Ten Best Wireless Speakers for TVs – 2022

Wireless speakers give you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite devices with the functionality of moving the speakers around. Some speakers are small and you can carry them from room to room and enjoy your device in an intimate setting. You can hear your favorite music while in the bathroom and even in the kitchen while washing dishes or preparing a special meal. They can be taken out to the patio to entertain guests while you serve cocktails and grill on a hot summer day. There are some, that are even great for using with your TV, and it is these wireless speakers for TVs that we are interested in.


Wireless Speakers For TVs Features

The versatility of these speakers have become very popular and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

No Chord

One obvious but really good feature of these speakers is that they don’t require a chord.


Many of them function off of a blue tooth capability that works in conjunction with your device and a WiFi router. They usually have to be charged with a charger or a USB port in a wall socket or a computer.

Less Clutter

You don’t have to worry about fussy chords being tangled around your devices, limited use of the speakers because there is not a socket available where you want to use it, or tripping over unsafe chords in your home.

We’ve put together a guide looking at ten of the best wireless speakers for TVs on the market today.


Best Wireless Speakers for TVs Reviewed

Klipsch Reference RSB-11 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Klipsch are not known for making good speakers, they are known for making exceptional speakers, and that is exactly what the Reference RSB-11 is. The soundbar is incredibly easy to set up and connects automatically to the beefy wireless subwoofer. This speaker system comes with 4K Ultra-HD video pass-through, and that’s just where the awesome features begin.

The integrated Dolby Audio adds depth crispness to your music and films. Under the skin of the soundbar, there are two 3/4” horn-loaded dome tweeters and four 2 3/4” woofers. The dome tweeters feature 90° x 90° Tractrix horns. There are separate amplifier channels for both the tweeters and woofers for the DSP-controlled crossover. In the box you will also receive a quality remote, a 1.5m HDMI 2.0 cable, rubber feet and a wall mounting template. There are also the power supplies for both the subwoofer and the soundbar. 

In terms of connectivity, there are 3 HDMI 2.0 ports wiht HDCP 2.2 and one additional HDMI 2.0 port. This provides ample connectivity for set top boxes and consoles. For older setups there is also Optical Digital Analog inputs. It is a highly versatile and compatible speaker system for TVs and great value for money.




Bose SoundLink III Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Cradle

This speaker is brought to you by one of the leading names in the wireless speaker market. It ranges from small hand held sizes to wall mount sizes. It functions off of a ten hour lithium battery. This Bose speaker also comes with full base and a large range of sound. It comes with many accessories and can be paired with other speakers in the line. It has a voice prompt that gives you instructions on how to set up the blue tooth pairing.

This portable speaker has a cradle that is used for charging. So, if you use it at home in the cradle, you can still grab it fully charged when you walk out of the door. No more waiting around for your device to fully charge. There are both Aux (for wired connection) and Bluetooth connectivity (for wireless connection) options, and this makes a great, portable wireless TV speaker for connecting to your smart TV or even your smartphone.




Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker

Sonos is one of the leaders in the speaker world, and when you have heard Sonos speakers, it’s easy to understand why. The Sonos Play:5 is not as wide as its compadre, the Sonos Playbar, but it is thicker and taller. This wireless speaker is relatively small and compact and users like that it gives a bold and rich sound. The largest on the line has six drivers and six amplifiers and can be used as a single stereo speaker. It can also be paired with a second speaker and synchronized for stereo separation. The audio quality is outstanding.

You can also pair it with other speakers to play one song in many places or many songs in one place. You can have it set up and ready to work in about ten minutes. It is perfect for a home theater system or stereo sound system alternative. It is also wall mountable. There is a 3.5 mm line-in jack for connecting  to a turntable, so look out your best vinyl! You can also use the 3.5 mm jack to connect to a smartphone. If you do that, you can use the Sonos app or Apple Air Play 2 to control various aspects of the speaker. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.




JBL Charge

This speaker is not only portable, it is also IPX7 waterproof. The party does not have to stop if the rain starts. With its durable fabric and rugged rubber design, you can party til you drop. This speaker is so durable that it can even be submerged in water. It is a power bank that allows you to connect up to three devices by usb. If you want to play media from the three devices, it will take turns playing the media. It has a Li-ion battery that lasts up to twenty hours and is rechargeable. You can take calls from this speaker and add more speakers for a surround sound.

The JBL Charge is a great speaker for connecting to a TV in outdoor or indoor environments where there may be a lot of ambient noise. Because of the durability of the speaker it can be placed close to the listener while those around that are not engaged with the TV go about their business. Think about environments such as an outdoor BBQ with the big game on the screen but people talking and drinking. This is the type of environment where this speaker works well.




Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q90R Dolby Atmos Q90R Series Soundbar

This 7.1 Channel sound bar system is a combination of Samsung and Harman Kardon technology and expertise. It is packed with technology and will bring any living room to life. The HW-Q90R is a true surround sound system, utilizing a massive 17 speakers in total, including wireless rear speakers to round off a complete surround sound experience. Any fan of Dolby Digital will love the integrated Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These bring truly immersive and deeply believable sound that is usually reserved to a visit to the cinema. This is much more that a bluetooth soundbar system, it is a complete audio sensation.

The Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q90R is optimized for QLED, and also comes with a Gaming Mode Pro to bring a realistic audio experience to your gaming. There is an optical input if you wish to use an optical cable to connect the soundbar to your TV. There are also 2 HDMI inputs if you wish to use a HDMI cable to connect the TV soundbar to additional devices, or items that do not have wireless or bluetooth functionality. It will work with Alexa and connect to most smart phones and tablets. This is an incredible wireless speaker system for TVs, well worth consideration.




Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4Ch 800W Sound Bar with Dual 8″ Subwoofers (Wireless) & Rear Satellite Speakers

You might not have heard of the Nakamichi Shockwafe before but that’s OK. You might not have heard of the name, but once you hear the sound you will be left in awe just like everyone else. The wireless surround speakers look unassuming and not intimidating in the slightest. Little would you know that hiding under the mesh speaker covers there is a lion waiting to roar. There are 3 advanced audio processing engines, powered by a quad core processor. Wireless audio is not meant to sound this good. 

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro delivers a massive peak power 8oo Watts of jaw dropping wireless surround sound to a max level of 105 dB. This is delivered across 14 drivers, in the form of 370 Watts from each of the dual 8″subs, and 100 Watts from each of the rear speakers. The sound is spread across 7.2.4 channels. It is an scarily good.

The software is as impressive as the hardware. Some of the best features include abundant surround sound modes, Dolby Atmos and True HD, as well as DTS X Digital Surround. The bass can reach as deep as 35 Hz, and the HDMI supports Dolby Vision 4K HDR pass through. This is a user friendly wireless audio system that connects easily to your other devices.

Here are a selection of the key features:

  • Dolby Vision and 4K UHD pass-through
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • HDCP 2.2 & HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC).
  • 3 HDMI (v2.0)
  • 1 Optical input & 1 Coaxial input
  • 52-key backlit remote




Sony Portable Wireless Speaker SRS-XB32

This portable wireless speaker from Sony, has extra bass for a deep punchy sound. It also has NFC, which is a one touch function, and bluetooth. Much like the JBL speaker, it is a good option for social areas where there may be a lot of background ambient noise. Because it is completely wireless and portable with a rechargeable internal battery, it can be positioned wherever it is needed. It also has a battery life of up to twenty four hours and it is IP67 waterproof and shockproof so it is good for parties.




Harman Kardon Esquire

This speaker is the epitome of elegance and design in an all in one compact speaker. It is ultra thin and very portable. The rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours and can charge other devices with a usb. It has blue tooth streaming and a dual microphone with noise cancellation for conference calls. It is another good portable speaker option for TVs where you want to improve the sound quality in a very specific and localized area.




Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker (Black) (New Version)

This speaker is sleek and elegant as you would expect from a name like Denon. It has High resolution audio support and can be paired with multiple speakers in any or every room, up to a massive 32 rooms. You can listen to the same song throughout the house, or a different song, on a different speaker in every room. Quite amazing. It will pair with every bluetooth device you have and is great for TVs, having an AUX RCA and USB port as well as Bluetooth functionality. You can plug your headphones in too if you like. The Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker has a mid woofer and a Class D amplifier to bring you a rather stunning sound quality for your TV or any compatible device.




Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar -Maximum Performance Home Theater System

The Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR is another high end performance, wireless speaker system for TVs. As well as the soundbar, you get a wireless subwoofer and two wireless speakers that are recognised by the sound bar immediately when switched on. This is a complete wireless 5.1 surround system with several different sound modes tailored for either music, movies and sport etc. You can also use these speakers as a multi room system and stream from Google Chromecast or music from your phone seamlessly.

In terms of connectivity,  the Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR comes with both HDMI cables and an Optical cable for hard-wiring and devices that are not bluetooth compatible. The connectivity options are as follows:

  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • 1 HDMI ARC Port
  • Optical Port
  • Aux 3.5 mm RCA headphone jack (for all aux connections not just headphones)
  • Network cable port
  • Power port for the included power chord




These items range from hand held speakers to floor and wall mount size speakers. Whatever your TV listening needs are, they can be met with a wireless speaker. Entertaining or enjoying yourself at home can be a real treat if you have one of these devices at your fingertips. These are only ten options for choosing the best wireless speakers for TVs. There are several types of wireless speakers to choose from. You should narrow down your choices according to size, and intended use, then you can choose features like surround sound or waterproof.

Reading about top speakers from technology magazines will keep you posted on which brands offer the best product for your money. Doing a lot of research and taking your time will prevent you from making a purchase that you will regret. Reading consumer reviews will make this process a lot easier.


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