The Top Ten Best Pedal Exerciser Reviews For 2022

Pedal Exercisers are a great way to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine, even when you don’t think you have any extra time to dedicate. Pedal Exercisers can be used under your desk at work if you have a corporate job or even out on your desk for working out your upper body in your cubicle. The best pedal exerciser machines are very versatile and portable, so getting a work out in is easier than ever!


Features To Look For In The Best Pedal Exerciser?

When you decide that you want to purchase a pedal exerciser, you need to look for certain features to see if it is the right choice for you. First, you need to check the pedals for their smoothness. When you do this, you are looking for how much resistance you can put on the pedals before they start getting jerky. Some pedals are immediately jerky no matter how much resistance is placed on them.

Second, look at the exerciser’s platform. You want a wider platform for better balance and better stability.

Third, height and weight are two extremely important factors to consider. If the pedal exerciser is taller than it is wider, there is a high chance that the exerciser will rock.

Fourth, you need to check the exerciser’s resistance. There are two different types of resistance, magnetic and direct contact. Magnetic ones are the better choice. There is less of a chance of the exerciser breaking. With direct contact, the pads will have to be changed out more often and the contact with the disk makes it really noisy.

Fifth, you should check how quiet the exerciser is. If you plan on using the pedal exerciser at your desk at work, you need to be sure that you are not disturbing others and that you are not disturbed as well so you can focus on completing your work.

Sixth, you should check the pedal height and the straps. The lower the bike is, the better, especially if you plan to use the pedal exerciser underneath your desk. Make sure there are adjustable straps for your feet since not everyone’s feet are the same exact size.

Lastly, a digital display screen would be a really great feature to track calories, distance, speed and the time you’ve been pedaling.


What are the Benefits of Using The Best Pedal Exerciser?

When using a pedal exerciser, the heart rate is raised a little bit to get the blood circulating. The pedal exerciser has been shown to reduce pressure on joints. The exerciser will also help tone your legs and lose the fat above the knee in the thigh area. Getting in a daily workout, no matter how small of one will boost your confidence level tremendously. Getting regular exercise has also been proven to improve your mood and lowers stress levels. The pedal exerciser is a really good tool to use if you are recovering from any type of knee or ankle surgeries, as a form of rehabilitation. Using the exerciser can also help promote work efficiency and help you focus on getting the job accomplished.


Top 10 Best Pedal Exerciser Reviews

Here are 10 of the best pedal exercisers on the market today. These exercisers are the “mini” versions, meaning they should fit comfortably under a desk and are small and portable enough for the customer to take them anywhere they need to exercise.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

The DeskCycle Desk Exerciser is a popular choice of pedal exerciser, with a lot of accompanying features that makes it easy to see why. It has a height of only 10 inches, which is one of the lowest available on the market. The DeskCycle Exerciser has a pedal arm length of about 3.5 inches. This exerciser can work with desks as low as 27 inches and has more resistance that most other models on the market. With 8 resistance settings, it’s really easy to go from easy pushing to harder, quickly.

The DeskCycle Exerciser has a magnetic resistance, meaning you’ll get a smooth, fluid workout that will not be noisy and disturb your co-workers. The DeskCycle exerciser has also been used in schools as a way to help children get more active minutes throughout their day and to help them focus on the activities at hand. It comes with a digital display screen that clearly shows all your correct statistical information.





Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser Leg Machine with Electronic Display

The Fit Sit Deluxe is a pedal exerciser that has a small build, but still packs a good punch. It is one of the most sought after pedal exercisers. Mostly because it incorporates a bunch of different exercises into one, on one piece of  equipment. The mini pedal exerciser has an LCD display. It accurately tracks personal stats like calories burned, distance, total revolutions and total workout time. This pedal exerciser comes with a free anchor strap to stop the machine from sliding away from you during an intense workout. The folding frame makes the Fit Sit Deluxe optimal for traveling. It is very quiet, but does not come with adjustable pedal straps.





Goplus Pedal Exerciser LCD Display Cycling Fitness Leg Machine Stationary Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike

The Goplus Pedal Exerciser is a portable, safe way to ensure getting a workout everyday, no matter where you are. This machine is really low impacting on the joints. This makes it a really great rehabilitation tool when recovering from a surgery. The Goplus Mini also offers the option of adjustable pedal straps as well as adjustable resistance levels. With a durable frame and a LCD display, you will be able to view all of your personal stats. While at the same time keeping the machine stable and not slipping all over the place. At 11.8 inches high, this pedal exerciser is sure to fit under any desk. Meaning you can work efficiently and still get a leg workout in at the same time.





Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

The SF-B0418 is a magnetic mini stationary bike that is 14 inches high, making it a perfect option for under the desk exercising. This mini exercise bike has a user weight limit of 220 pounds and eight resistance levels. Adjust these eight resistance levels with just the turn of a knob. This bike can easily be placed on a table and be used as an arm exerciser as well thanks to the adjustable pedal straps that accommodate the difference between the two.

