortably, without digging in or slipping down. A wider, high-cut waistband is more figure-flattering for anyone needing more coverage or support in the midsection.

Budget is a factor in any purchase, of course, but an item can be well-priced or merely cheap. To ensure you’re getting what you pay for, remember to compare both quality and price.


The Ten Best Yoga Pants For Women – Reviewed

Lululemon Wonder Under Crop III

Many yoga pants are designed to be close-fitting, but the fabric often doesn’t have enough stretch to look good or last long. Lululemon boasts an impressive 4-way stretch and these pants don’t disappoint. The fabric feels high-end and holds everything in comfortably, so we can concentrate on maintaining proper body form and not on what might be hanging out. The smooth and ultra-wide waistband looks great, never digs in and easily tucks away problematic midriff areas with ease. There are many colors to choose from, and the convenient hidden front pocket, perfect for stashing your house key or personal trainer’s business card, is a well-appreciated bonus.

The calf-length cut of these pants is great for warm weather and strenuous workouts, but if you have longer-than-average legs, you may find the inseam is a little too short. Although the fabric is effective at keeping you cool and dry, thanks to its moisture-wicking ability, the one minor complaint is that sweat marks showed through on some of the lighter colored pants during intense workouts. All-in-all, we love the flattering fit and the fact that the fabric maintains its shape, even with repeated washings. Another nice aspect of the Wunder Under Crop III yoga pant is that it is also available in a reversible style. The only real con with these pants is the high price.



Yogalicious High Waist Yoga Pants

The Yogalicious high-waisted yoga pant gets a thumbs up for feeling great and looking good. The fabric is lightweight, yet it also feels soft and luxurious. In spite of being a thinner fabric, the Yogalicious pant is good quality and fully squat proof. The high-cut waistband looks similar to the Lululemon Align yoga pant. It covers the midriff pretty well and looks flattering, but because the fabric isn’t compression material, it isn’t good at shaping the body. The overall fit is a bit large, so you may want to order one full size down.

The main con of this pant is the way the fabric rides up in the crotch area. A smaller issue is that the fabric is also not sweat-wicking, and you can see the sweat marks in all the colors. The Yogalicious pant, while attractive, might be too unforgiving for extreme workouts, but they are a great, more affordable option for lounging at home or pairing with a long top to go shopping.



Inner Fire Yoga Pant

The Inner Fire Legging yoga pant is made from a thicker fabric, making it a great option for cooler weather, but perhaps not as good for hot yoga. The fabric isn’t super stretchy and won’t shape or hold you in, but in spite of that, it’s thick enough that there really isn’t any issue with undergarments or imperfections showing through. They have well-stitched seams and feel like they can survive your toughest workouts and multiple washings. The inside of the fabric feels soft enough, but we were disappointed that the outside is a little rougher than expected. One big plus is that there are lots of pretty colors and patterns to choose from. In spite of all the things we liked, however, we did find the cut a little odd.

When wearing the appropriate size to make sure the flattering, wide-cut waist fit well, the legs looked a little baggy, and we had to keep tugging the tights up while working out. Wearing a smaller size made the garment a little see-through, however, so neither size provided complete satisfaction. One other important point is that the waistband hits below your belly button, so if you are at all concerned about having muffin top coverage, this may not be the best fit for you. Overall, though, this is an attractive, well-made and affordable yoga pant.



S2 Activewear Superhero Yoga Pants

We love the fun, bright prints of the S2 Activewear Superhero yoga pants. They feel thick and have a high-quality appearance. The compression is nice and shapes a little, and the pants are not see-through when working out. The seams are stitched well and look and feel durable too. On the negative side, the cut is a little short for long legs, and if you have muffin-top concerns, you may not like the low-riding waistband. The most annoying feature is that the pants require some occasional tugging up during strenuous workouts, so they are probably not optimum for running. We decided, overall, though, that the Superhero yoga pants are fun, bright and well-made, although perhaps a little pricey.



