Ten Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2022

Robot Vacuums Are Really Good Helpers

Robot vacuums are a lot different than a typical vacuum. They do not require the typical pushing, lifting, and dealing with a cord that vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner does. The majority of people live very busy lives and find it difficult to make time for housework. A robot vacuum assists people with spot cleanings and light spills. Even though a robot vacuum does not take away the need for a traditional vacuum cleaner, they do help people keep their home cleaner so there is not as much of a need for a deep housecleaning. When it comes to cleaning supplies, they do not take the place of a vacuum cleaner or mop. What they do, however, is help with the never-ending household tasks.


Handy Hints to Help Find The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning Power– Cleaning power itself is very important. Some robot vacuums have cyclonic strength.

Design– The design of a robot vacuum is very important because it has a role in how well the vacuum does it job. Some of them have square corners or brushes with long tendrils so they can get to skirting boards and corners. The majority of them also have brush bars to pick up hairs and for picking up dust better than a regular vacuum cleaner would.

Cleaning Pattern– Some robot vacuum cleaners move around in a random fashion and some have a camera on top that faces the ceiling to map the room and vacuum a room in a methodical and straight line pattern. It is impressive to see a vacuum follow straight lines. That does not mean that the room is not getting as clean as it needs to be since some messes are in corners and may be in between the straight lines.

Convenience- How convenient a vacuum means how well it works for the person that owns it. There are two determining factors for this. The first factor is how much a person needs to focus on how well the vacuum cleans. Does the vacuum have a charging base that it goes back to all by itself? Does it have a timer that will schedule regular cleaning times? Another factor of convenience that comes with a robot vacuum is that they are quieter than traditional vacuums so they will not disturb a person while they are sleeping or doing any of their other activities of daily living.

Maintenance- Robot vacuums do have dust containers that needs to be emptied. The bigger the container is, the less it will need to be emptied. It is a good idea to get the hairs out of the brush bar the same time the dust container is emptied.


Ten Best Robot Vacuum Reviews

1) iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Three words can describe this vacuum: smart, simple, and clean. The iAdapt navigation system has a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to an ever-changing home. The three-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes, and suctions floors and also picks up dust, pet hair, and large debris. It can be set on a weekly cleaning schedule or just use as needed. It automatically docks and recharges and also automatically adjust to all floor types: carpet, tile, laminate, etc. Since it is only a few inches tall, it is made to get under a lot of items.


2) Bissell SmartClean 1605 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

This smart vacuum works with very little assistance from people and it is very good at producing the desired effect from a vacuum robot. To clean up just about any mess that crosses its path, it has a triple action cleaning system with dual edge brushes, a unique brush roll and powerful suction that will get pet hair, dirt, and debris off of the floors even in corners and along edges. The lithium ion battery lasts long, is strong, and allows for hands-free cleaning. It also can clean any surface including carpet, hard floors, tile, and laminate. The cliff detection makes it stay away from stairs and other places that it can drop off.


3) Infinuvo CleanMate QQ6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter

This robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning hardwood floors (wood, tile, linoleum, etc). It should be used on plush or medium/long thread carpet. This vacuum has powerful suction, five preset cleaning patterns, a touch screen control, an ultraviolet lamp, and a hepa filter. Other benefits of this vacuum is that it comes with a home charging base, a dirt sensor, a remote control, and a cleaning scheduler. The scheduler makes it where the vacuum will clean even when no one is home and the HEPA filter is ideal for people with allergies. This unique vacuum sweeps, vacuums, and sanitizes all in one step, which makes it a step above the rest.


4) Ecovacs Deebot D45 Bare Floor Cleaning Robot, Blue

The Ecovacs is extra special because not only does it sweep, it mops too. It is easy to use and maintain. This vacuum also cleans effectively with a no-tangle suction, has dual sweeper side brushes, a remote control, and, as I said, it also mops. The D45 is also very smart: it also cleans up to and around stairs, simply fits under furniture to get debris and dust bunnies, senses obstacles that are in its way, and will clean one time a day even if no one is around. This smart vacuum also recharges its own battery, and with all of these bonuses, it is one of the best robot vacuums available.


5) AmTidy A320 Mini Automatic Robot Vacuum-Black

This vacuum performs all of the tasks that a broom and mop would do plus more. It sweeps, vacuums, drys, mops, and sanitizes. The volume level is very low, but along with these features: an anti-collision and cliff sensor and automatically recharging itself by taking itself to its docking station, makes its a high-quality vacuum.


6) Neato Botvac Connected WI-FI Enabled Robot Vacuum

There are are a lot of neat features that come with the Neato Botvac. This vacuum helps people stay connected by being connected to WI-FI for total control. It helps people on the go with notifications and being able to controlled remotely. The shape helps vacuum every part of a room. The ion battery lasts a long time. Prior to vacuuming a room, it uses its LaserSmart mapping and navigation to make a vacuuming plan and detect obstacles that may be in its way. The two modes, eco and turbo, gives a person the option of a longer, quieter, energy saving clean or a vacuum with a lot of power that has maximum hair pick-up. The ultra performance filter is easy to take out and clean. All of these features make this Neato Botvac very nice.


7) Super Maid RV218 Robotic Vacuum Hard Floors Only

This Super Maid vacuum is designed for hard floors, has two side brushes, has a random pattern movement, runs for sixty minutes, and has a dust bin that is hands free. The battery is rechargeable. The Super Maid may even vacuum better than any super maid out there.


8) Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum

This Miele Scout vacuum will help scout out a room to clean it properly. The smart navigation system uses a sensor to ensure that cleans every part of a room. A triple cleaning system provides a triple threat- a variety of brushes and a great suction system.. For those who have a lot of cleaning to do, the battery will run for two hours without needing to be charged. The four cleaning modes and the remote control make it easy to clean any type of floor. The ceiling camera helps it determine what areas it has cleaned and what areas still need to be cleaned.


9) Multifunctional Lilin Vacuum Cleaner

This multifunctional vacuum has many great features. It has an LCD touch screen, has four functions, and can work on any type of floor.. Vacuum times can be scheduled, it is a quiet vacuum, and the space isolator ensures that the vacuum will clean a specific area. This vacuum can also go through doors, pass by hanging objects and wires, and the anti-fall features ensures that it will never fall from any place. It recharges itself by putting it in its own docking station, spot cleans, and sterilizes a room to make sure it is all healthy. With all of the these helpful features, the Lilin vacuum gives people a lot of reasons to love it.


10) iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

This Roomba vacuum is really great. Its features are: a a lot of sensors, a three stage cleaning system, may be put on a cleaning schedule, automatically docks and recharges, and automatically adjusts to any floor types.


I hope these reviews will help those of you who are looking for a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are really helpful in everyday life and they will help you keep your floors clean in every way possible.