Its portable design makes this exercise bike really great for travel. The digital display tells you all of your personal stats, such as calories burned, miles biked, and time on the bike itself. This mini peddler is so quiet that it’s hard to tell that you’re even using it when pedaling.





L NOW Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser D810

The D810 is another great choice for a mini pedal exerciser. This exercise bike as a magnetic resistance, which means that the pedaling on this is smooth and not very jumpy or jerky. This exerciser has a height of only 8 inches, which makes it the absolute lowest pedal height on the market. This peddler is a really great piece of workout equipment for children to use. It’s very easy on the joints and the ride is smooth. L Now’s pedal exerciser offers twice the resistance levels of other models available in the same market. The five function display shows the rider their personal stats such as calories burned, miles biked, time biking and speed you are going.





MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

This mini pedal exerciser is a compact and lightweight exercise machine, making it a perfect companion for the cubicle worker. The ER has a sturdy steel based platform and a height of around 15 inches. The ER has a magnetic resistance for a smooth, less jerky ride. The pedals are really wide so that it can accommodate different feet sizes but also different hand sizes as well. This would be an awesome thing to pull out and set up on the table to get an arm exercise workout in for the day as well. The ER as an electronic monitor that displays calories burned, distance traveled, speed and time exercising.

There are people who like the option to pedal backwards on this piece of equipment. There are adjustable, so that every person would be able to use them in their own way. People of any age can also use the ER. This machine looks like it would be a great teacher tool to have in the class so that kids could relieve their energy, especially in my son, who has a lot of energy. There are also customer reviews that have older people in nursing homes using the pedal exerciser as a form of physical therapy.





EXEFIT Mini Exercise Bike Desk Pedal Bicycle for Leg and Arm Cycling Exerciser With LCD Monitor and Flywheel

The EXEFIT mini bike is a really great piece of equipment that helps the body to regain movement, since this can be used under your desk to keep your legs tone and well-exercised. The EXEFIT mini comes with a durable frame and platform. The resistance levels are a little more extreme than others on the market. It comes with a knob that can be turned to the increase or decrease the resistance level.

This mini exerciser is a great tool to be used as a rehabilitation technique for those who have had surgeries on their knees or ankles. The multi-functional LCD display keeps track of all of your personal stats, like calories burned, miles biked, and the speed that you are pedaling. This mini exerciser can be use by all age ranges and all exercise levels as well.





Pinty Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser Portable Cycle Lightweight

The Pinty Mini proves that big things come in little packages. This ultra-lightweight peddler weighs in at 13.2 pounds. It also has a height of 12.6 inches, making it a perfect fit for under a desk at school or work. This exercise can be used on a tabletop as well as an arm exerciser. Bring versatility to your workout and get a somewhat full-body workout at the same time. It comes with two different pedals that are easily changed out to accommodate for people with different preferences. Handy if two people or more are using this one machine.

The LCD monitor available on the Pinty Mini is able to track all of your personal stats for your liking such as calories burned, miles logged, speed, time on the bike, and total strokes. This peddler is ultra-quiet, making it the perfect companion at work when you need to keep yourself from distracting others. The product is easy to assemble and is a great choice for people with rehabilitation needs.





Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser- Arm & Leg Exercise Peddler Machine

The Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser is a compact, folding exerciser that is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to purchase this for office use. Its height is 9 inches, making it one of the lowest on the market, and it will easily fit under a desk or in a similar small space. This exerciser comes with a resistance knob that easily switches the resistances levels higher or lower as you need them. This pedal exerciser is perfect for toning and strengthening leg muscles and even arm muscles, when use on a tabletop, all while improving circulation, improving concentration and focus.

Using a pedal exerciser also helps your body to relieve some of the stress that it has, which will overall improve your work efficiency. The large LCD screen also tracks personal stats such as speed, RPM, distance, time and calories burned.





Medical Pedal Exerciser Chrome Frame

The Medical Peal is a compact exerciser that is often used in many physical therapists. It provides a gentle and low impact exercise that is perfect for the joints. The included tension knob will release the pressure of children throwing the ball and then get caught in the middle. This Pedal Exerciser has is built with a chrome log to avoid wobbling trouble later on down the road. It is also equipped with no skid rubber platform. This brand is also well known for giving the customer a life-time warranty on every piece of furniture. There is also a rust free guarantee on all of the equipment. This is also a really great activity for children to do to get their “wiggles out” and your children will be tired after they finish their hard work.





These are just 10 of the best choices of pedal exercisers, but there are hundreds of different brands and different expectations. They are all really good options for children to get active. Particularly while they have to stay inside because of rain or because it’s too hot to go outside. These are really great options to have for exercising on a daily basis. For those that work long hours a pedal exerciser can be a great machine to have.  No more excuses, get your legs toned and more confidence in yourself! Exercise is always good for the soul, so have fun!!