Rio Flared Leg Foldover Pant

The Rio Flared Leg Foldover pants are an attractive option to typical yoga leggings. The fabric is thick and of very good quality, but the compression factor is not quite as good as Lululemon’s. There are multiple inseam lengths to choose from, which is a big plus for those who don’t have a standard leg length. The pants flatter the hip and thigh area, without being overly snug, and are smart enough to wear for casual business wear. One big plus is that these pants are squat proof and sweat marks do not show through.

The main negative feature for us is the waistband. The wide fold-over styling is not elasticized, so the waist slips down constantly during workouts. This pant may not be the best choice for an intense yoga routine, but it is a great-looking, feel-good casual pant to wear for work, to go shopping or while enjoying some chill time at home.



The Best Yoga Pants For Men – Reviewed

Alo Yoga Men’s Warrior Compression Capri

Men need good workout gear too, so we decided to try the Alo Yoga Men’s Warrior Compression Capri pants on for size. We like this capri-length pant because it feels great and is of excellent quality. The shorter calf-length is perfect for warmer climates, and the compression fabric, which fits like a second skin, shapes well. That’s a lot of positives at a price that won’t break the bank. If we have to list a negative, however, it is important to point out that if you are not comfortable with every hugged curve and crevice showing, this may not be the best workout pant for you.



YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Pants

The YogaAddict men’s yoga pants are very soft and comfortable. The stitching is durable, and the fabric is a good quality weight without being too heavy. We like the flat, non-bulky waistband. It never bunches up or gets in the way when working out and, because it is wide and hits at the bellybutton, it is perfect for covering problematic midsection areas. The pants fit nicely in the rear and over the thighs, without being too tight, but then they become looser-fitting from the knee down. In spite of the many positives, however, the ultra-long length was a nuisance, because the hem kept getting underfoot. Realistically, the pants are a bit impractical for yoga because the pant legs are too baggy to monitor whether or not our leg and body form stay on point. In a nutshell, these reasonably priced, well-made yoga pants are probably best-suited for lounging.



YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Short

The ultra-soft YogaAddict men’s yoga shorts receive high marks for comfort and quality. The flat waist is not bulky, and the added drawstring ensures they won’t slide down during even your toughest workouts. The length of this garment works pretty well for men of all heights, but the fabric is a little on the heavy side for hot yoga or warmer climates. We love that these shorts allow plenty of room for maneuvering during a strenuous workout but without sacrificing support and coverage. Our only real complaint about the YogaAddict men’s short is the somewhat high price.



HOEREV Men’s Harem Pants for Yoga and Pilates

If you want roomy and comfortable, then the HOEREV men’s harem pants for yoga and pilates might be the perfect workout or lounge pant for you. The midweight fabric is plush and stretchy without being too thin. If you need more room in the hip and thigh area, no problem, there’s plenty of room in these workout pants without being baggy. The elasticized waistband is comfortable and can be rolled down for an alternative look, and we had no issues with the waistband digging in or sliding down. The legs are long and baggier, but the elastic cuff keeps the hem where you want it. You can slide the leg up to the mid-calf area or keep it at ankle length.

If you like to see easily see your body form while working out, this might not be the best choice for you, but we have to point out that these pants are also perfect for watching Monday night football. The price is so good that you may want to get more than one pair.



Gary Majdell Sport Men’s Active Yoga Capri Pant With Front Zipping Pockets

The capri-length Gary Majdell Sport Active yoga pant for men is made from a high-quality fabric with plenty of stretch. We love the wider waistband, and the inner drawstring allows you to tighten up the waist as needed. There were no issues with these pants slipping down or constricting movement when working out and all the important areas felt completely secure and appropriately covered. Sizing was not a big issue either, however, you might want to order a size larger than normal if you have thicker calves and thighs.

You won’t balk at the price for this good quality pant, but we did have two minor complaints. The front zipping pockets are a mystery as they seem to be there for decoration only. The bigger issue for us is the stitching. While not terrible, it does not look like it will wear well over the long haul. For the price point, it isn’t a deal breaker, but it does seem a shame when the rest of the pant is such good quality.