The Top Ten Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth


1. Bold Lane Car Park

You probably wouldn’t of expected a car park based in Deby, United Kingdom to be in a list of the most heavily guarded places on Earth. If you have your car parked in this place then you really don’t have to worry about car thieves taking your prized possession. This small car park is one of the safest places in the world to keep your car. There is no way you are getting in the place is you don’t have a ticket that states your exact parking spot where your car is. The whole place is protected by motion detectors and is loaded up to the teeth with other alarms and cameras. If any of the alarm are activated then the whole building goes into lockdown. The car park itself has 440 parking bays, and it is open 24 hours a day.

A barcoded ticket is issued when you enter the car park. The ticket is scanned by a ticket machine which is specifically linked to a parking bay. This is where the motion sensors are activated beneath the parked car. The driver can only get access to the building using their barcoded ticket and, on payment of the parking charges, the sensor is turned off.

The great thing about these motion sensors is that it can detect any movement of the car, and if anyone does try and steal it, it will trigger the alarm process.
The car park has its own control room operator which has nearly 200 CCTV cameras at their disposal.



2. Tumen River

This is probably the most heavily guarded river in the world. The reason for this is that it makes up the boundary between Russia and North Korea. The river also run down into China. This makes it an ideal place for North Koreans to escape the country, as within a mile, you can go from North Korea, through China and end up in Russia. The river is extremely well guarded by North Korean soldiers on the look out for defectors.

Defectors who try to cross the Tumen will do so by wading through its pollutants and dangerous border patrol. They often spend weeks, months and sometimes years waiting for the perfect opportunity to cross.



3. Fort Knox

Fort Knox is known worldwide as a very secure place. We often use it in everyday conversations to describe places that are well locked up and safe. “His house is like Fort Knox”. It is actually the  home to the US Bullion Depository. You’ll find thousands of tons of gold and precious historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carte. It’s almost impossible to break in and break out off with any of its treasures as it is not only well guarded but also protected by a 22-ton blast door. Good luck trying to get into that place! Fort Knox is a classified facility. No visitors are permitted, and no exceptions are ever made.

Gold is hardly every removed from Fort Knox. Actually the only gold removed has been extremely small amounts to use testing the purity of gold during regularly scheduled audits.



4. Swedish Internet provider Bahnhof – Wikileaks Servers

The US State Department would love to get into this place and wipe all that is stored on their servers.  This is the home of Wikileaks servers. They are well buried 100 feet beneath a large rock hill. Its an old nuclear bunker which houses all their data centers. There is only one way in and out of the facility. Julian Assange, who is the co-founder of Wikileaks has his most precious computers in hiding here. The Wikileaks servers are secured behind a 1.5-foot steel door. It can be run by back-up generators that can be switched on and last for weeks should there be any deliberate cut off of power to the servers. WikiLeaks will continue to stay online as long as it’s here in this old bunker. These generators are from old German submarines.

The place looks something out of a James Bond movie.



5. Area 51

This is a vast area of desert in Nevada that is completely out of bounds to anyone without special security clearance.
It is a top secret US air force base which was denied of actually existing for many years. It’s guided with lethal force, and flying over it is forbidden. You will be shot down if you go within a mile of its boundary. UFOs and alien conspiracies were born here. The name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War, but the actual name for the facility is Homey Airport or Groom Lake.


6. Haven Co

Haven Co was a data-protection company located in the North Sea off the coast of  the UK.
Quite a strange place really as no one ever knows what was stored there and why it suddenly stopped being used. The only people ever allowed in were personnel with special security clearance, people who owned and invested in the company, and strangely, members of Britain’s royal family. The facility shut down in 2008. This strange structure is extremely hard to get to as it is set in the middle of the North Sea. An ideal spot to hide sensitive data and objects maybe.


7. Bank of England Gold Vault

You might be forgiven in thinking that this is something you’d see on the set of an Indiana Jones movie, but actually this is the UK’s largest gold vault. It comes a close second to the Federal reserve in New York as the biggest gold vault in the world. You will find 4,600 to 5152 tons of gold, although in recent years there have been a big sell off of gold at the Bank Of England. The place is completely bombproof  and the door entrance can only be unlocked via a sophisticated voice recognition system. As well as this you will also need to  have multiple three-foot-long keys. Not something you can carry around on a key ring! It is not known how deep the vault is buried, but according to sources it has more floor space than London’s Tower 42, which is a massive 47-story building!!!!


8. The GreenBrier

Doesn’t look like a very secure and unwelcoming place. Actually looks very pretty and inviting! GreenBrier is a 6,500 acre exclusive resort that lies deep within the forests of West Virginia, USA. What makes this place one of the most secure places on earth is the huge nuclear bunker that is based there! It has a 25-ton nuclear blast door and with access tunnels behind it, creates a nuclear bunker that is filled with supplies for members of the U.S. Congress to weather out a nuclear attack, should one ever happen.


9. The 1960’s Bar

The 1960’s bar is a recreation of a pub that was popular with British Government officials. It’s located at over 100 feet underground at Britain’s secret subterranean Burlington bunker complex in Wiltshire, England. The base was first built during the Cold War and its purpose was to be an escape for the top people in Britain to go to and to plan the rebuilding of Britain after a nuclear attack. They managed to get their priorities right in building a pub, as they probably figured out that they would need a few pints to help with the thinking process.



10. Doomsday Seed Vault

The name is exactly what it suggests. This vault is properly known as the Svalbard International Seed Vault. It’s purpose is to keep and store a wide assortment of seeds in an effort to preserve crop diversity and to make sure that all humans will have a source of food no matter what earthly disasters occur. This facility is based in Svalbard and is quite possibly one of the most remote places on the earth. The vault itself is on barren rock island in the Arctic Circle, and is deep inside an old copper mine. The seed safe is well protected as well with blast-proof doors, motion sensors, airlocks, and one meter thick steel reinforced concrete.